It Hurts So Good - Chapter 1: First & Second Kill 2008 (fiction)

June 26, 2008

It hurts. It hurts. Something is wrong. I feel pain in my bum.

It hurts. Oh, it hurts!

I don't know when I met that bad man. I didn't trust him, though. He said nice things to me for a long, long time. Then he proved me right when he because a creep, touched my no-no parts, and other creepy things.

It hurts in my eye. It hurts in my tummy. But I fixed him good.

Even though I also hurt down below and in my ass, I fixed him good.

After a long time, I got mad. I don't care if I go to hell, but I took the gun he threatened to kill me with and I shot it at him.

That's what hurt my eye, but I watched that creepy guy die.

And even though I might go to hell, I was happy he died. All the pain he gave me when he put his naughty bit in me and made me do things to it that make me sick and feel dirty inside.

December 23, 2008
It hurts. It hurts.

It hurts in my bum. It hurts in my tummy. But I'm happy even though my eye hurts.

It hurts in my tummy, and even though I go to hell, I am happy I shot that creepy guy in the head, in his no-no parts, everywhere. And the blood, the red blood, everywhere.

It hurts. It hurts. I'll live with pain for ever and ever. I might even go to hell, but I'm still glad I killed the bad man.

But it hurt so good that maybe for a second, I wished he was still alive.

Kidding: >:)

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