It Hurts So Good - Chapter 4: In Other News... (fiction)

July 1, 2013:

Rumors abound in police departments that a serial killer targeting pedophiles only may explain the recent rise in deaths among pedophiles released from jail after doing their time.

According to anonymous sources in the law enforcement hierarchy, the following modus operandi of the killer are as follows:

  • Uses straight razor - this is assumed from the wounds to the neck and genital area
  • Sometimes sets fire to bodies after shooting them -
  • Mutilates genitals - the pattern appears similar to one of the first cold cases involving a known paedophile. However, police are unable to determine who killed him.
  • Youth - the suspected killer appears to be under 25, yet none of the smudges of his or her fingerprints showed up on the national fingerprint database.
  • Trauma to rectum.

Overall, the suspect may have been a victim of the original pedophile murdered 2-3 years ago. Therefore a serial killer may be at work due to the rise in deaths of released pedophiles.

Currently, law enforcement officials are not notifying said criminals since the serial killer angle has yet to be conclusively proven.

...News reports of a string of grisly murders of pedophiles have led crime reporters in various newspapers to call him "The Straight-Edged Razor Vigilanté".

December 14, 2013: Five months ago, the serial killer known in news media as "The Straight-Edged Razor Vigilanté" has now been captured by law enforcement agents working on the case.

Because of a deal with authorities, the killer turned himself in and has admitted his guilt. He received anonymity due to a special deal with the criminal justice department which involved the creation of a child abuse victims fund.

Because he readily admitted his guilt, he avoided a trial. According to officially declared government documents, John Doe had been reported dead in July 2009 under suspicious circumstances in a house fire.

Actually, in 2009 he burned the body of a boy of his age and height in the house of a known pedophile, who was originally thought to have committed suicide after murdering the boy. Since then he had tracked down and assassinated the 24 pedophiles who had abused him from age 12 to 17.

Now 21, John Doe has been sentence to life in a medium security facility for the criminally insane. All requests for interviews have been denied by his lawyer, who he retained using money from his parents' estate, bequeathed to him on his 21st birthday.

January 15, 2014: My parents had died in 2004 in a tragic car accident while vacationing in Paris. As executor of the will, my family's lawyer - now my lawyer - had doubts about the boy killed in 2009 being me.
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