it Hurts So Good - Chapter 6: The Triad of Psychopathology (fiction)

Name: John Doe
DOB: 1992-06-26
Subject: Triad of Psychopathology


To me, fire represents the rage that built up in me since the first victim seduced me.

It turns my stomach to think about that night.

Years later, when I was 17, I killed him and burned his house down. Police assumed I'd been killed in the fire because they found the body of a boy but the intensity of the flames made it impossible to check dental records.

That is because I got lucky.


My mother used to shame me if I wet the bed as a kid. That never cured me of bed-wetting. Instead I just grew out of it.

I'd only bed-wet when under great stress. The first victim scolded me about it.

Therefore he deserved to die.

Mutilation and Torture of Animals, Especially Pets

I think I did the whole nine yards: I tortured flies, frogs, salamanders... and even broke the neck of a baby bird.

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Macdonald Triad: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Macdonald_triad

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