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Karma of The Christ (prayer)

Lord, have mercy on this sinner!
Let it be known to they who have ears:
He that wishes hellfire on unbelievers
The devil tempted, but he alone errs.
He that practices mercy like God,
The Christ he follows faithfully.
Truly then are the merciful of men
The most divine of humanity, not
Unlike the Only Begotten — none
Dare accuse them of wrongdoing.
For it is not up to us to judge
Lest we be judged according to His will.
All that believe in God Almighty,
Be they Christian, Jew or Muslim,
By their acts they be judged by Him,
And those that err shall be shown
Mercy, being offered their last chance.
When that time comes, they who choose
The Millennium shall not know death,
And they who choose to be purged
Will only return to the Godhead
Until their glory is revealed.
If this is heterodox to the doctrines
Of Abrahamic faiths, be they Christian,
Jewish or Muslim, then your doctrine is pure.
If what is written here as prayer is heretical
In the eyes of the devout, be they Muslim,
Jewish or Christian, then your doctrine is corrupt.
Be ye silent, yet pray for my soul,
'Tis because of thy wish that is founded
On false doctrine about "hellfire and brimstone",
And the destruction of evil by its Author.
Indeed, the doctrine that God, the Author
Of good and evil, shall destroy all evil
So that only good remains is an unbalanced one
Created by cult members for the sake of control
Over the followers of such obscene doctrine.
Instead, hellfire cleans away all evil,
Leaving only the immortal soul behind
To be embraced by the Only Begotten,
Made one with God Almighty,
And touched by the Holy Ghost.
What is revealed is the truth
In the name of the Lord!


Konkeri la Mem / Conquer the Self (poem)

N'estas mi kaj ne mia,
nei la permanenta memo.
Konkeros la mem
Vi majstri mem.
Farante tiel, vi estas
Sur via vojo al libereco.
—English translation—
Not me nor mine,
deny the permanent self.
By conquering the self
You master yourself.
By doing so, you are
On your way to freedom.

My Experience With Mirtazapine

June 11, 2010

Disclaimer: this is a legitimate use of mirtazapine by prescription without abuse or intent to abuse the drug.

I've been prescribed mirtazapine (Remeron) initially by the Mental Health Centre's shrink, 60 tablets @ 15 mg each for depression. When I first took Remeron, I felt tired (sedated) and fell asleep. The next day it took me two hours to wake up. That was May 12.

Over the next few weeks, I got used to the sedation, and took the dose as described: 15 mg at bedtime, 7.5 mg on rising and 7.5 mg 4-6 hours later.

Currently, with the Remeron regiment of 30 mg a day in 4 divided doses, I am in top mental condition compared to a month ago, 3 months ago and even 6 months ago. With the Remeron came periods of fatigue where it's best not to read a book but just await the passing of tiredness.

However, this drug helped me deal with anxiety, which I tested by facing my fear of heights by crossing a pedestrian bridge without any sign of fear.

Yet most of the day I am inspired to read a lot (first 6, then 5, and now 4 books). Once I got used to the tiredness, my self-motivation increased. This may have been due to both the change in season from spring to summer, but mirtazapine augmented my normally calm exterior and freed me of depression.

It's been 4 weeks or so since I filled my first prescription of 60 15 mg Remeron, of which are 22 pills remaining.

During those four weeks, I went from 106 lbs to 114 lbs. So due to the mirtazapine, my weight has increased by almost 8 percent. At this rate, in a year I would have gained over 100 lbs. (20140126: I now weigh 127 lbs, but stopped mirtazapine in December 2012. Going to bed late may contribute to weight gain. YMMV)

So, a diet plan is in order; in short, I need an energy-burning exercise regime to counteract the weight I am packing on. Since I gain about 1 kg every week, this means I consume about 2000+ calories a day and retain 6-7 percent of those calories as body fat.

Most definitely those carbs need to be dumped for more healthy fats and protein. (20150126: It seems like Remeron might cause OCD.)

Hunger due to anticholinergic effect caused by mirtazapine (Remeron) usually has a psychological basis.

Usually we stuff our mouths because we hunger for companionship. This side effect in essence may mean that antihistamines may worsen feelings of depression and loneliness. However, that hunger could be displaced as increased self esteem and attendant self confidence i.e. 'gives you balls' when feelings of emptiness are counteracted by realization that emptiness is the root of interdependence.

Thus, motivation to moderate hunger may be sought through social networking, mainly off-line. In becoming sociable, one may learn how to control one's eating habits.

But I digress.

Remeron may improve your mind enough to make sense of depression and addiction. Anxiety is indirectly relieved by Remeron; more likely the person's mental habits are more at fault here than the drug. or both anxiety and depression may be affects of the human condition.

As for depression, the almost absolute calm which Remeron brings to the mental health consumer may be mistaken for depression because one may forget that happiness is the product of one's own mind, rather than the result of external circumstances.

Most definitely, this is better than using Remeron recreationally.

Update: November 21, 2012

Everything about mirtazapine and its anti-histamine effects are true. After tasting it for 6 months, IMO it has strong sedative properties which work fine for relieving depression and anxiety, which leads to preventing psychoses.

However, the rest of the description of mirtazapine at Wikipedia is plain horse shit.

Why? Because it's speculative and not based on the horrible but messy testing of rats and other creatures that can't talk.

The mirtazapine related drugs are mainly sedatives of the antihistamine class which do work for mild depression and anxiety mainly by sedation.

The other side effect of anti-histamine drugs is in large doses, the dopamine and noradrenaline effect kick in but without any psychoses because you need lots of insomnia to see things and hear things.

Though you do get a little of the physical effects which is similar to anti-psychotics side effect of akathasia but reversible. Akathasia is the worst case of anxiety with physical symptoms. In my case, when I was anxious, I'd rotate my wrists and twiddle my thumbs. I did that a lot in crowds with my hands in my jacket pockets.

However, I had the experience of listening to a psychiatrist describe SSRI side effects when mirtazapine has no such thing. The serotonin response to an SSRI is anxiety, nervousness, nausea and sometimes even vomiting.

Mirtazapine, however, is used to prevent those symptoms as it is a strong but safe sedative, making it superior to OTC antihistamines. In fact, it is used as a sedative to counteract SSRI side effects.

So forget the Wikipedia description of mirtazapine regarding the speculation of how it works. Its strong antihistamine effect makes whatever it does for the effect on noradrenalin and dopamine seem weak in comparison.

Even so, as I said before, social interaction in public relieves most effects of anxiety but subtly motivates one to stop choosing behaviors that lead to depression, including sleeping until afternoon and staying up all night.


Originally posted on June 11, 2010 at 0228H PDT

Wikipedia article on mirtazapine:

Who is Viktor Yanukovych and Why Won't An Auto Oligarch Unite the Ukraine With the EU? (satire)

Update as of January 26, 2015: It is because of nationalism that Russia and the Ukraine are at war. Indeed, Russia still considers the Ukraine the cradle of Russian civilization, and consider one man the traitor of the Ukraine. For he is descended from the prime traitor of Russia, Ivan Mazepa.


Even so, both sides of this conflict are neo-fascists. This is not left versus right. Instead, it is a conflict between Ukraine nationalists who detest Russia, despite eastern and southern Ukraine consisting of 15% or more Russians. Indeed, it is Putin's war because he sees Ukrainian natioalism as a threat to his Commonwealth.

Thus the current civil war in the Ukraine is due to Putin seeing the Ukraine not as a sovereign state in its own right but as of Russia's commonwealth of nations.

In the current Ukrainian protest against the current leader of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, police violence occurred because the protesters threatened the safety of the Parliament.

Yanukovych has a spotty history as Prime Minister of the Ukraine. When his election was declared to be rigged in 2004 by the Supreme Court of Ukraine, power was handed over to Viktor Yushchenko as President and Yulia Tymoshenko as Prime Minister.

In the election of 2006, Yanukovych won, only to be defeated in the snap election of 2007 to Yulia Tymoshenko again. Then in 2010, Yanukovych won as president but Tymoshenko was imprisoned.

Yanukovych is from the President Kuchma era (1994-2005) during which corruption scandals and their reporting led to less freedom of the press. His crony at the end of Kuchma's presidency is former deputy Prime Minister and the current Prime Minister Mykola Azarov.

While Yanukovych was elected as Independent in 2010, he passed on the reins of the Party of Regions to Azarov.

There is much to doubt the claim made by Prosecutor General of Ukraine Oleksandr Medvedko during the 2010 election that Yanukovych was unlawfully jailed in his youth.

That rewrites history regarding his robbery and assault charges at age 17 in 1967 and his assault charges in 1970. However, he appears to have covered his tracks over the intervening years.

His family history is also dubious since he supposedly lost both his parents in his teens, but a photograph of Yanukovych shows him with his wife, son and father in 1985 and even the date of that is dubious.

There are reports that he studied at the nonexistent Faculty of Auto Transport of the Donetsk State Academy of Administration in 1999, but no one who studied there remembers him.

Later, in 2001, while Governor General of Donestsk Oblast, Yanukovych reportedly graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Foreign Trade as a Master of International Law, but no one remembers him being there.

As well, his academic career is dubious with some of his degrees and titles appearing to be bogus. Even the books he supposedly wrote do not exist, despite being listed at the Vernadsky National Library of the Ukraine.

Yanukovych supposedly is a major in the Ukraine military, but no one remembers him being there, too.

How does a transport executive become a politician?

It is most likely Yanukovych is a pawn of Russia. At the least, he is a corrupt politician who has been secretly following in Kuchma's footsteps since 2005, but has been pressured by the IMF to favour joining the EU.

He is also sexist, having to have suggested during the 2010 election that "Yulia Tymoshenko should either take responsibility for every word as prime minister, or go to the kitchen". Yet the people of the Ukraine feared Tymoshenko ruling in any capacity due to her conflict with Viktor Yushchenko since 2005.

In the end, with the election rigged, Yanukovych became President of the Ukraine. His power over the Higher Administrative Court of Ukraine was such that Tymoshenko was denied the right to scrutinize the ballots.

By him denials about limiting press freedom and marginalizing Tymoshenko during the election campaign of 2010, he and Yanukovych's cronies have also used the justice system to falsely imprison her.

Thus Yanukovych's move to join the EU is rightly protested by the people, because to do so is to let an auto oligarch make the Ukraine subservient to the EU economic agenda.

It is a travesty of justice for the Ukraine people to suffer at the hands of brutal police violence, just because they want Yanukovych out.

As well, Yanukoych has been persecuting Yulia Tymoshenko and Yuriy Lutshenko in a bid to ensure his deals with the EU profit him the most.

This suggests that the auto oligarch has a strong narcissistic personality. Given that most of his academic credentials are fake, and his military career as major, non-existent, he is a fraud.

Now he uses the police to kill protesters. I bet they never expected Yanukovych wouldn't sign the accord with the EU, which would have benefited the Ukraine immensely. Yanukovych used the excuse that since he is getting a better deal on oil from Russia, then it's pointless to sign the accord.

First he says he is a traitor to Moscow for making the Ukraine a part of the EU, and now he backs off on signing. All those protests by the Ukrainian people are done questioning his wishy-washy position on the question of joining the EU.

Who is this Yanukovych?

He is an oligarch disliked by the other oligarchs of the Ukraine because of his ties to Moscow rather than Europe and the fact that his cronies have the cushy government jobs.

During the struggle, most oligarchs remained neutral but only the chocolate king Petro Poroshenko was at every protest because his businesses are not impacted by the State like heavy industry and transportation is. This makes him a likely alternative to Tymoshenko.

Recently, it has been reported that Yanukovych was willing to deal with the opposition to resolve the present impasse. While I had hoped he was willing to be a real businessman rather than a robber baron, his retreat to Moscow left behind the revelations of his theft of the Ukraine's resources, given the opulence of his former luxurious estate.

As well, Yanukovych's deal with Putin trading oil for Ukraine products and services is disliked by the oligarchs and the people of the Ukraine because it brings up memories of how the Ukraine was used as Russia's source of food while Ukrainians were displaced by Russians. Many Ukrainians resent Russia due to massive movement of people from traditional Ruthenian land and displacement of other people merely for not adapting to the Soviet way of life, including deportation to Siberia.

This might be why the opposition was pushing Yanukovych to join the EU. Trade within the EU would have removed tariffs of EU goods and produce bought by Kiev. As well, membership in the EU would mean Ukrainians could find migrant work in other European nations and not have to go through costly travel arrangements when visiting the Ukraine.

Hopefully Yanukovych resolves this problem he started by reneging on the EU deal.

Despite this descent into bloody civil war, its root cause is Ukrainian nationalism which has led to pro-Russian factions in Crimea and Donetsk declaring independence, which is tantamount to succession and union with the Russian commonwealth.

However, this is no left versus right battle for the fascists are in power in Kiev. Likewise, the pro-Russians are not socialist activists wishing to liberate their homelands but Russians exercising their right to be free from Ukrainian control.

Yet both sides will object to calling them fascists. In the end, this squabble plays right into the hands of major powers such as China and America picking sides.

IMO nationalism is what fascists use to alienate a multicultural state, for the good of its own nation. It forgets that insisting on one nation under God has always led to anarchy when that nation is born.

In the case of the Ukraine, Putin sees it as a proxy war between Russia and the EU, with the US being the mastermind of what actually is a subtle dance into World War Three with china and Russia versus the West.

Another aspect of this proxy war is Syria versus rebel militants with Russia backing Syria and the US and Gulf States backing the rebels.

At the root of these war is the subtle influence of Big Business looking for cheap oil prices.

Update: 20140302

Well, it looks like Yanukovych lost and like a coward left his country, and fled to Moscow.

Given that the Ukraine's fight was like Arab Spring even though most of the bloodshed began in the fall of 2013, this is to be expected. Most Ukrainians know that Yanukovych was robbing the people blind. It's no wonder most smart Ukrainians used European banks rather than Ukrainian banks. How else could they be assured their savings wouldn't be stolen by Yanukovych?

However, the move of Russia to protect its interest in the Crimea has turned this civil war into a potential war between imperial Russia and the Ukraine. Russia needs the Crimea as a port. Its proposed bailout of the Ukraine by trading petroleum for products from the Ukraine was a ploy to keep the Ukraine in its pan-Slavic empire, despite the fallout during the Kosovo crisis in the mid-1990s.

Yet the Ukraine nationalists are EU-friendly because they remember what Sovietization did to the Ukraine.

Thus, the Ukraine's right wing nationalists need only Ukrainian-Americans, not America, were there to be another proxy war over the right to join the EU. This is like Kosovo needing Kosovo-Americans, except they went Islamist afterwards, due to being brainwashed by Saudi Salafists during Hajj. Eventually, the Ukraine will need European, not American, help.

All Ukrainian-Americans need to do is die for their Motherland. I'm sure the same may apply to Ukrainian-Canadians. So both Canada's and America's role in this crisis is to support the EU, but not fight the Ukraine's war for them. For it may become a fight to maintain the precarious independence they have had since the fall of the Soviet Union.

It's a no-brainer here: The Ukraine needs the Crimea as a port and vacation resort, as does Russia. Keeping the Crimea would block its use as a port by Russia, which it was before the current crisis. There was a gentleman's agreement that goods destined for Moscow would flow through Crimea. Making the Crimea totally Ukrainian would imply import duties that Russia might be hard pressed to pay.

In Ukraine proper the fight was always Ukrainians versus Russians and their allies in the government.

Hence the increased Russian presence in the Crimea is to protect its citizens there. This is Russia protecting a port they covet. Hence it is a proxy war set up by Yanukovych with the EU & America using diplomacy to demand Russia not illegally invade the Ukraine.

IMO only the EU should be responsible and show balls to protect its interest in the Ukraine. As long as the Ukraine stays within the Russian sphere of influence, only the guys running the country will profit illegally.

Hopefully when the dust clears, the Ukraine will ban the Communist Party for good.

Indeed, the Ukraine have beaten their own Ukrainian socialists into submissions.

Update: 20140318

Just the other day, Russia held a referendum in Crimea where a gang leader is Prime Minister. From Kiev comes fighting words calling out this gang leader as a criminal. Also, macho bravado is apparent as the Ukraine prepares for war.

In the West, nobody accepts that Crimean referendum which just made the region Russia. Given that a criminal runs the Crimea, I don't blame them.

Politically, it looks like the chocolate king might be the next elected President of the Ukraine. I wonder how much money he is going to bribe the present illegal government of the Ukraine to get the support of his motherland?

Update: 20140723

Apparently, the Ukraine is splintering along an anti-Kiev and pro-Kiev divide, all thanks to radicalization of the Ukraine people. No doubt this situation is only going to get worse before it gets better.

After almost a week of rumors that Russia might have shot down Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 over Donetsk Oblast, now a breakaway state from the Ukraine, it looks like the US government has reversed track. It is reported that Russia supports the Donetsk People's Republic.

According to recent reports from social media and other sources, it turns out that the Ukrainian militia erred In downing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17. I wonder how long before the mainstream media outlets spouting anti-Russian rhetoric reports on this new development.

Reports indicate that the Ukraine militia may have mistook Flight MH17 for a military transport plane.

Give that the Ukrainian airspace over the Ukraine is a big threat to low-flying aircraft, perhaps 10,000 feet isn't high enough to be safe. However, it is unknown if the Su-25 observed near the passenger jet might have struck a hit. Though, this is all speculation so far.

R.I.P. to the passengers and crew of Flight MH17.

Update: 20150124

Despite the resentment of the Ukrainian people directed towards Russia, theirs is a history of oppression by Tsarist Russia towards Ukrainians followed by oppression by Stalin in the 1930s and again more recently in the 1970s and 1980.

One of the results of the Ukraine while under the yoke of the Soviet Union is the development of Surzhyk due to Russification of the Ukrainian language over the past 80 years.

Thus, the nationalistic pride of Ukrainians has led to resentment by Russian-peaking Ukrainians due to the imposition of Ukrainian language as the only national language on all Ukrainian citizens.

Perhaps this civil war in the Ukraine is another example of why a single national language enforced by government decree is an unwise move by the State that is seen as oppression of the people who do not speak that language.

Originally posted: December 3, 2013 03:58 AM
Updated: March 2, 2014 0834H
Updated: July 23, 2014
Updated: January 24, 2015 0936H - added background on one of the main roots of the Ukraine-Russian 'civil war.'
Updated: January 26, 2015 0823H - Added Mazeppa and speculation the civil war is due to nationalism and mainly fascism.



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The Armenian Genocide as Propaganda (satire)

Armenians inside Turkey have a different opinion on the Armenian Genocide propaganda that the Republic of Armenia PM Kocharian stated in 1998, who said: "The Armenians will never forget the genocide and always try to remind the rest of the world of this tragedy ... The Genocide remains unpunished and the international recognition and reproach are inadequate and insufficient”.

To this, Dikran Kevorkian, Kandilli Armenian Church Pastor, said the following on 7th October 2000 in a television programme named “Nutshell”:

'Genocide and replacement denote two different concepts. The imperialist schemes and the Armenian apolitical dream leaders (media, churches and the clergy) are the causes of this situation. The Patriarch is a spiritual leader and a blunder is committed when his opinions are sought about political matters. What could ASALA and PKK do if there were no political support behind them? There was a German pressure on the Sublime Porte for the replacement, in an attempt to shake the existing order and to secure itself economic benefits through the Berlin-Baghdad railroad.'

For the assimilation claims, Kevorkian stated the following words:
'Today, it is only in Turkey among all countries of the world that the Armenians manage to maintain their own identity. The Armenians in the Diaspora abroad continue their struggle for existence by changing their names because there are efforts there to assimilate the Armenians. The Diaspora knows very well that the Sunday rites in all major American churches are in English and the Armenians are gradually forgetting their own language. When we say these we are criticised. It is for these reasons that we, as the Armenians living in Turkey declare our regrets against these efforts, because an injustice is being committed to the concept of “National Forces” entrusted to us by Atatürk. All this is a stratagem conducted from abroad, including the ASALA, PKK and Kocharian’s declaration. We, as the citizens of Turkey believe that an injustice is perpetrated here. If Armenians are intelligent enough, they should not allow themselves to be used for the interests of others.'

In short, Kevorkian means that Kocharian's declaration is propaganda designed to make the world feel for Armenians what they felt for the Jews as their story of genocide became known in the post-war period.

Later propaganda by parties sympathetic to the Jews led to a reactionary rise of neo-Nazi sentiment that was quickly suppressed until today, where the younger generation in the West pick which side to be behind based on whether the coolness of being a Nazi or backing the underdog is important to them.

Sadly, both sides of that political battle use the either you are for me or against me fallacy to bully disinterested third parties into choosing between Nazism and Zionism.

In the case of the Armenian Genocide, it becomes a case of choosing between Armenia and Turkey with the same type of bullying of third parties.

However, that choice is also based on the same kind of fallacy.

Both sides of the Armenia versus Turkey political propaganda think of themselves as being right. The Turkish side puts up great arguments to refrain from listening to the propaganda.

So I politely refuse to endorse either side, just as I refuse to endorse either side of the Nazism versus Zionism debacle.

My reason for remaining neutral and not choose sides is because if I pick one side, then the other side might have arguments that I may not consider. I present the Turkish side because despite its propaganda (implying that support for Armenia means Turkey fall into a civil war over the Armenian Genocide), it presents a view that I have not read.

I am neutral about Nazism versus Zionism because it is a case of fascism versus reactionary socialism. Neither side is worth defending because both of them are chauvinistic, promoting their political ideology at the expense of the other side.

In both cases, the "us versus them" mentality makes me feel less inclined to pick sides. Even the propaganda from the Turkish side quoted at the beginning of this blog entry makes me wary of the political motive behind it, which was to refute the Armenian diaspora's call for justice.

Please note that I present the Turkish side not because I believe them but because out of all fairness, it needs to be examined too.

Introduction to Armenian Issue: CURRENT SITUATION:

Armenian Genocide:

Armenia and Azeribaijan: A Commentary (satire)

Armenia today consists of the Persian-Armenian "faction".  Thanks to the collapse of the Soviet Union, they fought the Azerbaijani over a region of Azerbaijan that contains a lot of Armenians, who were being targeted by Azerbaijani extremists, and "liberated" it for the good of Armenians there. This conflict was due to both sides declaring themselves republics in a frenzy of nationalism that spread throughout the Soviet Union in the late 1980s.

It makes me wonder if the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh thought out what would happen in their bid for independence in 1988.  The resulting war lasted for 4 years and led to massive killings on both sides - which leads me to suspect both sides, being suppressed by Moscow during the Soviet years, got a little giddy with the prospect of freedom and decided on scorched earth policies against each other due to each side as their fervent nationalism led to war.

Perhaps Armenians and Azeri were in conflict because the Armenians have been there since 1500 BCE and the Azeri only since 1064 CE when the Seljuk Turks moved into Asia Minor. From the Armenians' point of view, perhaps they were just keeping the invaders at bay as they have been doing since 1064 CE.

Today the Armenians outside of Armenia proper are fighting to preserve their traditions, but on both sides there were a lot of raids for booty before and after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire. Obviously, the Azeri versus Armenia enmity could not be ended overnight because neither side is willing to forgive and forget without UN intervention.

However, it is the Persian-Armenians who form the majority in Armenia. Almost everywhere else, it is the Greco-Armenians who originally lived in Cilicia since the days of the Parthian Empire circa 300s BCE. Cilicia was later resettled by Greco-Armenians around 1090 CE due to the Seljuk Turk incursion into Anatolia. It is they who form the majority of the Armenian diaspora outside of Asia Minor. Half of Cilicia was conquered by the Seljuks between 1064 and 1090s.

A few members of the Armenian diaspora are so well-learned that in order to convey the full meaning of deeply emotional and/or intellectual concepts, they will switch from Armenian to French, Greek or Persian and back again.

Additionally, the Armenians never formed an empire of their own, due to the rugged mountainous region in which they dwelled in what became eastern Turkey today. It was easier to make alliances with whoever subjugated them in the past, be it Sassanid Persians making incursions into Byzantium and Parthian Greeks ruling under satrapies prior to 190 BCE, along with Turks since 1000 CE.

Nationalism is a new phenomenon for both Azeri and Armenians, and is not a peaceful struggle for people who originally based their allegiance on the clan / tribal system.

There may be struggles in the future, thanks to the rise of jihadi cultism and the horrible violence it can cause in the world today. If it takes hold in Azeribaijan, then it could lead to a renewal of conflict between both nations.

At the moment, though, the uneasy peace in the region has left the West to consider more pressing matters elsewhere.

Nagorno-Karabakh War:





Another PhishingExpedition Exposed (satire)

This afternoon I found an email from Arya to Daman in my email box on my yahoo account.

So I looked at the full header and figured out that "Arya" is from Turkey and that this is probably a phishing expedition.

It consists of a URL link using the short form.  I never went to the website since it being there is still evidence of a phishing scam.

Here is proof: the IP address above resolves to using host on the address:

$ host domain name pointer

Using whois on, we get:

And there you have it: a Turkish phishing expedition exposed.

I am marking this email as spam and let GMail security deal with it.

My guess is, Turkish mafiyah küçük balıkçı is told by a mafiyah
büyük balıkçı "use your Samsung phone to reel in some fish."

Sadly, too many people click on the line. What fools these mundanes be.

Monsanto Shall Be Blamed for Global Famine (satire)

In this article, I will write a future scenario which might come true as long as GMO corporations like Monsanto forces the world to use their Roundup-ready GMO seeds instead of the real stuff.

Such GMO seeds are known to cause allergies in humans which lead to obesity and other autoimmune diseases. However, if a person were allergic to GMO corn, wheat and soy, they could even die.

Let's just imagine how that would play out in the future...

By 2110 the world population are dying off due to severe allergic reaction caused by GMO plant and animal food in the global food supply. Only 20 years earlier the world's population had peaked at 10 billion people, due to the result of non-GMO food flooding the market from American warehouses where the elite had stored the food solely for their use. That happened after the anniversary of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests which had sprung similar movements around the world.

It turned out that Occupy Movement militants had raided the warehouse and handed out the food to starving homeless people, which by 2090 CE constitute over 25 percent of Americans. Such militants declare themselves to be the only voice of the People and by 2050 had radicalized into roving gangs of militants who would free the food for the starving homeless while chanting "Food not bombs!"

Said an unidentified Tea Party militant, "Since martial law was declared earlier this year, the USgov has protected these terrorists. Fuck Obama. She can rot in hell!" President Obama is the daughter of former President Barack Obama and First Michelle Obama, who were killed along with Joe Biden and his wife by a North Korean drone attack in Tokyo in January 16, 2015, and in DC a day later, respectively.

It is said that the drone that killed Biden also killed everyone caught in the blast that destroyed the White House, except for Obama's two daughters, Malia Ann and Sasha Obama. This made them in line for succession, since all of the Presidential candidates were targeted by Iranian militants as well. Since Milia Ann is the eldest, on January 2, 2016 she was inaugurated as Acting President Obama, making her the youngest leader of any country in the world at age 17. On July 4, she turns 18. To help her with the role is an unknown Secret Service agent and other CIA personnel who, surprisingly were not targeted.

According to Russian reports, Iran, China and the Gulf States had co-opted much of the CIA staff through brainwashing of a CIA black-ops group code-named The Beast who then became sleeper agents until a year before the assassination.

Once this became world news, American mainstream media was taken over the CIA, and the NSA completed its plans to turn the US into a police state. However, given the co-opting of the CIA by Iran, China and the Gulf States, that meant that Milia was a pawn of Iran, China and the Gulf States. So the people of America rose up, and President Obama became a President in Exile in Bahrain.

Left without a President, even though a child, the Americans fell into factions: Cascadia in the Pacific Northwest, California Republic, Texas Republic, Confederation of Southern US, and certain states just carried on business as usual.  For the enemy had also blown up Congress with only a handful of Democrats surviving because they were holidaying in Hawaii. Most of the Eastern Seaboard however formed the United States with a liberal capital in Pennsylvania and a capital for Democrats in DC.

As well, all US vacationers became refugees in Thailand, Burma and India while in China, they were executed as an example to USgov defaulting on their loan.

Meanwhile, freed of DC-based strings, Stephen Harper resigned as PM and the Reform portion of the Conservatives went to church to confess their sins. Occupy Canada militants killed them all accidentally by bulldozing the churches to protest Christian hypocrisy. Eager to fill in the gap, the NDP and Liberal fought with each other tooth and nail.

In the end, Elizabeth May became PM and legalized marijuana and prostitution. When the prices of a GFE and an oz of pot plummeted, the Canadian gangs decided to become legitimate businessmen due to no money to be made selling drugs and hookers legally. That way they got a subsidy to sell medical marijuana and hookers.

But utopia it was not in the world. A mysterious die off of people occurred circa 2056. A kid in Vancouver discovered that it was due to a strong allergic reaction to GMO foods. About this time, the elites were storing food in warehouses.

After the raid of warehouses in 2061, people thrived. Population boomed until 2108.

By 2108, as more people began to die from GMO food allergies, the population peak of 2091 has subsided. By 2110, GMO food allergies was the leading cause of death, beating cancer and syphilis. It took 70 years for the current population numbers to under 1 billion people. If there was a CDC, they would have called it the GMO food allergy epidemic.

After 2164, the UN decided to banish war by humans. All new wars would be fought by AI drones and T-99, T-1000 and T-3000 robots under control of the telecommunications giant Skynet which had diversified into AI and robotics. It is said that an Occupy militant named John Connor dedicate himself and his mother to fighting Skynet's use of police robots who all wear the face of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger after Skynet licensed the former actor's likeness.

A hundred years later, the T models were replace with Cylons (CYbernetic Living automatON) after an AI avatar was transferred into the protocol circa 2204 by Peter Gray using his son Zachary's AI avatar downloaded from a cyberspace game called Fresh Bereta Town. However the product name was licensed from Comcast.

Today, when wars are fought, we use Cylons. All citizens are to report to bunkers during the fighting, to avoid casualties. After a war, the handful of leaders of the world merely accept the change of national boundaries as a given since Cylons now control their lives.

Recently in March of 2310 it has been rumored that a bunch of Cylons of the android type developed a religion and left with a squadron of elite Cylon robots to find God.

It was only the other day that some unknown invader blew up the Mars colony mission that was stranded circa 2070s due to Barack Obama's assassination a few years earlier.

By 2200, Mars Colony had declared total independence and were ready to send their sleeper ship Babylon One toward the known location of a possibly habitable planet 10 light years away. Cylons would maintain the safety of all humans on board.

It's anyone's guess who attacked Mars. Some people claim the Six that left found God and returned to mete out Armageddon on Mars and Earth.

Today in 2310, the Earth has grown to 2.5 billion due to a one-child policy. However, a certain "Ender" Wiggins had beat the odds to become our best chance against what turned out to be Cylon androids remotely controlled by insectoids on that habitable planet that the sleeper ship Babylon One found.

Unfortunately, the insect queen was looking for a way to save her species, not kill us off.

But what do we do? We call Ender a genocidal maniac and he buggers off on a ship with an AI girlfriend and a couple Cylons with the egg of that insectoid queen.

So when Monsanto said that Roundup would work on the insectoids, it was fitting for Monsanto HQ to be wiped out by the insectoids.

Today is a new day, and I am signing off.

Anyway, Monsanto will cause global famine due to farmers being in jail when they should be harvesting their GMO product.

I take no credit for any of the respective science fiction shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Enderverse and Babylon 5.  Even Monsanto.

My point in mentioning them is that the fascist manner than Monsanto protects its GMO seeds is almost like science fiction in that farmers are being sued by the GMO corporate monolith because the farmers couldn't prevent pollen from contaminating other farmers using non-GMO seeds.

That scenario sounds like a reall bad science fiction movie plot. A corporate giant would oppress the people because of something they cannot control: pollen contaminating non-GMO crops.

Originally written January 16, 2014  8:18 PM

The Myth of Mind Control

Brainwashing was invented during the Cold War era to explain why US soldiers captured during the Korean War were so willing to denounce the US.

However, brainwashing and mind control are actually inventions of mass media to perpetuate hysteria amongst the masses, and do not exist in the real world.

In most cases of brainwashing, the person subject to "brainwashing" consciously make the decision to align themselves with the ideology of their captors or handler.

Likewise, mind control as described in the media is a myth.

The only valid form of mind control is practiced willingly by people who practice meditation both within Buddhism and various psychotherapies (cognitive behavioral therapy and dialectic behavioral therapy).

Thus brainwashing and mind control are artifacts of mass media used by political forces to frighten the masses.

As well, conspiracy theorists who focus on brainwashing and mind control are themselves "victims" of political elites who have influenced mass media.

How else is the State to control the people except through fear and awe?

Originally posted September 18, 2011 13:24PM


Articles found by Googling "Our son was brainwashed by ISIS":

How Brainwashing Works:

Mind control:

Anarchy: Harmony without Rule (satire)

We are all political creatures, but often are in denial about it, because of the bad taste politicians leave in our mouths due to the fact that they are privileged elites that some of us elect to do something we would never dare to do.

Yet they are successful sociopaths. What that means is they hide the truth behind flowery prose and compliments that make us glad we voted for him.

However, we still love the politician when he has stolen our tax dollars to build his fortune due to the same reason why cult leaders can cause his followers to foment a revolution or failing that, stockpile weapons.

This is why on the local level, a small collective of individuals develop a leaderless way of doing things that works.  Everyone in that collective would decide how to sustain their group. 

Yet the number one rule shall always be harmony without rule.  No one is the boss, but everyone governs his or her own actions.

If this sounds foreign to the gentle reader, then the best example of anarchy is childs' play. The minute any child in a group of children tries to be the leader, the other children rebel and call him "bossy." At which point, the quick-witted kid will abandon his post and apologize. 

Then the children will be friends again, and the playing continues.

Hence, children are nascent politicians, but lack the sociopathic qualities of a real politician due to their youth.  If only adults could be so innocent, then the world will be less a democracy forced on each of us and more of an anarchy where everyone works in harmony with everyone else, without a ruler.

IMO democracy cannot be forced on another person. Rather the individual relinquishes some of her independence in exchange for the freedoms that democracy provides. 

Anarchism is not chaos.  It is a committee of self governing people who are their own bosses.

Probably my depiction of anarchism is partially naïve but that is because the New Left have rejected mutualism in favor of a political movement that considers Proudhonian anarchism to be obsolete and mutualism to not be their cup of tea.

Harmony without rule implies that you are able to govern yourself so that you get along with everyone else, regardless of political background.

Yet, too easily, the anarchists fall back to the same them versus us mentality found in a democracy.  That is because we are human following the same herd mentality of mammals.

Even so, mutualism is workable but in small groups of people. Sometimes it works even in families.


an open letter to racists and their apologists (satire)

You racists think white culture is threatened by non white culture. That's because you fear the competition.

However, your position is a moral dead end.

It is because of you that the jihadis cult members want to destroy what they call the Great Shaitan America.

This is due to the fact that Zionism carries on despite your delusion about race which makes you all so myopic.

You chauvinist racists are clearly showing the signs of devolution you accuse the stereotypes of race which have little validity today.

It is proven by your ability to curse anyone who challenges you on your poppycock about race and privilege.

Try again and refrain from cursing me because it makes your arguments null and void.


Autum Stains Below / Aki Shimi-ge / 秋シミげ (poem)

Autumn stains below,
a polite way of saying,
"forgot to wipe the ass"


Aki shimi-ge
tan'ni imi suru
kitenai kōtan


Le droit de porter les armes / The Right To Bear Arms (poem)

Quiconque est vivant en paix
décède une vie bien vécue.
Encore celui qui vit par les armes
meurt par de plus grandes armes.
—English translation—
Whoever lives in peace
dies a well lived life.
Yet whoever lives by the gun
dies by larger guns.

This is what the right to bear arms actually means within the context of a volunteer army or equivalent legal enforcement deployment (police, National Guard)

I am a Linux Advocate (satire)

I am online using a pendrive running Linux Mint 17.

Supposedly I am an über hackers, but don't feel I am that special. If I was, then I would bullying everyone on G+ because they don't get Linux and I do.

My hacking started circa 1993 until today and I hope to be hacking when I am old and grey. Maybe I hacked from the time I started modemming in 1984.

Whatever. I do not feel special, but few people understand me. I can count on one hand how many other people know what I am talking about.

Sadly, the athletes and the popular girls in school have no clue whatsoever. And their self esteem is so low that they have to ignore or bully me.

I love Linux. I live, breathe and would die for it. However, that is a stark contrast to my job description: security guard.

Except I am a computer security advocate. Computers running Windows are more likely to get infected by malware than a Linux system.

However, a hacker would have to get root on my router before he even gets inside my LAN.

Anyway, now that I have outed myself, I can bear the silence that will proceed from this point forward due to misperceptions of hackers.

Hackers are not the reason why your Windows computer got "hacked" - that was an automated script. The guy who programmed it is probably sitting in a car trying to hack into your router to get free Internet.

I do not identify with him. He has probably tried to hack his way into my LAN and failed.

If I could, I would be running snort to ensure the security of my network but I am not on my Linux at the moment. I have enjoyed Mint on my netbook.

Now it is time to test drive it on my PC. It was child's play to turn my flash drive into a Mintdisk.

Later on today I cam going to teach my Panjabi friends at the gas station about chromecast and how to use it.

I feel good.

Have fun, Windows users. I have gone light years ahead of you. So, phear me! :P

The Hypocrisy of Christendom (satire)

To be a man of God as a Christian, and to hate Muslims, that is a sign of hypocrisy. For a Christian who hates Islam but professes to love God knows not that the God of Islam is the God of the Jews.

Yet that Christian is known to hate them equally, all due to the closed-mindedness and jealousy of Christian royalty and nobility.

How noble it is to think of oneself as more holy than a Jew or a Muslim.! How pitiful such pride is! Many a man and woman has fallen before theirs.

They who mock the Jews and revile the Muslims do not know their own Bible. For such folk are not unlike the rich man congratulating himself for not being poor.

God has greater reward for a Christian who unashamedly declares, "Kýrie, eléi̱són me ton amarto̱ló.*"

* The Greek version of the quote "Lord, have mercy on me a sinner" from verse 13 in the Parable of the Tax-Collector and the Pharisee in Luke 18:9-14.

The Middle Eastern Situation is Both a Religious War and a Political One (satire)

Here in Canada I am still awaiting a terrorist plot in Rio de Janeiro , but it is not going happen since Brazil stayed out of the American game plan to mold the Middle East and Central Asia into democracies.

It is leading to blow-back incidents in the West, most recently in Paris, which adds to the two incidents in Ottawa, and a handful of bombings in London, and the purported bombing during the Boston Marathon a few years ago.

Without the historical precedence of the free-market capitalist system being forced on people there, we forget that the West meddled with the Holy Land from 1099 to 1194 CE, only see the Crusades evolve into petty fiefdoms where mercenaries were led by ruffians pretending to be royalty, who robbed caravans for booty.

How Christian of them!

IMO Saladin was too merciful in 1187 - he should have asked for more booty in exchange for letting the Christians flee Jerusalem. Better yet, he should have been less merciful.

Most likely, the now defunct Templar Knights were merely pawns of the intrigue arising from the Orthodox king and possibly a lot of espionage by clergy sent to the Holy Land from Rome.
IMHO we need the devotion that the Templar Knights showed, rather than the financial dealings that they made which might have led to their demise. Intrigue led to the Templar Knights being wiped out, possibly due to their power that came with the land holdings and their financial dealings.

Out of all of Catholic militarism during this period, only the Templars do I respect. No army today comes close to their devotion to God, due to the slide into secularism that has become popular today.

IMO the socialists wish to erase from history any mention that religion played a large part in the enmity between Christendom and Islam, which is evidenced by the fact that ignorance is bandied about by both sides with the usual propaganda and mistruths.

As for the Middle East today, and also Iraq and Afghanistan, the new "Crusaders" began their campaign of revenge upon Islam in 2003, rather than following a more enlightened path.

See what happens when Christendom wants to usher in the New Millenium with a bang? If this situation in the Islamic State leads to more random terrorist attacks in Canada, can we impeach Harper for rattling the home-grown terrorists?

Probably not.

However, the lives of Canadians lost to terrorism is partially the responsibility of Prime Minister Harper, due to his war-hawk attitude since 2001.

In this 21st-Century Crusade, the West has become more fascist and Islamophobia has replaced anti-Semitism as a result of daily propaganda from the American mainstream media.