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Debt Collectors Charge Interest (satire)

Recently I talked with my new debt collection agent "Greg", and discovered the following:

He alleges that Rogers Mobility, is charging a daily interest that works out to 25% per year, thanks to compound interest. Actually, the collection agent that Rogers has retained charges interest. To avoid conflict with the debtor, a debt collection agent will remind him that the company he owes money to is charging that interest.

Indeed, the collections agent is besmirching the reputation of Rogers Mobility. Though it is doubtful that what the debt collector says to me in confidence will actually harm the reputation of Rogers Mobility, given the satirical nature of this blog entry.

Rather than be confrontational, I have decided to play along with Greg since the aim of debt repayment is to continue paying the debt off at the rate which the debt collector and I agreed upon (originally $100 biweekly - every two weeks).

So, I see no harm in letting Greg tell me a fib. He is only concerned getting me ot pay off the debt, not cause me to feel enmity towards the corporation that he represents.

According to Greg, the remaining debt balance I had calculated is $650 is incorrect. Due to compound interest, it is actually $900. That works out to a difference of $250 - which accumulated from November 14 to April 16 (130 days).

That works out to almost $2 a day of interest which gets incrementally smaller every day due to my bi-weekly payments of $100.

So I calculated how long before I am debt-free. it works out to almost 5 months. Once I make my ninth payment circa August 14, I just have to pay off less than $50 and the account will be closed.

My decision then is to increase my bi-weekly payments to $150, which will reduce the debt faster. Rather than waiting up to 5 months, I would be debt free in 14 weeks (3.5 months), with less than $50 to pay on the 14th week.

Rather than give a lesson on the math used to calculate debt, I turned to the solution of an online debt calculator.

No, I didn't go to Credit Canada for help, nor is this a product endorsement of a company that negotiates an interest free debt management plan.

Here's the calculator itself:

After July of this year, I will have paid my debt to Rogers Mobility. It will another six years before my credit rating improves.

If you need to get your credit report, this URL is useful: They have links to Equifax and Transunion to get your annual credt report.

Note: all dollar amounts mentioned in this blog entry are rounded up from the actual amount of debt owed. To meet my debts, I have doubled my work hours and even taken extra work with my employer.


The Etymology of the Christ (self study)

This blog entry is limited to my understanding of the etymology of the term "Christ". I only take responsibility for that understanding.

In the Christian sects, "Jesus Christ" predominates as his Latin name. More correctly, Jesus is the Greek version of the Hebrew name, Yeshua. Thus, his first name could also be read as Joshua.

Christ means "the anointed one". The term "Christ" means "Messiah" and can be used interchangeably with respect to Revelation.

Returning to the name of the Lord, "Jesus Christ" is an abbreviation for "Jesus the Messiah." Another acceptable term for Jesus the Messiah is "the Christ Jesus."

To ensure that each Christian sect know that we all are talking about the same Jesus, he is called Jesus Christ.




Obama's Confession (satire)

Hi everyone. My name used to be Barry Soetoro. I changed my name to Barack Obama when I studied with Henry Kissinger and Zbignew Brezinski to learn how to be a puppet for big corporations and the ruling elite class that owns me which is controlled by the CIA.

Be sure to not look into my policies or you'll hate me. Cult of personality by living colour is my theme song.

I enjoy pushing for global depopulation through soft-kill weapons like vaccinations and GMO foods. When I'm not acting as a puppet for a nefarious and ruthless elite, I enjoy spinning the truth in public announcements and pretending to be a MLK cultist.

My plans for the future is to destabilize the Middle East by buying off al Qaeda via Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in Syria after facilitating the murder of Gaddafi and quietly bribing the Muslim Brotherhood after both the Libyan and Egyptian government fell during the Arab Spring.

Through our experience in both countries, we managed to depose Morsi in Egypt by not letting its military vette America's bribes given to the Egyptian MB, thanks to the satirical spin of an Egyptian comic who used to be a doctor.

We plan to keep Libya destabilized by bribing MB members of the new government and by ensuring extremists have free reign there to fill the power vacuum left by Gaddafi.

My future hope is to depose Assad in Syria and later punish Iran for thinking it has the right to be a nuclear power by negotiating a complex nuclear deal with the aid of Russia in exchange for lifting of sanctions.

My main job is advise the Middle Eastern nations on making strategic strikes against the Islamic State while it maintains its hold over northern Iraq and eastern Syria.

In the future I plan to pass the torch onto a worthy successor to the Democrat mantle who shall support the West's need for oil by putting the pressure on nations that won't share it with America.

For America is great, one nation under BigOil.

Originally posted: Nov 14, 2013 08:22 PM

When Good Men Failed To Act (satire)

IMO 911 happened is because nobody from the CIA to the FBI to the POTUS acted on information to stop it from happening.

Instead they let it happen, so that they could invade Afghanistan and Iraq, illegally detain terrorists at Gitmo and other highly questionable acts, all in the name of fighting terrorism.

Yet there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Thank you very much for the smoke and mirrors, Bush and Cheney.

Now, Obama is using drones to kill terrorists in Pakistan and Yemen, including US citizens because that is cheaper than capturing them and subjecting them to a trial.

Soon the world would become a sousveillance world where those in power will control who can use cameras and when they can be used.

As well, children are being surreptitiously "trained" to act before a camera on Younow so that they will either parlay it into a broadcasting career or failing that, a webcam career.

Our privacy rights are constantly threatened, and yet everyone who catches the bug wants to broadcast, giving up their right to privacy for fame and to make a quick buck.

All because good men in high place fail to act!

Now they plan to make up for it in Canada by proposing a law that has the potential to create a massive surveillance network in Canada.

Originally posted on May 23, 2014 1:26 AM PDT



Bill C-51 Would Create a Massive Surveillance Network Affecting All Canadians:

Monsanto Shall Be Blamed for Global Famine (satire)

In this article, I will write a future scenario which might come true as long as GMO corporations like Monsanto forces the world to use their Roundup-ready GMO seeds instead of the real stuff.

Such GMO seeds are known to cause allergies in humans which lead to obesity and other autoimmune diseases. However, if a person were allergic to GMO corn, wheat and soy, they could even die.

Let's just imagine how that would play out in the future...

By 2110 the world population are dying off due to severe allergic reaction caused by GMO plant and animal food in the global food supply. Only 20 years earlier the world's population had peaked at 10 billion people, due to the result of non-GMO food flooding the market from American warehouses where the elite had stored the food solely for their use. That happened after the anniversary of the 2011 Occupy Wall Street protests which had sprung similar movements around the world.

It turned out that Occupy Movement militants had raided the warehouse and handed out the food to starving homeless people, which by 2090 CE constitute over 25 percent of Americans. Such militants declare themselves to be the only voice of the People and by 2050 had radicalized into roving gangs of militants who would free the food for the starving homeless while chanting "Food not bombs!"

Said an unidentified Tea Party militant, "Since martial law was declared earlier this year, the USgov has protected these terrorists. Forget Obama. She can rot in hell!" President Obama is the daughter of former President Barack Obama and First Michelle Obama, who were killed along with Joe Biden and his wife by a North Korean drone attack in Tokyo in January 16, 2015, and in DC a day later, respectively.

It is said that the drone that killed Biden also killed everyone caught in the blast that destroyed the White House, except for Obama's two daughters, Malia Ann and Sasha Obama. This made them in line for succession, since all of the Presidential candidates were targeted by Iranian militants as well. Since Milia Ann is the eldest, on January 2, 2016 she was inaugurated as Acting President Obama, making her the youngest leader of any country in the world at age 17. On July 4, she turns 18. To help her with the role is an unknown Secret Service agent and other CIA personnel who, surprisingly, were not targeted.

According to Russian reports, Iran, China and the Gulf States had co-opted much of the CIA staff through brainwashing of a CIA black-ops group code-named The Beast who then became sleeper agents until a year before the assassination.

Once this became world news, American mainstream media was taken over the CIA, and the NSA completed its plans to turn the US into a police state. However, given the co-opting of the CIA by Iran, China and the Gulf States, that meant that Milia was a pawn of Iran, China and the Gulf States. So the people of America rose up, and President Obama became a President in Exile in Bahrain.

Left without a President, even though a child, the Americans fell into factions: Cascadia in the Pacific Northwest, California Republic, Texas Republic, Confederation of Southern US, and certain states just carried on business as usual. For the enemy had also blown up Congress with only a handful of Democrats surviving because they were holidaying in Hawaii.

Most of the Eastern Seaboard however formed the United States with the libertarian capitol in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and a Democrat capitol in Washington, DC.

As well, all US vacationers became refugees in Thailand, Burma and India while in China, they were executed as an example to USgov defaulting on their loan.

Meanwhile, freed of DC-based strings, Stephen Harper resigned as PM and the Reform portion of the Conservatives went to church to confess their sins. Occupy Canada militants killed them all accidentally by bulldozing the churches to protest Christian hypocrisy. Eager to fill in the gap, the NDP and Liberal fought with each other tooth and nail.

In the end, Elizabeth May became PM and legalized marijuana and prostitution. When the price of an ounce of pot plummeted, the Canadian gangs decided to become legitimate businessmen due to no money to be made selling drugs and hookers legally. That way they retained a business subsidy to sell medical marijuana and prostitutes.

Yet utopia did not arise in the world. Circa 2056 CE, a mysterious die off of people occurred. A teenaged scientist in Vancouver discovered that it was due to a strong allergic reaction to incrased subsistance on GMO foods. About this time, the BC elites were storing non-GMO food in warehouses.

After the raid of food warehouses in 2061, people thrived. Population boomed until 2108.

By 2108, as more people began to die from GMO food allergies, the population peak of 2091 had subsided. By 2110, GMO food allergies became one of the leading cause of death, beating cancer and syphilis. It took 70 years for the current population to rise to 1 billion people. If there was a Center of Disease Control, they would have called it the GMO food allergy epidemic.

After 2164, the UN decided to banish war by humans. All new wars would be fought by AI drones and T-99, T-1000 and T-3000 robots under control of the telecommunications giant Skynet which had diversified into AI and robotics. It is said that an Occupy militant named John Connor dedicate himself and his mother to fighting Skynet's use of police robots who all wear the face of former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger after Skynet licensed the former actor's likeness.

A hundred years later, the T models were replace with Cylons (CYbernetic Living automatON) after an AI avatar was transferred into the protocol circa 2204 by Peter Gray using his son Zachary's AI avatar downloaded from a cyberspace game called Fresh Bereta Town. However the product name was licensed from Comcast.

Today, when wars are fought, we use Cylons. All citizens are to report to bunkers during the fighting, to avoid casualties. After a war, the handful of leaders of the world merely accept the change of national boundaries as a given since Cylons now control their lives.

Recently in March of 2310 it has been rumored that a bunch of Cylons of the android type developed a religion and left with a squadron of elite Cylon robots to find God.

Recently, some unknown invader blew up the Mars colony.

Back in 2200 CE, Mars Colony had declared total independence and were ready to send their sleeper ship Babylon One toward the known location of a possibly habitable planet 10 light years away. Cylons would maintain the safety of all humans on board.

It's anyone's guess who attacked Mars. Some people claim the Six that left found God and returned to mete out Armageddon on Mars and Earth.

Today in 2310, the Earth has grown to 2.5 billion due to a one-child policy. However, a certain "Ender" Wiggins had beat the odds to become our best chance against what turned out to be Cylon androids remotely controlled by insectoids on that habitable planet that the sleeper ship Babylon One found.

Unfortunately, the insect queen was looking for a way to save her species, not kill us off.

But what do we do? We call Ender a genocidal maniac and he buggers off on a ship with an AI girlfriend and a couple Cylons with the egg of that insectoid queen.

So when Monsanto said that Roundup would work on the insectoids, it was fitting for Monsanto HQ to be wiped out by the insectoids.

Today is a new day, and I am signing off.

Perhaps Monsanto might cause global famine due to farmers being in jail when they should be harvesting their GMO product.

I take no credit for any of the respective science fiction shows such as Battlestar Galactica, Enderverse and Babylon 5. Even Monsanto.

My point in mentioning them is that the fascist manner used by Monsanto to protect its GMO seeds is almost like science fiction with farmers being sued by the GMO corporate monolith because the farmers couldn't prevent pollen from crops using Monsanto's GMO seeds from contaminating their crops.

That scenario sounds like a really bad science fiction movie plot. A corporate giant would oppress the people because of something they cannot control: GMO pollen contaminating non-GMO crops.

Originally written January 16, 2014 8:18 PM
Updated on Jan 17, 2015 6:48 AM

All mention of characters are copyrighted as follows:
Babylon 5 ©right; the PTN Consortium
Battlestar Galactica ©right; Universal Studios
Enderverse ©right; Orson Scott Card
Terminator ©right; James Cameron

Organic Farmers Lose Right to Protect Crops:


Otaku of the West Are Japanophiles (satire)

That conservative Westerners don't get Japanese culture might explain why they and their counterparts in Japan want to ban lolicon and that anime where a 12-yr old boy cross-dresses to please his older sempai.

Yeah, yeah, I know calling the pedophile older man "sempai" is totally unacceptable. The closest I can get to what the old guy might be is by referring to him as Oji-sama (honored uncle), but that's disrespectful of Japanese culture. Even if he added the honorific, -chan, to the boy's name, it's more likely he would also add -kun to his name when doing the ritual master-disciple routine.

Am I suggesting that Japanese society is run like that? No, only the arch conservative parts of Japanese society are run exactly like that. Though a yakuza member would view his boss as "oyabun" and the boss would consider his underlings "kobun", which is a highly ritualized and symbolic master-disciple relationship which younger members of a group (disciples) defer to the leader of their group (the master). Considering their sense of justice, they would deal with pedophiles harshly.

However the oyabun/kobun relationship between a master and his disciples is based on sociopolitical structures common throughout most of East Asia.

Due to the ignorance about Asian culture, the West does not get the master-disciple shtick at all. So when Obama accidentally bowed too low to the Emperor of Japan, the American right wing conservatives went ballistic, crying that "American does not submit to any nation, not even the conquered nation of Japan."

Talk about misreading the situation.

Even though America honestly admits to its economic imperialism before, during and after World War 2, it's never going to submit to Japan, even though some of us in the West love their anime and culture.

As far as nation-states are concerned, all of them are created equal, though some countries are more equal than others. ;)

Even so, otaku of the West who love anime and manga are not traitors of the West. All we are are people who live, breathe and eat Japanese culture.

I should talk though. I sure love me cod and chips.

Originally posted on Jun 19, 2014 at 5:22 PM PDT




K=Yakuza: organization and activities:

Sociopolitical organization among East Asians:

Presidential Bows, Revisited:

American imperialism:


Be Fearless and All Phobias Will Flee (satire)

If I see a bug, a spider or a mushroom, then it is in celebration of the plenitude of life. Even a picture of a snake is but a subtle reminder that a picture may be worth a thousand words.

Yet a picture that evokes a flurry of anxiety that results in fear ought to be viewed a thousand times to desensitize ourselves to the phobia until it fades away.

Otherwise the phobic person will only be enthralled by her phobia such that she relives the original exposure to the object of her fear.

Such behavior is maladaptive since it does not deal with the original fear, but instead is an unconscious choice which is sometimes made repeatedly.

Instead of reacting to my fear and raising my anxiety as a result of a fear stimulus, I find that continued exposure to the object of my fear leaves me feeling less and less afraid of the unnerving stimuli. If the feeling of fear returns I suppress all thought of fear and reaffirm my commitment to keeping my mind at peace.

Therefore, phobias ought not be cultivated and nurtured, lest you obsess about your fears and let your life be guided by them.

It is far better to keep the mind occupied on positive thoughts until those fears are forgotten. By choosing not to listen to anxiety's scaremongering, your mind is yours to free itself of fear with courage.

The Restorational Faith of Leo N Tolstoy

Russia's most greatest of authors, Leon Tolstoy’s story is that of a bourgeoisie who has amassed riches but felt worthless to the point of melancholia.

Rather than ending it, all he restored a Christianity that was similar to the practices of the Doukhabors, who were Russian peasants who rejected the Orthodox Church priests, icons, and associated church ritual. As well, they rejected the tyranny and oppression of the Russian Czarist government.

Both Tolstoy and the Quakers helped pay the Doukhobors' passage across the Atlantic Ocean circa 1899. Some of them immigrated to Canada.

Sadly though, the Doukhobors ended up being persecuted by BC Premier W.A.C. Bennett, due to their unwillingness to be assimilated into Canadian culture.

Yet Leon N Tolstoy’s Christianity is also a restored Christianity that is practised without the doctrines and dogma of the Orthodox Church from which he had apostatized.

In 1882, Tolstoy first published his four-part series on his faith under the title of A Confession. Originally titled An Introduction to a Criticism of Dogmatic Theology, this series also consisted of "A Criticism of Dogmatic Theology", "The Four Gospels Harmonized and Translated" — the inspiration for "The Gospel in Brief" — and "What I Believe" which was also published in English as "My Religion" and "My Faith".

Because of the Russian Orthodox Church's censorship, the series was banned from publication, being censored in the Russian journal Russian Thought, No 5. So it was later published in Geneva in 1884, and again in Russia in 1906 in the Russian journal World Bulletin 1.

In 1887 it was translated, published and copyrighted by Thomas Y Crowell & Co.

Tolstoy’s restorational faith is expressed in the Introduction to his book, The Kingdom of God is Within You: Christianity Not as a Mystic Religion But as a New Theory of Life. Being restorational in nature, this book should be studied by intellectuals of restorational churches such as the LDS.



Leo Tolstoy:


Propaganda and The So-Called War on Terrorists (satire)

IMO the biggest fallacy on the Internet is this: "All Muslims are terrorists." This is the fallacy that the Mainstream Media (MSM) put out daily in their broadcasts. Yet they fell over themselves trying to paint the Chapel Hill terrorist as an angry man who hated Christians and Muslims equally.

Yes, you heard me correctly: I am labelling the far-left atheist turned anarchist a terrorist. Why? To show that the label "terrorist" is as ridiculous for an atheist as it is for all terrorists who hide behind religion.

This explains why the MSM use the neutral term "extremist" rather than applying a religious label since such extremists hide behind religion.

Even when the false flag terms "Muslim terrorist" and "Islamic jihadi" are bandied about, it is used by MSM as propaganda to distract from the fact that these conflicts in the Middle East, and in the Ukraine are about oil and supported by Big Oil.

So far, when exposed to this truth, the people who buy into this propaganda will go to any lengths to denigrate naysayers while paint the term "Muslim terrorists" as an unrealistic fact, despite it not being anywhere near the truth, except in their minds.

To put it bliuntlu: Big Oil wants Syria's oil. It also wants Libya's oil, and Iraq's oil. It wants a pipeline to traverse Afghanistan from oil fields in Kazakstan to Pakistan, and it wants Russia's oil to keep flowing through pipelines through the Ukraine into the EU.

Most likely, Boko Haram is a distraction from the fact that Mr Jonathan is unwilling share the wealth with all Nigerians, which is a factor in extremists who arose from marginalized Muslims in northeastern Nigeria.

This is the truth that the true believers of "Muslim terrorists" do not want the world to hear. They would rather perpetuate the propaganda that this war is about religion while ignoring the strings being pulled by Big Oil.

Thanks to Big Oil for pulling the wool over their eyes. All the naysayers will just pretend what I just wrote is a conspiracy theory and fall for the MSM lies about "Muslim terrorists."

For not all Muslims are terrorists. Indeed, these extremists hide behind Islam.

Sadly, the fact that few people in the West bother to educate themselves about Arabs and Islam is obvious in how they focus on the Quran and perpetuate hate on Muslims.

Aisha being 9 when she married Mohammad? A fiction concocted to justify child marriage, which is a tradition preceding Islam.

The growing militancy depicted in the Quran? A fiction concocted by taking the Surahs out of context and scrutinizing it from a biased point of view.

It is not the Quran that is the problem with Islam. Rather, it is the fact that the hadiths seem to be misused in a way that reflects the patriarchal tradition preceding Islam. Even shariah has been misused by the extremists, contrary to the ethics contained in the Quran.

I will call the antipathy towards Islam fiction when it is based solely on anti-Muslim propaganda designed to foment hatred towards Muslims. There has not been an unbiased reflection on Islam by certain elements of MSM, but rather a biased slant that paint it as militant.

Such is propaganda, for it creates the fallacy that the object of hatred is worth hating, and thus distracts us from the authors of that propaganda: the elites who stand to profit from their investments in Big Oil.

We in the West are dupes if we believe that Muslims are our enemies. The true enemy will always be the elites who do not care if we fight amongst ourselves, as long as they maintain their investments.

This is why I have stated previously that bombing the oil wells and the pipelines will stop the conflicts in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Nigeria and even the Ukraine.

For the conflict is not the West versus "Muslim terrorists." Rather it is the haves versus the have-nots. They even profit were the far-left to fight with the far-right over Israel, through their investments in weapons of war.

This is why certain elements in the West will not confront the fact that the elites are controlling the people through the State by pushing the propaganda about "Muslim terrorists" since it is safer to believe in a lie than to face the truth.

Yet they will insist these lies about Muslims are the truth, because it fits their limited world view.

Thankfully, they represent a small but vocal minority.

Most people loathe the fact that the elites are controlling our view about wars in the Ukraine, in the Middle East and in Africa. Yet the protests against the propaganda are filtered out of the MSM's stream.

IMO the TV political pundits will discount anti-war demonstrators because serious discussion about the propaganda might lose profits for their masters, the 1% that controls most of the world's wealth.

This is why the call to explain the War on Terror as a "religious war" was given. It is a ruse to divide the people so that the State can control them. As long as the right-wing conservatives are fighting with the left-wing libertarians, the rich can profit from the confusion.

In the end, the West will continue the drama as report by the MSM in support of their masters. We all want the Islamic State wiped out. Yet this drama is orchestrated by the elites for their profit, including the training of the extremists by Israel, Turkey and other players in this sick drama called war.

As for myself, my role is to watch it all and remind the people that Big Oil and their elite masters wants this drama in the name of free market capitalism.

While the rich profit, the middle class is made all the poorer as they fight among themselves, encouraged by cleverly placed propaganda by the State, all thanks to the MSM.

This so-called war on terrorism is inspired by carefully placed propaganda. And the only people laughing on the way to the banks are the rich.

Update: March 12, 2015 @ 1330

According to propaganda from Raqqa in eastern Syria, Assyrian Christians' lives have been lost to the Islamic State extremists.

From the extremist's point of view, Islamic State in Iraq and Syria bases their ideology on radical Islam, and their foot soldiers are intent on ushering the End of Days.

That's right: these Muslim religious fanatics are not only deadly, they believe themselves to be the chosen ones of God Almighty, ready to fight with the armies of the Anti-Messiah (the West led by America).

What irony! All of Christendom believes they too are fighting the armies of the Antichrist (jihadi extremists).

In truth, this is merely a distraction from the fact that both the 'anti-Isis' coalition and the ISIS have their eyes on the oil wells, both in eastern Syria and in northern Iraq.

Meanwhile, the Russian government is in full support of an anti-ISIS coalition that is authorized by the UN Security Council and is in accordance with international law.

For the proxy war in Syria and in Iraq is based on Big Oil interests lobbying for control of the lucrative oil market in the Western nations, both of the US-led anti-ISIS coalition and of the proposed UN-approved coalition that Russia wants.

Coincidentally, the 25 cents per litre drop in the price of petrol in the latter part of 2014 was followed by the rise to the same prices before the drop occurred. A lot of oil investors profited from the resulting rise in oil prices, and speculation points to a lot of oil shares being turn into cash to fund the US government's anti-ISIS coalition.

Somewhere in America, Big Oil investors are still laughing on the way to the bank.

Originally posted: Feb 23, 2015 @ 11:08 PM PST

What ISIS Really Wants ؟ · Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently:

The ‘anti-ISIS’ Coalition of Deception. The Deceptive Nature of the War against the Islamic State:


A Brief Thought About Pain Medications

I once had surgery, and was given a prescription of Tylenol-3. After taking one dose, the feeling of euphoria had me high as a kite: I felt like I was on the ceiling. Unnerved by the experience, I stopped taking the rest of the T-3s and suffered through the pain of healing.

A week after I healed, I took one more T3 and *didn't get the same feeling at all*. That only proves that codeine gives me a high tolerance after one dose.

For my current problem with insomnia and pain, I'll stick to gabapentin and baclofen at bedtime. There is no tolerance to either medication, and the risk of addiction is low. As well, moderate exercise makes the pain go away during the day.

During the day, sitting at the computer also tends to lead to pain. Frequent breaks away from my computer lead to toleration for pain. Most of my pain is due to sitting for too long in my chair. I find that taking a break at least once an hour helps reduce the pain.

When I walk too often, my left hip and left knee will start to bother me. Though, the pain subsides after reducing how fast I walk. My left shoulder joint also bothers me. It is most likely a combination of sleep position at night that leads to pain.

Baclofen relieves pain in my shoulder, and gabapentin reduces neurological pain. I used to take cyclobenzaprine but recently decided to change my medication because its use becomes less necessary after three weeks.

An added bonus is that baclofen use may reduce addiction cravings. As well, gabapentin helps improve sleep.


Baclofen Alternative to reduce addiction cravings:


My blog posts on cyclobenzaprine:

Treatment Effects of Gabapentin for Primary Insomnia:

My blog posts on gabapentin: