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America Plans To Invade Russia (satire)

Китай і Росія не є нашими ворогами. Америка і так воно накладає демократії на інших націй є реальна загроза для свободи. Тим не менш, Україна перебуває під каблуком у нацистів, і Америка підтримує їх. Таким чином, Україна не є безкоштовним. Чому ви думаєте, що росіяни нервують?

Америка планує напасти на Росію. Він робить все, щоб спровокувати його, в тому числі, що підтримують терористів в Сирії.

China and Russia are not our enemies. America and so it imposes democracy on other nations is a real threat to freedom. However, the Ukraine is under the thumb of the Nazis, and American supports them. Therefore the Ukraine is not free. Why do you think the Russians are nervous?

America plans to invade Russia. It is doing everything to provoke it, including supporting terrorists in Syria.


Meditation on Ultimate Reality

Noumenon is mind, and phenomena, cosmos. When the ignorant mind discriminates between noumenon and phenomena, unreality arises in the form of confusion, and sometimes madness.

By viewing both noumenon and phenomena as one, nondual reality arises, and thus serendipity. For nonduality is the ultimate reality.

Only in the ignorant mind is the reality of existence suffering. Indeed, the mind that realizes nonduality is real has attained Nirvana.

All of what has just been written about the cosmos, the mind and reality is True. Only unbelievers doubt this Truth about reality itself.

Beyond the Buddha is Adi Buddha, the primordial Buddha. Though he is no Creator, Adi Buddha is the originator of all things, even the Creator and his Creation, the cosmos.

Although this Truth is alien to the Christian mind, the mind of the Buddhist accepts it as True and real.




Portable Orgasmatron Anyone? (satire)

In a Woody Allen film, the title of which I have forgotten, there is a device a man can enter which causes multiple orgasms. It looked too bulky to be useful. In this essay I will write about the cyberpunk trope surrounding a cyberpunk woman. Then I will speculate about a portable helmet which suppresses the emotions but also might induce hallucinations and even orgasms. Finally, the conclusion will be introduced to give food for thought, with me musing about a dystopian future where human beings are medicated, sedated or stimulated electronically.

William Gibson's cyberpunk trilogy (sic) suggests that Molly is a cyborg who is part human and part robot, and she may have been kidnapped as a teenager to become a "doll", which is slang for a sex work cyborg. She was "chipped" to suppress the normal reaction to rape.

However, the AIs in the satellite for rich people amassed a fortune and converted her into a hitman (sic) for hire. I believe at least one or both her arms are cybernetic. Her legs may be cybernetic too with her limbs replaced after a couple of failed hits.

Most robots would be made female and put to work as sex worker because in the enlightened future, women would achieve complete suffrage to the point where it would be illegal to use women and especially girls in the sex trade.

Though, that would not stop pimps from amassing a fortune in illegal sex work and later chipping young women so as to render them free of the anxiety, fear and loathing that rape — and all sex work is a kind of rape — causes over repeated transactions with despicable men.

If the powers that be made chipping young women illegal then it is likely pimps would purchase illegal sex robots such as the gigolo in A.I. Robotic whores would be illegal because prostitution would not be lucrative like in Germany after sex work was legalized.

Today, whores are so cheap in Germany because alimony is so costly, especially in a country that was predominantly a Christian nation. I cannot find stats but I am sure there is a high proportion of 15-year olds in Germany who are not virgins, perhaps 30-35%. This is a side effect of socialism.

Returning to cyborg sex workers, it is highly unlikely that they will become lifelike and have a complex AI that mimics a human being perfectly. We have yet to make an AI that can learn like a human being does. Most robots mimicking women currently are nothing more than curios.

It is more likely that we could develop electronic means to suppress human emotions at the cost of brain damage. However, if the amygdala is the seat of human emotions and feelings, then damage to it would more likely lead to more anxiety, fear, and related negative emotions.

Electronic means of suppressing negative emotions would have to numb the emotive parts of the amygdala without damaging it i.e. act like the electronic equivalent of a psychopharmaceutical like Haldol, Seroquel, Paroxetine and Prozac.

However, a person lacking emotions might present as cold-hearted but not sociopathic, which require the ability to lie convincingly. Drug abuse does this by suppressing the normal guilt reaction to telling a lie.

Yet electronic sedation without affecting normal sleep patterns has yet to achieve any success. The best that can be done now is electromagnetic stimulation of the brain to relieve depression. It would be harder to electronically induce sociopathy since it isn't related to a particular part of the brain but may involve more than the prefrontal cortex.

Thus a person who is rendered electronically sedated would have to wear a helmet that electromagnetically stimulates the brain. This may be a good thing in prostitution because no one can ID the woman. The helmet could also be used to remotely control the pleasure response, to the point of causing a seizure that mimics orgasm.

Though abuse of such a device could not only cause grand mal seizures, it could cause convulsions leading to death through asphyxiation. Another side effect might be hallucinations i.e. inducing a dream-like state in which the person under the machine's influence has a vision only she sees.

Overall though, such a device would be banned due to the health risks. Our current neuropsychopharmaceuticals may not always effective, but they are relatively safe when compared to the crude electronic means.

My First Technology Gig (satire)

It is amazing to see how wealthy retirees live in their big houses with two cars, two computers, a laptop, a tablet and a cheap HTC smartphone. (I won't mention the LG 230 flip phone much).

The new SUV is cool with an entertainment centre using bluetooth to hookup to the phone to play music on.

People this old will not have a clue of how to move their pictures off their phone onto their computer, and to put new pictures on their phone again. Nor will they know that they need a data USB cable to copy to and from their smartphone, or even how to get their phone to send music to their entertainment centre in the SUV.

Furthermore, they need to be reassured that knowing their computer password won't let me break into their computer on the Internet - I have to be in the den on their computer to do that. Also Facebook never automatically shares their intimate photos with the world - they have to do that themselves.

That is where I come in, to help them learn how to do it. Though, at their age, without daily practice, a week later they will have forgotten how to do it because they do not practice what I preach to them.

I think I have found my niche market for my technology skills: people over 60. Since it isn't right to charge them $80/hour, I'll take $20 a lesson, which can last from an hour to two hours.

There is no way I'd stay any longer. My reasoning is, it is impolite to stay at anyone's place for more than two hours unless they expressly have invited you for dinner too.

I sure like this new part-time job that I lucked into by helping my client Paul with his smartphone while at an LDS baptism last week.

The Kingdom of God is the Pure Land

It is by touching suffering that one learns to understand and to be compassionate. If in the Kingdom of God there is no suffering, there will be no understanding and compassion either, and without that you cannot call it the Kingdom of God or the Pure Land of Buddhism. This is something very clear, very simple. So my definition of the Pure Land of the Buddha, the kingdom of God, is the place where there are plenty of opportunities for you to learn to be understanding and to be compassionate When you have a lot of understanding and compassion, you are no longer afraid of suffering. — Thich Nhat Hanh, Pure Land, The Pocket Thich Nhat Hanh

Suffering thus is essential to understanding birth and death, being and nonbeing. Indeed, the nondual reality consists of suffering and not-suffering, be it among Children of Light or lost Sheep or even Buddhists. Even Hasidim who are moderates know this truth called nondual reality, as do moderate Sufi.

When we chose neither left nor right, we get close to the nonduality of politics. YMMV

What I am saying is that the path of moderation is the nondual path. it is not a complicated bunch of mumbo-jumbo that New Age gurus sell at fair market value. Rather, the path of nonduality is free to anyone with half a brain.

Even the birds and the bees know of nonduality. For in a world of survival of the fittest, the strong may prey on the weak but the weak often escape their destiny if the strong fail to act, be it error or fate.

Sometimes this only proves that the universe is nondual in nature. Thus in the Kingdom of God, there is still suffering.

Without suffering there cannot be understanding and compassion. Without God to smite Sodom and Gomorrah, there can be no Israel. Without Israel there can be no Babylonian captivity. Without captivity there can be no freedom. Without freedom, the imprisoned suffer.

This is why I know that the Kingdom of God is the Pure Land, even the three kingdoms of glory of the Latter Day Saints. Indeed, the New Heaven and the New Earth is the Pure Land.

This One's for the Atheists (satire)

It is because they fear nonbeing that certain people will try your patience when you mention God or even the Buddha. They who fear thusly deliberately remain ignorant. You cannot get any agreement from them because of that fear of death.

Yet I do not fear death because of having meditated on birth and death, being and nonbeing. Perhaps it is my faith in an imaginary friend that gives me hope beyond belief until fearlessness is my comfort and strength.

Those people who do not understand how belief and faith work are ignorant of both faith and belief. In their ignorance, their fears are revealed.

This state of being that their minds reside in is called doubt and is associated with faithlessness. I as one of the faithful shall not get an answer, were I to ask "what do you believe in and do you have faith in it?"

Gravity causes a stone to fall to the earth, but it is a man who throws it. "Let he who dares to cast the first stone be free of sin."

In writing this post, I cast no stone. It is a testimony of faith. Deal with it.

He Who Lives For Jihad Dies For Jihad (satire)

"These are the limits set by God. Whoever obeys God and His Messenger, He will admit him to gardens beneath which rivers flow, remaining there forever. That is a great success.

Whoever disobeys God and His Messenger and crosses the limits set by Him, He shall admit him to the Fire, remaining there forever. For him there is a humiliating punishment." - Surah 4:13-14

Thus the jihadis are losers due to crossing the limits set by God Almighty. They shall not enter Paradise, where there is no fornication.

Instead, he who has killed does not bring glory to God but sins against God.
His destination will be the Outer Darkness to that he alone has made a path.

Indeed, by choosing hatred for unbelievers, the jihadis has sealed his fate. Though he may claim to be for the Muslim community, his actions make him unclean and puts a stain on his reputation.

No one truly does the work of God when he kills in His Name. For jihadis truly are the henchmen of Iblis. In their quest for glory, they have lost the respect of the Muslim community.

What good is shariah when they who sin are condemned to death? What good is a god who is bloodthirsty? Whose God is this that brings adversity to women?

I as a Buddhist hate not the jihadi. Nor do I as a Christian wish a Crusade again terrorism. For "terrorism" is another word for "freedom fighter."

Yet there is no freedom under shariah if you are not a man. This is why the jihadis are unclean. For freedom is the condition of bring free from the negativities of action and behavior, and jihadis by their nature are negative.

Thus they are not of God Almighty but of Iblis. Who wears black but Shaitan's own? What jihadi is for Him when it is a man he serves and is happy to die for?

Any person who believes glory is on the battlefield is lost. For true believers will save other people, regardless of faith. The jihadis will kill unbelievers in the name of God. Thus they show no mercy, for only they are believers.

What vile creatures they are! God Almighty condemns them. They have lost the only battle worth fighting when they chose to kill. No honor comes to he who murders so willingly.

Only in the case of jihadis do I urge the free world to destroy. For inaction will lead to a global terrorist network that will strike at the heart of the Western world, be it Birmingham, Berlin, Chechen, Nigeria, Burma, Malaysia, Tokyo, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston, Miami, New York, Montreal, Ottawa or Vancouver.

Godspeed to the troops of NATO. Remember that this is the New Crusade to the believers. It is holy war, not a war of attrition, for they are fighting for jihad.

Why else would the Pope seek out Muslim leaders?

"He who leads into captivity shall go into captivity; he who kills with the sword shall be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints." - Revelations 13:10


Regret (poem)

Guilt consists of painful angst
That keeps you awake
All night until sleep arrives
Like a thief at night —
Suddenly you awaken...


My Ideal Woman (satire)

Here is the closest image of what my ideal woman looks like. I apologize that only how she looks from behind is available, but it is doubtful that this woman would find my idealizing of her to be appropriate.

It might even be rude to have taken this photograph without her consent.

However, with her anonymity almost guaranteed, no one can closely identify her. Indeed, this is why I went to the back of the line of that long queue for the #49 Metrotown bus the other day.

It is obvious then that I like my women thick, for this lady is about 5'8 or taller, and weighs over 140 pounds. She isn't Caucasian, yet I feel comfortable with a woman who isn't Asian.

Even so, my taste in women is based on mutual attraction in an era where most women are much more picky than they were 40 years ago.

That is why I decided to convert to the Church of Jesus Christ: even though I may veer towards liberalism, I am at heart a conservative fool when it comes to love. That is why I emailed my ex-girlfriend. The change from liberalism to moderate conservatism is better on the long run.

And yet, I would rather idealize the ideal woman than pursue anyone, mainly because I fall into one of two categories: "not her type" and "the friend list."

Even that best friend on Vancouver Island, in Victoria has categorized me as "not her type" and most definitely I am on her "friend list". As for myself, I have recently spoken to her, and determined that - like me - she is single.

When I think about her I remember a moment more than two years ago when she hugged me really tight. She could do that because she knows I will not push things.

For my intentions must always remain pure with a best friend. Besides, the sexual fantasy of "what might be" is adultery of the heart.

Yet unrequited love is splendid in inspiring me to be benevolent in my intent and even generous in loving-kindness. For sex would surely ruin a good friendship that has endured for so long.

Although we are comfortable talking about our sexual experiences, the very thought of hooking up would only complicate our friendship. It is this friendship that endures all the trials and tribulations of my love life.

Despite knowing this to be true, I still wish to declare my undying love for her to this dear friend. As long as I tell her that there is no expectation of something more, it still is worth telling her how much I truly care for her.

Although the woman in the picture is my ideal woman, I still carry a torch for my best female friend (BFF).

Still it has to remain unrequited, because she has made it clear that I am not her type, and I am fine with that.

I am not Antisemitic (satire)

Today America is not strong and free. Rather the rich are strong and free, and the middle class is preyed upon by them until all that shall be left are the rich and the poor, like it was prior to Industrialization.

This is due to and is also the reason for free market capitalism. The trickle down theory is wrong; money actually is sucked up to the rich from the middle class, rendering them poor and eventually homeless.

All that will be left will be successful sociopaths such as the executives of Wall Street and the unsuccessful sociopaths including criminal sociopaths.

Only one thing will make what I write null and void: being sincere about the truth as has been. Indeed, the previous three paragraphs are what I hold to be truth, even though to the casual observer, it may be construed as opinion.

Here are more naked truths: the Ashkenasim have married into the returned Sephardim, who escaped the converso pogrom during the Inquisition. With America's help they return to Israeli to practice the same kind of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinians that the American government committed against the First Nations people by putting them into Indian reservations. The end result will be an Israeli government that puts their mythology over common sense and decency.

Even the recent conflict between Hamas and Israeli government is due to America's hidden agenda. However, this agenda is so easy to uncover: support Israel while continuing to oppress Palestinians worldwide.

Israeli government has even manufactured the propaganda that Palestinians never were from Palestine. The truth is, most Jews in Israel never came from the Holy Land. The majority of them were originally Central Asians who were paid to protect Jews migrating into eastern Europe.

When the Muslims were prepared to invade their territory in Central Asia, rather than siding with Rome as Christians or submitting to the Muslims and accepting Islam, they chose the higher ground of embracing Judaism.

Yet the ADL rejects the Ashkenasim story as false, and claims they were a lost tribe. This historiography is manufactured, as is the current illegal misappropriation of Palestinian land by the Jewish right wing radicals.

IN my opinion, the only open-minded Jewish leader of Israel was Yitzak Rabin. All other Jewish leaders were conservative and to the right of the citizens of Israel. Indeed, the socialist Israelis are outnumbered by the conservative Israelis, thanks to their radicalization in America.

I deny that anything I have written is anti-semitic. It is merely a description of history and politics.


Kyrie Eleison: To serve is the meaning of Priesthood (satire)

After two interviews with my bishop, I now have the choice of picking an elder to ordain me as Priest next Sunday. As of that date I am 23 days a baptized Mormon.

Is it not too early to serve the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint? No, for it is not I who hears God calling me but the bishop who knows that I shall be an usher because, despite lost sleep from the night before, I am trusted due to the mercy, not of him, but of God himself.

Yes, but it is because I answered the questions correctly, but not according to my libertarian views. For libertarian means "a person who shall live for the day, choosing to act conservative when it suits him with regard to private worship while actually holding onto liberal values like a life raft in his secular role in society."

I believe the pejorative term to describe me is "hypocrite" which means "a person who applies the least amount of critical thought to all things in his practice of his faith; he who acts pious on Sunday but is the least pious when it is not the Lord's day; a person who act religious in front of pious people."

Recently I have talked to an apostate who is First Nations, and argued with him about the chastity vow. He claims that most religious people break their vows regularly by claiming that overall, most Christians masturbate (99% men, 90% women). My counterargument is that 75% of Mormons masturbate, overall (80% men and 62% women). I decided not to add that by the time they get baptized (between their 10th to 12th year), the rate might be higher but becomes lower.

A lot of Mormons can save their grief if they have fallen due to masturbation. This is not an act that will lead to Spirit Prison. However, this sin is what the Melchizedek priesthood uses to psychologically blackmail members of the church, and sometimes the lower Aaronic priesthood. It is also what confessing to such a thing may lead to NOT being a Good Member In Standing - pun intended.

Since most masturbation is done in the privacy of the home, it is between you and God, not anyone in the Priesthoods to use to control your behavior and to use in an excommunication due to fapping instead of praying to the Lord. Prayer is the recommended method of substitution, i.e. praying rather than fapping.

It is unimportant to the higher priests to even mention masturbation to them, because it tempts them to commit the higher sin of Lording it over you. Remember the Bible story about the rich man praying to God and the poor may praying also. That is the sin that anyone who controls other people, regardless of whether it is religion or politics, commits and it is less pardonable than breaking the vow of chastity.

For when a rich man is humble, he is no different from a poor man who humbles himself by praying, "Lord, have mercy on me a sinner."

Indeed, a priest ought to make the Sinner's prayer his motto.


Melchizedek - Latter-Day Saint beliefs:
The Melchizedek priesthood is the higher priesthood; and the Aaronic is the lower.


Outer Darkness and Inner Light

Here are my thoughts on Outer Darkness, which might seem heretical to the orthodox Mormons, who believe it to be a place rather than also a state of mind. The Inner Light of the soul that God created is incorruptible, even when a human being is cast into Outer Darkness by his apostasy through acts of rebellion (sins).

Outer Darkness consists of the behavioral and mental negativity such as hate-love, happiness-indifference, sadness-indifference, anger-kindness, jealousy-equanimity, lying-sincerity, miserly-generosity, lust-chastity, and other dualities.

God is the author of good-and-evil, which is not a duality but complementary opposites, for indifference is the true evil. Thus all things are neutral in essence until MAN judges some of them good and their true opposites evil.

This is why acting amorally is evil and acting morally is good.

However, neither acting good or evil but indifferently is a greater sin than picking either good or evil. Choosing devil over God is only a sin when you worship the devil and forget Jesus is lord of us all, but acting devilishly in ignorance is forgiven when you repent of it.

In the final analysis though, Outer Darkness is like wearing black: when you shed the darkness through prayers of earnest repentance, your Inner Light shines.

Prophet is Just Another Word for Crazy (satire)

If Joseph Smith Jr saw God and Jesus, then there is good chance he was autistic.

Kids who are minimally autistic, especially some Asperger's do not mention the imaginary friend they had since they could remember. They learn fast not to insist their imaginary friend is still with them when they turn 13 because teenagers often bully anyone who still has an imaginary friend, especially Christians.

Yet this is proof that anyone who sees God and Jesus might be schizophrenic or possibly autistic. It does not prove the founder of the Mormon Church is crazy. It only proves that he had undiagnosed schizophrenia and some autism which he self medicated with alcohol like all crazy people from olden days.

Without drink or medication, if you see God and Jesus, then you never going to be free of psychosis.

However, Mormons do not call him crazy. They call him Prophet.


Hello Insomnia My Old Friend (satire)

Hello Insomnia, my old friend. It's nice from beginning to end, to go shopping until I run short of money again and again. Afterward, I count all my purchases up only to find myself with less than fifty bucks in my bank account.

For I have survived insomnia over Wednesday into Thursday after Monday-Tuesday.

Earlier today I remember getting on the bus and traveling by Skytrain to Vancouver, snapping picture discretely.

After depositing my cheque in my account, I headed into downtown Vancouver finally to find myself talking to a lot of cellphone providers' sales staffs' ears off about my Nexus 4. It's stuck in reboot hell where it still works but likes to reboot when I am about to send a post to GooglePlus, or it will reboot after I take too many pictures with the camera app. Additionally, the wireless module in the phone is not properly heat sinked so that using wireless while charging it overheats it, be it by wall charger or wireless charger.

By late afternoon, I was tempted to smoke and had one cigarette. The nicotine buzz only last 10 minutes. Later, I gave away my $1 lighter to a homeless man after handing him a tooney. It felt great, him thanking me.

On reflection, it was due to having my impulse buying frustrated by realizing that I couldn't buy a Sony sports video camera for $99. No biggie now, but out of frustration, I convinced myself that having just one cigarette was safe.

Tomorrow, when I have had a long sleep, that craving will be gone once again. If I was truly addicted, then I would have obsessed about that cigarette for hours before.

Since I have to work Saturday there is NO way I am going to lose sleep Friday night. This is no good, for if I keep this up, I could end up without a job and that is not good. The good news is, I have padded all my bills to cover for these five days of insomnia.

So it is back to a regular sleep schedule once again, which is only achievable by calling it a night by 12 AM.


America Viewed as a Nation of Sociopaths (satire)

Note: the term sociopath is a description not a diagnosis.

Slavery was popular because America was more sociopathic in the past, and thus unwilling to let black sociopaths succeed as equals. They denied slaves their rights because white sociopaths invented the lie that black people are inferior due to the color of their skin.

This lie is refuted by the works of successful sociopaths who are black, including several kings in Africa and Madagascar.

Yet blacks are not truly equal to other blacks and white peoples because the white and black unsuccessful sociopaths like preying on the narcissistic and empathic blacks, and compete horribly with the successful blacks. Of course, they also prey on whites, too.

Name calling successful blacks as Uncle Tom is a strategy unsuccessful black sociopaths to foment internecine warfare with successful blacks.

Another strategy is fornicating with black female sociopaths, narcissists and empath, but not marrying them and taking off when they beget children. This leads to a whole whack of dysfunction in the black community.

All of the problems in America today are because lying is a normal part of becoming a successful sociopath to amass wealth in America today.

Indeed, the sick soul of America is revealed through the lives of a bunch of sociopaths, both unsuccessful (criminals) and successful (corporate executives), while the middle class is being killed in the crossfire.

Here is evidence of that sick soul of America - in the comments section of this news story about the tragic drowning of the daughter of a Christian minister.

When a second child of a Christian minister dies, the wolves resort to racist name-calling and obscene jokes to troll for reactions.

They do so because Christians would have confirmation about the devilish nature of lost sheep who have mutated into cruel cowards. They go beyond merely laughing quietly with glee to anonymously expressing it in a perverse manner as they pretend to be the devil's advocate.

Yet they grow quiet when outnumbered by the well wishers.

Thus is proved my contention that the sick soul of America is revealed every time tragedy or even success is reported. These armchair sociopaths certainly are "scum."

It is no wonder most survivors of tragedy withhold statements to the press, with the mainstream media enabling such ingrates.

FWIW, for one of these perverts vilely expressing their schadenfreude insincerely, there are two angels who rush in to honor the dead and stand up for these survivors while offering sincere condolences.

Rest in peace, Rebecca Long and Alex Long. Condolences to their parents, Gerard and Jeannie Long, and brother Ben.

Originally written on Sep 8, 2014 at 1:59 PM

Father of Lake Forest drowning victim: We are broken -

Drugs are Bad (satire)

I remember this mvie about the two girls in Indianopolis in the 1950s who wer abused by a single mother with four kids (2 girls, 2 boys). She took in these girls because the parents were carnies and the carnie life is not for kids.
One girl was lame.

The other girl, the oldest, was physically abused until she died of a severe beating. The younger one was abused but not as much.

This happened because the mother belied her own kids, even when the oldest daughter lied about her having sex, which started it all.

Ultimately the mom went to prison for manslaughter and was let out after 10 years for good behavior. She blamed the barbituates.

It killed Marilyn Monroe. Other celebrities did weird stuff while high on barbituates. Then they banned the sale of it. Nobody did stupid stuff like this since then, except until tranquilizers started causing problems.

As did Ambien.

MMMmmmmm pharmaceutical are bad. Illegal drugs, no so bad, except for crystal meth and crack.

We should ban drugs for mental problems.

However, people would panic because they think drugs "cure" mental illness. Actually Abilify causes schizophrenia in people misdiagnosed with the disease.

I bet antidepressant cause anxiety or what looks like anxiety but is akathasia. Doctors who mistake akathasia for anxiety up the dose, causing suicide bids. Some people died cos of that mistake.

Therefore antidepressant are dangerous when used as directed.

Drugs are bad, especially the ones you get by prescription.

Illegal ones aren't because only stupid people use drugs, stupid people like Steve Jobs. :)I remember this mvie about the two girls in Indianopolis in the 1950s who wer abused by a single mother with four kids (2 girls, 2 boys). She took in these girls because the parents were carnies and the carnie life is not for kids.
One girl was lame.

The other girl, the oldest, was physically abused until she died of a severe beating. The younger one was abused but not as much.

This happened because the mother belied her own kids, even when the oldest daughter lied about her having sex, which started it all.

Ultimately the mom went to prison for manslaughter and was let out after 10 years for good behavior. She blamed the barbituates.

It killed Marilyn Monroe. Other celebrities did weird stuff while high on barbituates. Then they banned the sale of it. Nobody did stupid stuff like this since then, except until tranquilizers started causing problems.

As did Ambien.

MMMmmmmm pharmaceutical are bad. Illegal drugs, no so bad, except for crystal meth and crack.

We should ban drugs for mental problems.

However, people would panic because they think drugs "cure" mental illness. Actually Abilify causes schizophrenia in people misdiagnosed with the disease.

I bet antidepressant cause anxiety or what looks like anxiety but is akathasia. Doctors who mistake akathasia for anxiety up the dose, causing suicide bids. Some people died cos of that mistake.

Therefore antidepressant are dangerous when used as directed.

Drugs are bad, especially the ones you get by prescription.

Illegal ones aren't because only stupid people use drugs, stupid people like Steve Jobs. :)


Let the People Roar: The Truth About the Middle East (satire)

All an enemy is is either a friend I have forsaken, a foe I conflict with, and a person who is human and just as prone to error as I am.

God is a good example for forgiveness and mercy and through his Son, love.

Sadly, the Muslim obsession with God Almighty and an Ayatollah, an imam or even a mullah think of himself God's mouthpiece are no difference from a monkey grabbing raisin by the handful from inside a jar and suddenly finding himself caught.

If they consider themselves free, they are sorely mistaken.

The same goes for all clergy of all faiths, and even simple folk such as us.

I have no quarrel with clergy. They are fallible, even the Pope. It is the dishonest ones who claim otherwise, even the late bin Laden.

Not even President Obama is honest and sincere about what the US government is actually doing in the Middle East but the Syrian US ambassador showed his colors in 2011. All America does in the Middle East is stir up trouble whilst forcing Muslims to a democracy that causes anarchy there and around the world.

for the US government is like the devil's advocate. It let the Libyan ambassador die to protect its assets embedded in al Qaeda, al-Nusra Front and even ISIS. It will continue to be satanic in its actions, much as Iran believes.

Yet mainstream media shall propagandize what the public wants to hear, because no one in the West and in the Middle East is able to handle the truth. So let us be truth tellers, and shout it from the rooftops even when nobody wants to hear "another conspiracy theory".

GW Bush profited from those wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East, as did Cheney; and so too shall Obama.

Let the People roar, the State be damned.

Stop Bullying Wherever It Occurs

Disclaimer: this is not another anti-gay rant. This is an anti-bullying rant.

Remember that boy who hung himself cos he misunderstood when his classmates called him GAY when they actually meant he was LAME for wearing a My Little Pony knapsack to school?

Well, his suicide confirmed it.

Killing yourself for being called name? That's -GAY- LAME.


It is often bullying to call people names repeatedly until they cry or get angry.

Nobody believes in the rhyme that "sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me", not when everyone is afraid to stop such ad hominem attacks that are fallacies, and possibly evidence of potential sociopathic behavior among the bullies because when you say a lie repeatedly, it begins to ring true.

And life is indeed full of white lies, to hide the true that will set you free.

Be lewd, Not Nude, On the net (satire)

Children these days still run away from home with their BFF, but they beat them up and shave them bald, to psych out their competition so they can desperately get attention from boys until they get pregnant. That is called, "having a life."

That's why Tallulah Bankhead was lewd and a bisexual sex monster in the 1930s, because that is how "bad" girls did it in great-Grandmama's day. The coke just cut the edge off.

Today, the lewd teens know about illegal drugs, drinking, oral sex, condoms, sextoys, flashing titties onlie, younow, Amanda Todd, and how to love themselves so they don't "steal" their BFF's BF, get beat up in front of their peers, drink bleach, etc. just cos they lost the love of their parents due to be lewd.

At least they weren,t as nude as Amanda got.

Even so, parents should stop judging their kids for being lewd and then deprive their children of love until they get addicted to the internet to get the attention they so desperately want from their MOMs and DADs until they flash their titties while getting nude and worse, like glowstick love. >:)

Otherwise they are going continue to commit suicide, just because parents cut them off from their love and attention, just for having a sex life. And governments are going to police the net until everyone is accused of being a pedobear, a stalker, and other thoughtcrime.

Just for not being aware that lewdness is a violation of internet etiquette and nudity means their well meaning friends exercise their bullying for the good of all.

Well, I accuse all of Amanda Todd's friends of creating the lewd monster she became. At least she was notorious. Y'all are just a bunch of successful sociopaths in training, but she failed to be one, thanks to your reverse psychology.

Now forget what I ranted about, and shut off your computer. You need to have a life because "there is no life on the net."

Karma is a bitch, but it cannot return Amanda. By hiding the truth from the world and letting the propaganda machine called Carol Todd carry on, you ex-friends of "dat bitch" Amanda 'glowsticks' Todd, you all shall lead interesting lives.

Even you RCMP, especially with your "we can't do anything for you until you get Amanda off the Internet for seven weeks" but nobody even addressing her Internet addiction thanks to lack of motherly love.

Let the expert propagandist Carol Todd talk, while you all try to restrict the Internet "to stop internet bullying" when the truth will set you free.

Now forget I wrote this and shut off your computer. Get out and have a life, because like me, if you read up to this point, you are a computer addict and say the first step clearly: Hello, my name is -Stephen- and I am an Internet Addict, my life is unmanageable and I am powerless over it.

Nobody has the right to be on the Internet for days. In due time it will cause mental illness, marital discord, divorce, and loneliness.

However, addicts will continue to abuse others on the Net until they have lost their access, their homes, and sometimes, their lives. Few people seek help. So I have provided it again and again even though it hurts every time.

Life has gotten interesting for all parties indeed.

Corporal Tilman's Death Exposes the Successful Sociopaths of US Armed Forcesl (satire)

The story of Tilman's death is why a platoon should never split up when a vehicle breaks down, but should stick together within eyesight to ensure everyone knows who is friendly.

Whoever commanded this bad move to split up was effectively the cause of Tilman's death, not the guy who shot him.

"Tillman’s platoon leader first lieutenant David Uthlaut and his radio telephone operator (RTO), 19-year old Jade Lane, were wounded in the incident." -- this is why Tilman's group were not ID'd as friendly. Jade Lane was wounded, and no other trooper in Serial 2 could communicate with Serial 1 (Tilman's group). I bet Uthlaut also forgot to tell Serial 1 not to get out of eyesight. The 1 klick distance implies Serial 1 did not see that Serial 2 needed cover.

As well, Serial 1 was on foot because if they travels by Humvee, it would draw enemy fire. This implies the HVs were not battle hardened with armor.

This man covered up Tilman's death by friendly fire: Brigadier General Gary M. Jones.

By his order, the US military lied to his surviving family is proof that the US military engages in sociopathic behavior in order to draft innocent citizens to become cannon fodder in the Middle East and Afghanistan and anywhere else there is conflict.

This is why "there is no life like it in the Army", because of the patriarchal command structure, which condones rape culture as well.

This is because of GW Bush and Cheney who are the successful sociopaths who lied to the American people about WMD in Iraq and about the real reason for invading Afghanistan. It was not to get bin Laden but to eliminate Taliban threat to US Big Business who stood to profit once the US installed Karzai.

Thankfully Karzai is no friend of the US government.


Pat Tilman:

Canada Park In Israel Violates UN Treaty With Jordan (satire)

Disclaimer: every word in this article that appears to be anti-Semitic is in fact descriptive and not racist. Any objection to this article by ADL and parties representing them is thus a violation of free speech.

By expropriating Palestinian land to make this park, Canadian Jews have raised the ire of the Palestinians who were forcefully expelled in 1947. In 2007, the Israeli government denied the request for the Arabs who used to own homes there to return to their home and rebuild them.

By doing so, Canada will soon be a target of Palestinian jihadis in the future, who are descendants of the original Arab families from whom the Israeli government illegally stolen land from them for "security reasons."

IMO the reason why Israel stole this land is because of the historical significance even though a few Israeli Jews are genetic descendants of the ancient Hebrews.

For six million of them were killed in genocide by 1946, and the current Jews that dominate Israeli politics are Ashkenazim who are not descendants.

Yes, I am suggesting that ancient Hebrews are not the ancestors of Ashkenazim, but are ancestors of the Samaritans and the Jews who never left the Levant after returning from Babylonian captivity.

It is those Jews who are no longer represented by the Israeli government due to internecine conflict between the original Jews and the American and European Jews whose ancestors originated in Central Asia. This includes the American Hasidim who emigrated there to illegal occupy the West bank in violation of the UN treaty with Jordan.

It is no wonder that the Hamas want to push all Jews to the Mediterranean Sea.

Let us hope the IS does not invade Canada because of this outrage against the Palestinian Arabs who still own that land.



Feminists are Sexist Too (satire)

Women are so picky about their mates.

Firstly, despite protest contrary, their ideal man must be financial stable, i.e. they must be the breadwinner.

Yet women have been emancipated. Sometimes they make more than men do.

Why is it that women demand a financial stable man, but a man usually marries a woman with no visible means of income, save what her parents might give to her as a wedding presents, or nothing if they foot the bill for the wedding?

A feminist would call the man a misogynist, yet most feminists who are heterosexual demand that the man to be an employee with a good job (doctors, lawyers, or CEO of a company that is green). She would be working, too.

I believe it is sexist for a woman to demand such a thing of a man. It is sexist because few feminists complain about men with jobs marrying women who have no job, save to be homemaker. If they actually were complaining, then why are they not protesting in your neighborhood.

If women want to wear the pants in their future family, then I see no reason why a man must have a job to meet the requirements of a women for her to marry, especially if she is employed at a good job.

He is not a burden to her, just as a woman without a job marrying an employed man is not a burden to him.

Therefore the fallacy that a man must be a breadwinner in order to marry a woman regardless of her employment status is clearly evident.

As well, that a man must be a breadwinner is also an artificial requirement by women which is inherently sexist and misanthropic.

Feminists, cut out the double standard. You are equal in sexism.

Do you know what Your Girls Are Doing On-line? (satire)

Parents: You'd be shocked if you only knew what your girls were doing on-line.

It's not a phase they are doing through. Some of your girls are flashing guys on Kik. They are also allowed to tease the boys on Younow while banning guys for objecting to it.

I could go on, but it was exposed by Amanda Todd. And the real reason why she hung herself was because her mother cut her off from unconditional love.

Of course, if you can't handle the truth, then go ahead and believe the propaganda that it was all because of some non-existent on-line stalker.

Why do police consistent wait until a crime happens before they do anything about it? This reactive form of policing is vexing.

They told Amanda Todd's mother to keep Amanda off the Internet because of her exhibitionist response to being deprived by her mother of the loving and caring attention that would have reduced her on-line activity.

Now we have the media circus where the lie that Amanda was stalked on-line until she was bullied by her classmates, all of whom resorted to bullying to get her to tow the line.

That line is best summed up as "stop showing off your body to the Internet".

However, the mainstream media sticks to the stalker propaganda instead of telling the truth and thus are complicit in the propaganda.

This is because society cannot handle the truth: your girls have the potential to become flashers on-line if you deprive them of love and nurturing.

So, parents, do you know what your girls are doing on-line?

Is It hypocritical to Hate Haters? (satire)

Let me cut out the BS and declare that I hate hate-mongers who dislike other people who think are beneath them.

This includes misogynists who hate women and even go out of their way to abuse women, racists who hate people who are either darker than them if they are white or lighter than them if they are black, and both white and black people if they are brown, gay-bashers who not only hate but also physically abuse the GLBT people who now have the right to be treated with respect, nationalists who believe and act on their belief that immigrants should move back to their respective homeland, pro-life activists especially Army of God terrorists who believe abortion is a sin but don't believe in contraceptives, and violent social activists who use fascist methods of power and control which include beating up a guy whose only crime is documenting their follies with his video camera.

I feel that the hate-mongers are being hypocritical when they defend their hate-filled propaganda either by hiding behind God or worse, claiming freedom of expression and waving the free speech flag.

Our human rights and freedoms are sacrosanct which means hate propaganda is not protected by free speech laws when it crosses the line and may incite people to oppress people who they feel they are superior to, just to incitement to oppress a targeted group.

Nobody has the right to oppress GLBT members, visible minorities and women, let alone children. I am sorry but the UN declaration of human rights does not protect hate crime.

How Home-Grown Islamist Jihadis Would Use GooglePlus as a Forum to Plot Against Their Enemies (satire)

First of all they would use Arabic

Next they would use code words, so as to not arouse suspicion.

They would create a community that other jihadis would request permission to enter. This keeps out spies.

Googleplus Staff would not be able to monitor them unless they have a team that knows and can read Arabic to monitor all communities that use Arabic.

It would be harder to monitor home-grown jihadis using all the languages of the Western would because of the code word phrases used. The only way to flush them out would be to have anti-terrorist team at Googleplus whose job is to be trolls to incite jihadis by being vehemently anti-terrorist.

The anti-terrorists would start by posting the successes of the Iraqi government in beating back the IS jihadis. They would also be vehemently anti-jihadi.

It is the imperative for Googleplus to have anti-jihadis to troll suspected communities to flush out home-grown terrorists who will use fake names to disguise themselves.

Of course, no jihadi would be that stupid to use a real name since most if not all Arabic communities of Googleplus are already monitored.

Or are they?


Acceptance (satire)

Sometimes society practices a covert form of sociopathy by shaming successful people, merely for being sociopaths, narcissists and empaths.

I find the vitriolic name-calling of such people to be objectionable. All it shows to me is a cold-heartedness inspired by fear that is totally unacknowledged and often denied, only to be projected onto other people who do not meet society's sometimes narrow definition of compassion and understanding.

Ultimately, society becomes monstrous when ill-will towards others people results in unwarranted hatred towards sociopaths, narcissists and empaths.

For we are all a part of society, whether we identify with "being normal", whatever that means, or being a sociopath, narcissist or empath. Society's tendency to project its own monstrous cold-heartedness onto people considered "not normal" results in such people as being monsters.

I affirm they are no such thing, and society is better off with successful sociopaths in business, successful narcissists in show business, and successful empaths in all endeavors, for which they all are a match.

This is not the time to be drawing a line between "them" and "us", but to work for the enlightened times of today where nobody is special and everyone is in it for the long haul towards progress for the Earth.

Instead of hate, let there be love for all people regardless of the labels that might divide us. For acceptance of our fellow sentient beings leads to a stronger society, for the good of us all.

Originally posted on July 13, 2014 at 8:55 PM PDT

Be Nonjudgmental of Lost Sheep

Be nonjudgmental of the lost sheep whose behavior would damn them by their wicked deeds.

Furthermore, do not label them "damned" or call them "wicked." Only the truly apostate are only destined to stand before the Fire. Therefore while they live, there is still hope for reconciliation.

For we who are children of the light are only projecting our fear of their destiny, if they do not repent of their wickedness, by judging them thusly.

Yet it is up to the children of the light to bring light into the darkness of the lost. Thus, treat kindly and firmly the lost sheep, and patiently guide them back to the Lord.


The High School Crush (satire)

She wasn't my girlfriend. In fact, she turned me down completely. Yet I had this crush on her that began in Grade 11 and ended after graduating high school.

It has been almost 40 years since then. Since then I have not felt the same feelings felt when a cute, curly haired young woman led me to have a crush on her almost four decades ago.

Rachel Edwards (not her name) was a cheerful, bubbly 16 year old, who ended up going to Aldergrove High School in 1975 due to a slight change in catchments. The following year, the boundaries changed once again, and we ended up graduating at different schools, with me at Aldergrove and her, Langley Secondary School.

An expert at playing the flute, Rachel was talented. She also was anti-capital punishment. At one point in her artistic career, she painted a mural on the side of the Aldergrove Park swimming pool building.

If I were to name the only thing positive that came out of this one-sided relationship, then it would be that I learned that my view on love is often limited and not as rich as anyone else's. Perhaps this is due to an early mild traumatic brain injury at age 2.

It is difficult to tell what has caused me to be so unlucky at love. Most likely, I fear commitment, so much of my later sex life consisted of short liaisons with willing women and a lot of premarital sex.

Even the apparently committed relationships were relatively short-lived trysts, some of them romantic but most of them lasting less than a year.

Today I am coming on to my 56th year, and wonder what happened to Rachel. Did she get married? Or, was her sex life as short-lived as mine? Perhaps her life was richer than mine in experience but the job was tiresome, being nursing.

I will never know, because Rachel's number remains unlisted. I am sure that I never loved her, and that much of that relationship was as close to becoming like a obsessive romantic as anyone might get.

Though, my recent change in religious denomination is a stark contrast to my life before Mormon, from late teens as hopeless romantic to confirmed bachelor.

Even so, I am grateful to you, Rachel Edwards, because you agreed to exchange letters with me. I am sorry for sending your letters back without stamps. Thanks for putting up with me.

By the way, I truly miss you.


A Chink in Your Armor (satire)

I grew up in a small town called Aldergrove.

In that town in the late 1960s, everyone knew your business, except my family was Japanese. Within earshot, the racists who resented us would mutter, "Dirty Jap!"

Little did they know, few of the Japanese Canadian were disloyal to Canada, which shows you how little they knew us!

Once in high school, one of the more ignorant white kids might mistake me for Chinese, and call me "Chink". This amused me so much that I quickly retorted, "That is because I am a chink in your armor!"

Indeed, the Asian immigrants of Canada fit in the chinks in the multicultural chain mail coat of the white majority, though sometimes a racist incident may shake off the flakes of Canadian society.

Thankfully, my memories of high school are rather selective, for there are stories that lay buried in my subconscious to inspire a few of my articles on this blog.

Though I may tell these small-town stories in metaphorically symbolic terms using mytho-poetic language while shielding the guilty from embarrassment to protect the innocent from harm.

Oh, there shall be no naming of names, but in order for me to come to terms with the demons of my past, this marks the beginning of that journey through a small-town world that I thought I had forgotten.

Having a chink in your armor means that if the lance of Truth meets its mark, the ignorance about Japanese Canadians will fall away.

For I am but a Canadian born Japanese who may have some truth telling to give life to future stories on his blog.