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A Meditation on the Lord's Prayer

In this article I shall quote the Lord's Prayer and interpret it according to what I have learned about the Bible. If this interpretation differs from any other official interpretation, then it is to glorify God and bear witness to the return of the Messiah, the Son of God, Jesus Christ.

First let me introduce the first part of the prayer:

Our Father, who art in Heaven
Hallowéd be thine Name
Thy Kingdom come
Thy Will be done
On Earth, as it is in Heaven.

In the first five lines of the Lord's Prayer is the promise that the Kingdom of God will come upon us, though it be without warning. This is a distant reference to the Millennial Age when Christ will rule over the Earth before the End of the (Latter) Days is upon us.

These five lines have been written in my heart as the penultimate Millennial Promise of God sung by the angel of song.

In the second part of the Lord's Prayer we have:

Give us this day our daily Bread,
and forgive us our trespasses
as we forgive those
who trespass against us
and lead us not to temptation
and deliver us from evil.

Contained in the first line of this part of the Lord's Prayer is the transubstantiation of the body of Christ from the bread of sacrament. Although we as Christians have sacrament on the Sabbath — the day of rest — it represents the renewal of the covenant and reminds us to remain repentant — and thus refrain from sin.

In the third and final part of the Lord's Prayer is the acknowledgement that the Kingdom, the power and the glory is of God, which lasts for a long, long time.

For thine is thy kingdom,
the power and the glory,
Forever and ever.


With respect to the history of Christianity — founded by Jesus and written by Luke, it is like the history of ancient Rome — founded by Romulus and written by the Roman historian Dionysus — and the history of the Hebrews — founded by Moses and written by the historian Josephus — with each founder being born from God.

For Romulus was born by the river Tiber, while Moses came floating down the Nile and Jesus was baptised in the River Jordan.

Over the past two thousand years his being born from God has become the literal truth in the Christ's story as an established Truth that frees all of humanity who accepts Jesus as their savior from their past sins in apostasy, now ritually cleansed away by baptism, provided that they "go and sin no more."

That provision — to go and sin no more — is the essence of repentance.

Afterwards, repentance becomes an ongoing process that is sanctified by weekly church meetings on Sunday, and by daily prayers based on scripture. Indeed, the weekly taking of sacrament of bread and water that symbolizes the body and the blood of the Christ renews their covenant with God. That covenant consists of following the commandments of their church and the observance of fasting and taboos of the respective religious denomination.

In the case of LDS theology, their taboo that addresses addiction consists of no coffee, tea, alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs.

Additionally, the taboo regarding the law of chastity implies no coveting of another person for immoral purposes, such as fornication, be it heterosexual or homosexual. This also includes adultery, including that of the heart e.g. looking upon another person as a sexual object. Finally, there is a taboo against masturbation and pornography.

I can see wisdom in making these things taboo: having no money to buy energy drinks prevents temptation of alcohol, tobacco and illegal drugs.

With respect to chastity, my choice of the term "coveting" means the wanton desire to use another person for sexual purposes. Fornication implies a sexual act. As for masturbation, the avoidance of pornography is the result of the taboo against it.

Indeed, the study of the Scriptures — the Bible (Old Testament and New Testament) and the LDS scriptures (Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price) — is purported to be an inspiration to keep the law of chastity.

Though I prefer a cold shower now and then.

Returning to the first part of the Lord's Prayer, I still hear it being sung as though by an angel of song who clearly sings the promise of Jesus Christ to return to rule over the Kingdom of God in the Afterlife when End of Days is upon us.

Our Father, who art in Heaven
Hallowéd be thine Name
Thy Kingdom come
Thy Will be done
On Earth, as it is in Heaven.



A note to Canada Big Brother AKA CSIS and CSEC (satire)

Disclaimer: the following is a rant re: countersurveillance in Ottawa.

To the nervous Nellies including the usual government agents monitoring my packets, archiving my web content, collecting my phone contents, and other things CSEC does "for our own good": Move right along. Nothing to see here. I am not worth the money and the time at all.

However, I recommend you monitor someone worthy like the late Ms Todd's ex-best friends and their ilk. They might still be manufacturing pornography, you know, in Grade 10 and 11. ;)

This is the truth but, as the Todd case proved, nobody can handle the truth because families would be torn apart and the children would suffer horribly, all due to the truth.

Golly gee whizz! I guess them CSIS got them some kiddie porn manufactured by a girl driven to suicide all due to lack of mother love, right Carole? :p

Anyway, like I said before, nobody know knows the case could handle the truth, so the mainstream media in BC collaborated with the premise that a poor little girl was stalked by an online predator. This was done to sell to the sheeple that the late Ms Todd was a victim.

This made me LOL again.

Thanks for sell us a lot of BS, BC mainstream media. You averted a huge family crisis in the Lower Mainland and Central Fraser Valley, preventing massive unemployment caused by parents and their children unable to tell the whole truth, except on a very large stack of Bibles.

Speaking of which, had BC families actually attended church and read the Bible lately, they could avoid tragedies by NOT buying smartphones but buying old flip phones for their children. For the dumb phones are immune to simples hacks by blackhat hacker teenagers (mostly young males 10-24, with less than 5% young females 10-30).

Yes, I am implying most female hackers are never exposed until they finally stop hacking and have a good income starting from age 25.

How is this important to the Amanda Todd case? A few of Todd's female friends were inept hackers. The most skilled hackers have played the boys and made them cried. If you believe the myth that only men are hackers, then never forget Susie Thunder.


JIhadi or Not Jihadi (satire)

Even though the Westernized converts to the Jihadi cult are homegrown and often mentally ill and former drug addicts, it makes you wonder exactly why the rest of the jihadis in the Islamic State are assumed to be sane.

IMO if you attack people in a Western country, you are assumed to be crazy unless fit to stand trial. What that means if you comply to the demands of the State (the Majesty's court in the Commonwealth) or its equivalent elsewhere except the Middle East.

In short, the mentally ill label is misused in the case of Westernized jihadi to mean the same as cult member. Hence, the IS warriors are just as crazy as the guys who kill Canadian soldiers.

It matters not what the guy's mother said. Labels are used to separate the sane from the insane.

Thus the mass media is resorting to a form of prejudiced profiling by labeling homegrown terrorists crazy and drugs addicts.

There is even denial that they are terrorists. We can explain the Ottawa shooter as a disgruntled guy who was mad he didn't get his passport.

Then the mass media can sell crazy guy shoots up Ottawa over passport" instead of calling a jihadi a jihadi.

IMO they are jihadi because they targeted Canadian soldiers not pedestrians in a mall. However, it makes good copy to create doubt in the news consumers' minds.

I have no such doubt: two jihadi, homegrown, one dead and the other in jail.

It is likely the State will collaborate with the man who ran over two soldier, and he'll be tried for murder rather than an act of terrorism. However all soldiers are ordered in Canada to dress like a plain-clothes ninja.

It's about time. Out of uniform is the best disguise. Now the army can route out terrorism wherever it may start, or even instigate a riot to flush out the homegrown jihadi.

UPDATE: The late M. Zehaf-bibeau is not a terrorist, but a homeless drug addict who was ignored by Ottawa and the system. Most likely he was off his medication and blamed the Canadian government for ignoring his pleas for hel three years.

Although the shooting last week in Ottawa left two people dead, this is the Conservative government's fault for their inability to treat the homeless addicts across Canada with respect and dignity that Harper et al pays daily to people who can afford rehab.

This tragedy is preventable when compassion enables the rare politician to actually listen to them with their heart.

Karma is a bitch, ain't Ottawa?


What's Love (and Sex) Got to Do with Agapé and Eros

In grade school, it was fun to play with the girls until the boys shamed me into playing with them.

As well, I was subtly bullied by a girl in Grade 6 when in Grade 2, due to her frustration in teaching me math that was simple for her but mysterious to me.

Though that never stopped me from excelling at math.

Then after Grade Three I spent the summer holiday with my first crush.

However, he teasing in Grade Four after my classmates found out I had a summer crush led me to realise romance has to be discreet ie not in my hometown.

The fact that my mother put a stop to it due to being late for supper makes me cautious lest I ruin my relationship with my roommates.

However, the best kind of love is between friends. This love has many names, but two of them are familiarly known as Agape and Eros.

Both Agapé and Eros are two sides of the same coin called human love.

Human love is so fickle though.

Unconditional love demands us to stop placing conditions on love. This is why friends love each other dearly: their love is unconditioned.

However, the only rule in friendship is remain loyal to each other, though it is loyalty with discretion.

Yet friendships rely on each of us to respect each other's right to be free, and to grow as individuals.

However, do not expect a friend to do anything for you, since it may lead to conflict. Such an expectation is unreasonable since it expects too much of a friend.

Do expect a close friend to be there when you need them but remember: friends are not slaves to be toyed with.

If you want anyone who is your friend to become reliable, then be reliable to them. Do anything for them as is necessary, and limit yourselves accordingly.

A good friend is a loyal helpmate. You are that friend.

My first crush was my best female friend, not a girlfriend but a friend who happened to be a girl.

I am happy that such a friend exists for me.

It can only be platonic though, for a man ought to be mature enough to call BS on the myth about platonic friendships.

Indeed it is a pernicious lie to assume a platonic relationship has a subtle sexual ambiance to it.

This lie is based on the error about the mythical libido, which is misinterpreted as the sex drive.

Libido actually is related to life and its propagation, and can be successfully sublimed into service, be it work or play.

Returning to my first crush, it was play that brought us together. Yet duty to my family nipped that in the bud.

Thus the libido must often be tamed, lest friendships be threatened by its excess.

So, my mother helped me to tame my libido by putting a curfew on me.

I suppose the cruelty such as beatings and burning moxibustion only showed the dark side of mother love - but because it was child abuse, it only served to make me fiercely independent when I was younger.

Yet here I am today realising that social isolation might be a side effect of the strong impression at a young age that I ought not associate with anyone lest they learn how dysfunctional I am.

However, the friends that I have show me that they tolerate whatever eccentricities I may have, which helps to moderate my behaviour accordingly.

For that is what unconditional love is actually about: accepting each other, warts and all.

Through daily meditation and prayer,
I daily sublimate Eros, and thus transform its motivational energy into Agapé, the vital essence of unconditional love.

Based on your life experiences, which love is the original love?

Remember: the libido is a manmade construct to explain sexuality, which too is manmade. While Eros and Agapé are two sides of love, the libido, Eros itself, is the subconscious call of the wild to propagate the species, which originates in each living being's survival mechanism.

In contrast Agapé is unconditional love which is the subconscious call from God Almighty to be of service to him by being a standing minister to worldly Gentiles and the apostates in the world today, often by being like an angel in disguise.

IMHO I feel that a healthy balance between Agapé and Eros is not often possible.

It is my contention that the gross energy of Eros (the libido) has often been sublimated and thus energizes Agapé. However sex is not love.

Therefore the sublimated libido energizes unconditional love. At the same time, that Love helps each of us through the grace of God to tame the libido.

I remember as a young boy how I was slowly growing out of control due to family strife due to my birth defects being used by my paternal grandmother shaming my mother because of those defects.

When it turned out that one of her sons, my uncle, had died of complications due to epilepsy, that foiled my grandmother. It is sad when a parent mentally abuses a daughter or son like this, and tragic especially when the same is done to an in-law.

Yet unconditional love is something we experience so little of in the world but have the opportunity to practice in the meetinghouse.

Still, it ought to be shared with the world, often without mentioning God Almighty, who made the world in six days not that we love Him only on the Sabbath, but also for the rest of the week from Monday to Saturday.

By sharing unconditional love with the world, it is then possible for standing ministers to share the Gospel with like minded Gentiles, so that they may come to know the truth about the LDS church.

For example, I have recently found Mormon cosmology to be almost like a light version of Buddhist cosmology, without the cycle of reincarnation and lacking the fullness of its Buddhist counterpart.

Of course, I attribute this to my ignorance of the richness inherent in Mormon cosmology due to my apostasy before baptism and LDS membership.

However, Buddhist cosmology contains a multitude of Buddha worlds of which the Pure Land is one.

IMHO the worlds awaiting the LDS members bound for celestial glory are like the Pure Land.

Yet the LDS literature is vague about the many worlds that those celestial latter day saints inherit.

With an understanding of Agapé and Eros, and of their respective commonplace terms, unconditional love and the libido, it is likely to help put human love into perspective.

Firstly, Agape is Love unconditioned and uncorrupted by carnal love, Eros.

Through the grace of God, after consistent prayer and meditation by a Mormon, Eros is sublimated which subtly energizes Agapé.

Thus is carnal love sublimated into unconditional love. However love is not sex.

Overall the Christ's call to love one another is tempered with his command to love your enemies and also to turn the other cheek ie accept the mental cruelty of zealous anti Mormon cultists without complaint.


New Age Guru Helping the People of the Ghettos and Inner City: a Meditation on Addiction, Meditation and Otaku (satire)

"That's the goal now," he says, "to spread into the ghettos and inner cities."

Deepak Chopra has ventured to Harlem, N.Y., and Reno, Nev., talking to blacks, Latinos and Asians about people being rivers of energy. He tells them their mind is wired into every cell of their body, that nasal breathing techniques can effect brain activity, that ayurvedic herbs can pack as much punch as any drug.

How does Chopra think it's going so far? What do city folk make of his New Age wisdom?

"They say, 'Deep stuff!'"

This is the challenge for rehabilitation centres for addictions: to convince drug addicts and especially alcoholics that the inner energy of meditation is a high higher than any known drug that they got their hands on.

Yet addicts are well known for their ability to detect BS if and only if they have been totally honest with themselves that their addictions are not due to "bad parenting", but their rebellion against the basic social rules that govern our very lives.

While they may do so because of the unwillingness to live by the rules society imposes on us all, addicts pay a price for their so-called freedom, a freedom that is an illusion behind which a licentious lifestyle crumbles into the abyss of darkness that so many addicts face due to abuse of their freedom to choose.

However, meditation will work for anyone who meditates due to their willingness to cut through their own BS, of which the main one concerns their so-called ability to detect BS in people wiser than they are.

In short, they have to also cut through the white lies that society imposes on us all to create working communities, and accept that they are completely different in their use from lies, both blatant and subtle, that actually destroy communities.

For example, if a friend I just met asked me what I did on last Friday, then if I wanted to remain discreet, I could merely say "I went on an errand", and changing the topic, rather than being candid about paying my bills since my Fridays are my paydays.

In contrast, I am usually candid with my roommates and my best friend because they are in my inner circle of friends, and not someone I met off the street.

Although I admitted to how I spend my Fridays in the course of my argument, I will not reveal details because they are personal facts that are private and are known only to me, my employer, my bank and the government through their tax department.

Regarding bills I pay, I will only be candid about debt collectors due to the fact that they consistently tell white lies in order to obtain a lot of money right now (preferably over $100 a month but far less than what I owe Fido and Rogers Mobility) in a short period of time (usually within 48 hours but that could be negotiated).

I am mentioning this because of my addiction to technology - and it is evidenced by the late hour spent writing this article.

By being this candid, I hope to share the word that meditation works. If I didn't put positive effort into meditating on my debt, then I would still be in denial and the debt would not get paid.

Therefore, in my mind, I am a recovering addict with an addiction that no one else takes seriously except myself.

I think in Japan, they call people like that "otaku", though in the West, otaku are great for information content but lousy on emotional affect.

However, there is some overlap between addiction and the collections of knowledge and experience of otaku, even though otaku are likely to chew me out for "labeling" their intense love for technology or even works of art as "addiction."

Overall though, we otaku could be so gung-ho about anime and manga, why not meditation too? For the most gentle of meditation is combined in many therapeutic settings, and is borrowed from Asian sources more so than Western sources.

Though I will say that even me blogging online is therapy. It is also a form of vipassana meditation when I focus on cutting through the initial negativity toward the positive outcome.

If anything that I have written confuses you, then you are not ready to truly free yourself of your addiction and become a true otaku who is essentially free of whatever he obsesses over.

How dos you tell when that happens? When you can go to a convention, a group therapy session, or even a family reunion to help friends and family get to know you well, that is a start.

Another sign that you are otaku is that you vacillate in your writing between first-person (I and me among similar pronouns), second-person (you and the names of people), and third-person (they, them, and often one or it).

Returning to the quote from an anti-cult website, I can certainly support the use of meditation techniques. However, that quote is not a product endorsement of Chopra since it has been taken out of context for me to promote meditation on my terms, which I am free to do.

I am merely selling the idea that otaku are harmless when they become more socialized with fellow otaku. As well, any obsession that leads to social isolation on the long run really is worth the effort of abstaining.

As for addiction, that is only when your lifestyle is negative affected by your obsessions e.g. you spend more time watching anime than socializing with friends, using excuses to avoid brushing up on your social skills.

Anyway, I am not proud to be otaku, nor am I ashamed to be otaku. Otaku is a neutral word in the West, yet is misused by lazy Japanese journalists who turned it into a badge of shame.

Yet even journalists are closet otakus as pararazzi when they obsess about celebrities such as Morning Musume and stalk them.

Finally, the ultimate freedom is to use less technology in the public sphere, and to occasionally use technology. First, one day dedicated to using your smartphones less and your senses more, including using the mind to ask questions about matters other than technology.

Originally written on May 10, 2005 at 2310H PDT


The Politics of Homegrown Jihadi (satire)

Radicalized Islam is more political than religious, and thus inspires a cult of homegrown jihadis with nothing to lose except their lives.

God Almighty has no mercy for the evil that men are capable of doing. 

This is not Satan's work; the body count suggests that, despite their religious leaning, al Qaeda, Islamic State, Taleban, and other radicalized religious group including Army of God antiabortion radicals only hide behind the holiness of God himself.

For these men and women who radicalize may speak of God but their use of violence shows their materialist political activism to be a clear and present danger to society

As long as the West continues forcing its Crusade of Democracy on the Middle East, so shall we experience more attacks by lone wolf jihadi at home.

Yes, I am suggesting that the US foreign policy of forcing the Middle East to accept democracy is what is causing the Muslims to radicalize against it.

If you think the two reported incidents in recent months of radical Muslims killing Canadian soldiers had nothing to do with the Islamic State, then you are mistaken.

By trying to force democracy on Syria by tacit support of the rebels there, it became obvious that this was all a laughable cover for intrigue against Russia by the US which culminated in the Ukraine crisis.

However, the European Community is rallying around the supposed underdog, the Ukraine — controlled by a far right government — while Russia is only protecting its Russian citizens, many of whom had dual citizenship. The problem started when the new government wanted to enfranchise only Ukrainians.

In response, the far right elements of the Russian-Ukrainians rebelled, but both sides are right-wing. Very few Ukrainians and Russians are left-wing, who they view as criminals who should never hold power, due to the economic devestation that the Soviet government had caused in the Ukraine, including massive starvation.

However, the Ukrainian crisis is also a proxy war with the US government propagandizing to the Europeans and Russia aiming to protect its citizens.

All in all, both the Syrian and the Ukrainian crises are designed to polarize the world's people. The anti-Russian propaganda is almost as bad as the Russian propaganda but the Ukrainian counter-propaganda is just as bad.

As for Syria, its propaganda gets almost everything right but condones the corruption of top Syrian oligarchs. Likewise, Russia's leader Putin also condones the corruption of top Russian oligarchs with their billions being invested in the European Community.

It is only a matter of time before World War 3 flares up, should cool heads not prevail. However, what you see in each area — be it the Islamic State being carved out of northern Iraq this year, the Syrian crisis declares as of October 2011, and the Ukraine-Russia conflict — is merely the US-led West versus Russia with full support from China.

I guess the Cold War still is in its death throes, and the incident on September 11, 2001 was an aftershock with the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts a few tremors. A decade later, Arab Spring majorly affected Libya and Syria.

It is time America stopped caring about the Middle East so much that it thinks forcing democracy on Afghanistan, Iraq and now Syria will lead to peace. The resultant anarchy is a sure sign that democracy at gunpoint is not working.

Recurning to the recent two incidents of homegrown terrorism in Canada, that is just karma for Harper sending 16 jets and 300 personnel to Kuwait. Nobody was surprised in Ottawa.

Remember that Kuwait also has a handful of al Qaeda veterans who were released from Gitmo not too long ago. So it is obvious that these former Jihadis are working for Kuwait, and most likely Canada and America are collaborators in a proxy war between the West and the Red axis (China and Russia).

Although it looks good to bomb northern Iraq in the news, the IS may likely be a puppet of the Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi axis, funded by oil money, by the way.

Overall, this makes us all complicit in the Middle Eastern problem every time people in the free world drive their SUVs to fill up at the gas pump.

That is why I take the bus, because I have already paid for my portion of the gas to run that bus in advance. ;)

NEWS UPDATE: the Ottawa gunman purported by PM Harper and mainstream media to be a possible terrorist are false and defamatory.

M. Zehaf-Bibeau was not a homegrown terrorist — al-Qaeda, Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), and the Taleban have a tendency to lie to support their cause. I am sure Osama bin Laden did it after 9-11, which is evidenced by his first video denying involvement, but later changing his tune when he saw the effect it had on the stock market.

It looks like Zehaf-Bibeau did not get help for his addictions and mental health issues in 2011 as he demanded, simply because the homeless and poor are rejected by most drug rehabilitation centres due to their profit mentality e.g. $1000 a week rehab for seven weeks.

At the street level, very few major cities in Canada are willing to cough up public money to put addicts requesting treatment into a treatment program, mainly because most homeless addicts in rehab will walk away because they lost the ability to await positive changes, which can take up to three or more years.

If M. Zehaf-Bibeau had entered a treatment centre for the homeless, there is a good chance that he would have gotten kicked out within a week. Therefore, this article is get me bleeding heart a-going.

Therefore Ottawa's shooting scare is because their hand are not clean of how they treat the homeless addicts daily. Indeed, karma is a bitch - too bad two people had to die. May they both rest in peace.



Let God Be My Master (poem)

No longer can I ask what I do
for myself; rather, I ask myself:
"What will God give to me?"

Freedom from life's woes is
sometimes as easy as coming
to believe God is everywhere.

Since God is everywhere,
what then do I have
to fear but fear itself?

By accepting God into my life,
all fear is replaced by faith
in His power to look after me.

Do I still fear? Yes, I fear
and thus respect God,
for He is truly my Master.

By placing my life in God's hands,
that respect and humility nurtures
a growing sense of fearlessness and courage.

It helps me to remember
the prayer of a sinner:
‘God, be merciful to me, a sinner!’

Suppose that all of Christendom
finds me to be unworthy to sup with them
in Heaven when that time comes.

Then the Absolute is my inspiration,
and no-self is the divine principle.
Still, God shall remain my Master.

For what is the Absolute but
Heaven itself? For God is absent there
as is the Buddha after death.

Let God be my Master, the Absolute
my inspiration and the Buddha,
the origin of the Golden Rule:

"Do unto others
what thou wishes
done until thineself."

Originally posted October 21, 2010 1:26 AM
Updated on December 25, 2013 at 6:54 AM

The Satanic Movie Dream (satire)

Last Sunday morning I experienced what I consider to be a nightmare. Though, on close examination by a religiously conservative audience, it might be considered an attack by the devil.

In the major part of the dream, I was given the ability to morph into a troll with a magic club due to a deal made with the devil, in exchange for my soul, instead of fame and fortune as most mortals are apt to do.

While in troll mode, I would cause mayhem but was never caught because of the magical powers of the club. Victims felled by it were not able to describe my troll-like features because of a spell placed on them.

Were they to identify me as the troll, the police would probably mock them, since no human being looks like a troll. Thus, the club helped prevent identification and prevented embarrassment to the victims.

However, I often morphed into troll form to the point where I replaced an extra in certain science fiction movie. Because I was a troll, I was never given lines for my part in the production.

However, when the actor, Richard Dean Anderson, mentioned asked the question, "What is a shillelagh?" rhetorically, I explained, without thinking, that my club is such a device, which renders mortals with amnesia to prevent embarrassment when explaining their injuries to the police.

Naturally I was fired, because the actors then had to ad-lib the appropriate reaction rather than retaking that cut, since the movie was going over budget.

Of course, I was no ordinary troll but an Irish troll that later became one of the little people known as leprechauns.

Why would I be asking the devil to become a leprechaun at will rather than seek only fame and fortune? I do not know, but you'd have to ask the devil about that one.

Later on in this dream, I also experienced the devil dressed as the Angel of Death, who had come to take my soul to Hell. As soon as he touched me and freed my soul from my body, I awoke with a start and muttered "FUCK" under my breath.


Authors of Destiny

Nowhere in the Bible does it state that Satan is the author of evil, for this is blasphemy. Rather, God is author of good-and-evil, which is the complement of good and evil.

For man is not only capable of great evil but also great good.

All that the devil can do is accuse or tempt us. We are perfectly capable of making mistakes on our own when temptation leads to desire.

Of course, the devil exists in Christendom. However, the devil never made a person do anything. That's merely an excuse for being wicked until one is damned by ill will.

This is why it's important to attend church regularly, and serve the church selflessly to renew your covenant with God.

That's what repentance is about.

Although God is the author of good-and-evil, people are the authors of their own destiny.iny
Nowhere in the Bible does it state that Satan is the author of evil, for this is blasphemy. Rather, God is author of good-and-evil, which is the complement of good and evil. For man is not only capable of great evil but also great good. All that the devil can do is accuse or tempt us. We are perfectly capable of making mistakes on our own when temptation leads to desire. Of course, the devil exists in Christendom. However, the devil never made a person do anything. That's merely an excuse for being wicked until one is damned by ill will. This is why it's important to attend church regularly, and serve the church selflessly to renew your covenant with God. That's what repentance is about. Although God is the author of good-and-evil, people are the authors of their own destiny.


The Ghost Story: Fear and the Human Mind (satire)

Some people are afraid of ghosts; other people aren't

My guess is about ghost stories being told around Hallowe'en is to "scare" away the awe and dread of concern about dangerous tricks performed on that day with terrible consequences.

For example, the cartoon Casper the Friend Ghost, Casper represents a boy in poverty who was abused by an uncle and a cousin. He then ran away from home and lived in an abandoned house. It was a nice way of exposing us to poverty without us kids knowing that the creator was mocking the homeless and the poor.

In almost every ghost story that was a comedy, we see signs that one of the ghosts is a pauper or a bum e.g. Beetlejuice the Movie.

However, most ghost stories are created to scare the gullible with the hope that the pandemonium will lead to a moral panic so that a ghostbuster can scam them all ala Ghostbusters.

In most cases of ghosts, the gullible in a haunted scare everyone else around them. The "ghost" is actually their fear talking, and other people will pick up on that.

It is hard to tell a person who is afraid of ghosts that the only thing to fear is fear itself. When fear appears, observe it until it leaves and then follow it until you feel it no more. Eventually you will accept your fear of ghosts as unrealistic. My purpose in stating the previous three sentences is to show that mere words cannot cure a man of fear. Rather, reason is needed to distract the fearful person from obsessing about the fear-inducing object, the ghost.

Fear cannot be real, since it only affects our minds. Through mind control, it is possible to overcome it. That is where meditation comes into the picture.

At this point in the discussion, I urge the gentle reader to avoid the ghost stories. Fill your mind with everything but the supernatural. For your fear verges on superstition because you believe in something that never exists except in the human mind.

Some people may still be afraid of ghosts; I am not.


Hell: The Telestial Glory (testimony)

Illustration above is the copyright of Intellectual reserve, Inc 2013 and is for illustration purposes only.
I thank God Almighty for providing me with the Holy Ghost through his Elders and the power of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

My personal testimony as a LDS member begins with the Buddha and continues on with God and his Only Begotten. For Buddhism explains the minute details of LDS cosmology from premortal life to human existence to Spirit World to the glories of afterlife.

Little do Mormon know that according to Buddhist lore, all sentient beings are basically good from birth. Even the description of the telestial kingdom agrees with my philosophy about the lake of fire and brimstone known as the Fire.

Brimstone was used to cleanse worshipers of pagan faiths. It also cleanses damned souls of their darkness, letting their light shine once more in telestial glory.

This makes me wonder if a good place for the devil might not be the telestial kingdom. Who is to say?

I know this testimony to be true in the name of the Christ.



When Social Drinking Becomes A Sociopathy (satire)

Rather than a short disclaimer, this article is a satire on the dangers of the risky behavior in drinking known as preloading when social drinkers are determined to party by drinking before a public event because of high alcohol prices and strict liquor laws. Afterwards, I will rant about social drinkers who become problem drinkers, which is when social drinking becomes a sociopathy. Finally, I will take about American Psychopath and the rebooted Halloween movies to explain my conclusions.

Before I move onto the body of the rant itself, my exposure to alcohol and drugs needs to be shared. I am doing so because I truly care for the social drinker.

However, I have mostly been a light drinker thanks to intolerance of alcohol due to my Asian physiology, which I am thankful for having since 1-2 drinks often made me drunk. As well, I practiced safe drinking because I was never exposed to peer pressure over social drinking.

Apart from the rare forays into drinking until my early 30s, my drinking days only occurred around social events. 2007 was a great challenge because of reconnecting with a friend I had met 10 years earlier who is a moderate drinker.
I don't drink alcohol and totally dry since June 2014 mainly because I believe in the power of one-drink or less a week to reduce unnecessary stress caused by being a party animal.

However, because had a history of binge drinking and other risky behavior until I stopped in 2009, I retain the privilege of experience to be a party pooper. However, the following rant is because I am stone cold sober and enhances my spirits safely.

Sometimes I do believe that addictive behaviors occur long before children are introduced to alcohol and drugs around middle school (grades 5-7). Peer pressure only causes addictions when children want to fit in and socialize. So I am glad that I chose to not drink until well into my 30s. YMMV.

Tolerance to alcohol occurs when a person who drinks needs more alcohol during regular drinking hours in addition to the copious amounts of drink at home. However, the myth that drinking is fun is encouraged by the fact that you only live once, an attitude that will be addressed later on in this rant.

Due to the current subtle temperance attitude of government, risky drinking threatens people who once lived productive lives. According to another myth, public health (doctors, nurses, hospitals) is anti-drinking. Actually public health recommends 1-2 drinks a day is safer than drinking up to 14 drinks or more over a 60-hour period on the weekend, depending on whether everyone is in party mode, due to a public holiday or other event.

It actually is more fun and entertaining to drink 1-2 drinks with each meal from breakfast, lunch and dinner, as long as the intended purpose is social drinking, be it at home or every day.

As has been stated before, preloading behavior occurs when prices are high and laws are strict.

According to health officials, alcohol preloading is harmful, only if the drinker drinks more alcohol later on in the evening. Thus, the risk of drinking more is higher than not preloading. The resulting higher consumption levels increases risk from injuries and death.

Strict alcohol laws increase the chance of preloading. Additionally, licensed establishments have a high risk of liability serving already inebriated patrons.

Lowering alcohol prices tends to lower risk of preloading.

Therefore, liquor laws need to be moderated. Liquor prices need to be low enough to encourage less preloading but not so low as to encourage binge drinking.

It is less risky and cheaper to drink 1-2 drinks at bars, pubs and restaurants with affordable prices every day of the week than to preload on the weekend and risk higher levels of consumption.

From the viewpoint of the consumer, public education from middle school to college level should still discourage preloading and risk factors from the "you only live once" myth.

You do live once, but it is a factor that is disproved by preloading due to strict liquor laws and high alcohol prices.

Contrary to the myth that preloading is safe, more people risk dying from alcohol-related injuries including poisoning, fights at establishments and car accidents.

From the viewpoint of sobriety, preloading might indicate future risk for alcoholism when it also occurs during the rest of the week. However, I believe social drinkers are potential alcoholics when inebriated if they are led to the delusion that drinking is so fun, every day must be a party in order for them to feel in control. After that suspension of disbelief, they turn every evening into a party and the line blurs between social drinking and alcoholism.

However, the alcoholic will deny he is an alcoholic because of two pernicious attitudes about drinking: "everyone is doing it" and YOLO. However, a minority of people drink that much or more, while the majority of people are their friends and family who are saddened by the fact that drink became more important than them.

I know of people who met in bars, had a few drinks, and flew in for a Vegas wedding, including Britney Spears who had hooked up with a high school friend, partied, got married and subsequently got the marriage annulled. Vegas weddings are definitely a career-breaker.

Despite all the late night talk show hosts joking about Spears, the risk of ruined ratings reduced their call for less drinking. That's because the entertainment industry needs the extra revenue from alcohol sales and often considers safe drinking behavior to be an economic threat to their industry.

Yet safe drinking behavior is actually no threat to their industry because more social drinkers can spend each day drinking up to 6 drinks a day with meals per person and not lose sleep over preloading and binge drinking on weekends.

Also the purpose of buying liquor - preferably beer - at night is not to drink it all away before morning but to have enough alcohol to stay within the 6 drinks a day limit. Public drinking education should consist of math quizzes to meet that limit and stay within it, in order to maintain a healthy social drinking climate.

None of the sly promotion of "drinking is fun" where the purpose of a bar or club is high drink sales to derive enough alcoholic revenue to offset the hourly minimum wage. Beer bongs, drinking shooters off hot models, and associated antics are actually done to encourage social drinking at levels which not too many social drinkers can sustain. Nor does ladies' night with half price on shooters.

All this does is lead to a 1-5 percent of a party of revelers to encounter blackouts and all the stupid shit that happens during blackouts, especially the ones that last a month, a year, or maybe even a decade or two.

Right now, I have to discuss sociopaths who drink, because they are the people who have lied to themselves so much that drinking is fun. One successful sociopath too many has said, "I like to have vodka in my cereal every morning." They thus center their lives around being the pernicious party animal.

Although the public health officials have labeled them "problem drinkers," their problem is actually the ability to believe the lies they tell other people about their drinking. Since their world revolves around drinking and socializing, they may be able to socially engineer a way to stay drunk throughout their lives and often turn preloading and binge drinking into an art form.

Along the way, alcoholic sociopaths give a bad rap to successful sociopaths like celebrities, business people and even Randolph Hearst, a publisher who made his money from alcohol advertisers before Prohibition but made money being a moral compass when Mae West came to New York City.

Yet Mae West helped Hollywood make money by challenging the moral taboos about being a sexy and successful sociopath for the entertainment industry.

A marvelous Hollywood celebrity who was quite successful during her career is Tallulah Bankhead, who not only drank her way around Hollywood but also snorted her way around the secret party scenes, too. Being a successful sociopath, she also slept her way from casting couch to the beds of other celebrities, men and women alike. Once she had to get a hysterectomy after a bad case of gonorrhea, and said in passing to the hospital surgeon "If you think this is going to stop my behavior, think again."

Thus it is best that sociopaths are detected during their first forays into social drinking before their white lies lead to the bigger whoppers they tell themselves when they totally bought into the YOLO attitude and made it their motto.

Anyway, I am all done with ranting and would like to thank Hollywood for popularizing social drinking (Jackass), cocaine (Traffik), risky behavior (American Pie), decadent hedonism (those crazy movies from the 30s involving dancing the shimmie while dressed in sheer fabric, and sociopathy that fails so horribly that sexual psychopathy becomes confused with benign sociopathic behavior by the sociopath's victims (American Psychopath).

If it wasn't for Hollywood, then we wouldn't have all the failed sociopaths who crossed the line into their five minutes of fame. If it wasn't for the brilliance of American mainstream media to enshrine individualism as freedom from neo-conservative sheep mentality, then there wouldn't be the Craigslist killer meme.

In conclusion, I would like to insert a sober moment here to end this rant by stating that the sociopath is not a broken individual as a child. Rather, she is not a victim of child abuse, neglect or anything that horrible.

Rather, a sociopath learns early that society is based on white lies which help us to sleep at nights. When a child is fibbing, it is child abuse to force them to stop lying when few parents can stomach telling their children the truth too early but sometimes fail to even figure out the truth about their society.

For a sociopath learns early in childhood that toeing the line comes with benefits and risks, including telling a white lie to ensure family harmony. What a brilliant career in big business awaits them, if only parents were taught from middle school about ethic and morals in a manner than benefits every child.

Indeed, when drinking becomes a sociopathy in middle school, parents should admit to the double standard and determine if they are narcissists, empaths or sociopaths instead of lying about these descriptions for what passes as normal human behavior.

Even so, "normal" is the biggest white lie to promote social harmony while leading to the stigma of the mentally ill without just cause. As is "denial" a white lie when declaring that a psychopath is sane.

Personality disorders are not a sign of insanity unless a person described as sociopathic are mistreated by former friends who can only see through the lies of the sociopath but have little insight into the white lies that lead to real whoppers like "the mentally ill are not really normal people".

Truth be told: Hollywood manufactured the propaganda that psychopaths are horrible people but the reboot of Halloween turn the story of a failed sociopath Michael Myers, who was neglected as a child but was molded by unprofessional therapy by Doctor Samuel Loomis and the incompetence of the State into a serial killer, the criminal psychopath.

However, American Psychopath is not an honest portrayal of sexual psychopathy because it leaves out the antihero's childhood. On the other hand the rebooted Halloween movies is only a portrayal of two kinds of sociopaths, the failed sociopath known as the criminal psychopath and serial killer Michael Myers and the successful soociopath, Dr Samuel Loomis.

Hollywood tells us white lies about sociopaths like Myers while showing Doctor Loomis as a successful sociopath. It also only documents the sexual psychopathy of the antihero in American Psychopath in adulthood, but offers no insight on the fact that he is a failed sociopath who social drinking helped him to fit in urban society.

Those people who fail as sociopaths to succeed sometimes develop a psychopathy if they maladapt to the stress that society places on them. Otherwise, they would be make fine successful sociopaths such as many CEOs, world leaders, and celebrities whose normative behavior endear them to their fans.

Perhaps society is subtly as sociopathic as it is empathic and narcissistic, for it encourages us to be normal in our lives, which might be described as one big snafu where the situation is normal but all fouled up.


The Mystery of the Soul (testimony)

We thank the Father for this personal revelation by the author.

In the olden days, it was thought that God helps place the soul in babies after conception from the premortal world. Today we know that the soul is actually passed on by man and wife in marriage during Es-ee-eks e.g. procreation creates a living human being who is also a soul.

There is no ghost in the shell. Or so the secularists have propagandized.

Most of the Bible says the body dies and goes to the grave, and the soul goes to Spirit World.

The secularist's conception of procreation conflicts with the religious idea of a soul leading to the pro life vs pro choice debate.

However, the Bible is silent on the soul as a separate entity save for the implication of eternal life if you choose Jesus as Savior -- which actually is when the Holy Ghost becomes pals with your soul and helps develop you into the spiritual being you become after living a spiritually rich life.

Overall, the soul is fully developed at conception but is awakened spiritually by action of the Holy Ghost on a person's life after baptism.

In the name of Jesus Christ I believe this to be true.

Buddha Nature, Buddha Love

Love unconditional originates with the Buddha in the form of Buddha Nature, which is the essence of his Boundless Life of Compassion and his Boundless Light of Wisdom.

Like the sunlight reflected off the moon, the Buddha's Compassion is realized through the wisdom of the Four Noble Truths.

Although life may be full of suffering, its cause is endless craving; its end, ceasing vain grasping at everything we crave; and the solution, the Noble Eightfold Path. This is the essence of the Four Noble Truths.

In the Noble Eightfold Path are the Threefold Division of wisdom, ethical conduct and concentration. Of the Eightfold Path factors, Right view and Right intention make up wisdom; Right speech, Right action, and Right livelihood make up ethical conduct; and Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right concentration make up Concentration.

Due to the effects of the samatha and vipassanā meditation practices, the Buddhist practitioner acquires the calm mind of clarity through samatha practice which accumulates the two acquired factors of Superior right knowledge and Superior right liberation through vipassanā practice.

In Mahayana Buddhist, the Threefold Divisions are known as the Three Higher Trainings, which consist of higher wisdom, higher moral discipline and higher concentration. These trainings lead to liberation and enlightenment through engagement with the motivation of renunciation (bodhicitta).

How does unconditional love originate with the Buddha? His compassion for the suffering of endless number of human beings led him to achieve Nirvana. After his death, his followers passed on the meditative practices of samatha-vipassanā to laypeople and Buddhist clergy. For his love for future generations led to the concept of Buddha Nature arising among his many practitioners.

Buddha Nature is the divine nature of the spiritually awakened mind, which is planted like a seed in the mind of a Buddhist follower through the careful and patient instruction of Zen masters, Buddhist practitioners and clergy, working together to carry on the legacy of Gautama Buddha.

Indeed, Buddha Nature also inspires the sincere desire to develop the mind spiritually so that the Buddhist practitioner is able to handle the challenges of life courageously and nobly.

How compassionate is the Buddha that he had foreseen our need to realize the spiritual purpose of life, which is to encourage spiritual development through meditative practice!

For Buddha Nature inspires love unconditioned by human suffering to relieve all practitioners of endless craving.


Noble eightfold Path:
Samatha and Vipassanā meditation:
Mahayana Buddhism:
Buddha Nature:
Amida Buddha, Lord of Boundless Light and Boundless Life:ābha


I am a Mirror (poem)

I am a mirror.
Whatever you say
About me reflects on you.
You call me "weak"
because of your weaknesses.
You call me "strong"
because of your strengths.
Reflecting thusly, my silence
is golden always.

You are a mirror
Reflecting on the mind
Entranced by the ego
Until lost in
the dualities
Of Self and Other.

I am a mirror.
Whatever I say
About you reflects on me.
I call you "weak"
Because of my weaknesses.
I call you "strong"
Because of your strengths.
Reflecting thusly, your silence
is golden always.

You are a mirror
Lost in the mind that projects
The ego upon the world,
Until found through
The reality
of Selflessness.

To free the ego grasping
In vain for the object of desire,
Appease the ego with love
Rendered unconditional by Buddha,
Whose smile is contagious
And Whose Nature is true.

What is that mirror
But a single facet
of the diamond mind of Buddha,
And each sparkling facet,
The mind of a bodhisattva
Reflecting on True Self
And the Other as One,
While the ego is appeased.

This is that mirror,
The mind in meditation
Reflecting with the clarity
of the diamond mind of Buddha,
Having appeased the ego
With Four Noble Truths
That led to the Eightfold Path —
Nirvana sets all of us free!

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Worshipping God as a Buddhist Mormon

In Article of Faith 11, it is written: "We claim the privilege of worshiping Almighty God according to the dictates of our own conscience, and allow all men the same privilege, let them worship how, where, or what they may."

This article of faith guarantees me the privilege to be a Buddhist Mormon, even though the Christian faithful who are deep in Christology claim that such syncretism is anathema to Christianity.

For myself as a Mormon, my Buddhist roots help me to clear my mind so that I am able to worship God according to the dictates of my own conscience.

Most of my worship consists of reading Mormon literature, and understanding various aspects of the LDS faith.

Additionally, the dictates of my own conscience is greatly influenced by religious pluralism, which helps to inspire a Christology that is further illumined by my Pure Land Buddhist origins.

Amida Buddha of Pure Land is defined as the boundless light of wisdom and the boundless life of compassion.

In Christianity, the light of Christ is akin to the spirit of Christ, and thus is closely identified with the Holy Ghost (Holy Spirit). As well, the Christ is referred to as the Word. Thus, the Word symbolizes the spiritual wisdom derived from the truth of Atonement i.e. that Jesus Christ sacrificed his life for the sins of mankind and God's Mercy is a free gift to all Christians whose sins are washed away in baptism.

Thus the Holy Ghost is the agent by which spiritual wisdom is derived by acting on the Christian through prayer and meditation inspired by scripture.

Likewise, compassion is symbolized by God's Mercy for all Christians who repent of their sins by following the articles of their faith.

Thus, much of my Buddhist practice of meditation helps me in my study of the Book of Mormon and related LDS scripture, which is vital to the greater understanding of LDS ideology.

Indeed, I am thankful to God for the privilege of his worship according to the dictates of my own conscience.


LDS Articles of Faith:


The Diamond Mind of Religious Pluralism (satire)

In the crystal clear diamond mind, the many faces of God are revealed, be it Mohammed, the Christ, Abraham, Zoroaster, Lao Tze, the Dalai Lama, and all prophets and sages throughout history.

For the diamond mind begins with the Buddha.

Each of these prophets are but lights Of the divine life whose message of unconditional love echoes throughout the ages as the Name-that-calls among Pure Land Buddhists, Kyrie Eleison among Christians, and many other chants and prayers of Buddhists, Jews, Muslims, Neo-Pagans, Taoists and all clergy, priests and shamans of all faiths.

When humanity worships in celebration of the spiritual, their religions reflect on the divine nature beyond the material world as though the whole world is in God's hands.

When each religion takes the unconditional love of a higher power and promotes peace on earth and good will to everyone, the mind of each of us is like the diamond mind of the Buddha, shining bright and clear with the radiant light of wisdom.


Amida Buddha Versus God: Neither Buddhist nor Christian Yet Both Buddhist and Christian (satire)

Amida Buddha is not a god, and the Pure Land is not a heaven. This is the difference between Buddhism and monotheism.

For a Buddhist can believe in the Primal Vow, and have faith that the Pure Land of Bliss exists, precisely because Amida Buddha was but a mortal who after many eons became a Buddha who awakened and is reborn in his Pure Land.

No one can say the same about God and heaven without sounding like he is babbling about a New Age cult or folk Christianity.

Though one American folk Christianity almost fits the bill: Mormonism when the Christology is overlooked for the esoterism inherent in Latter-Day Saint cosmology (premortal existence and the afterlife).

However, it takes a great leap of faith to see echoes of the Pure Land in the Three Glories of the Mormon Afterlife, namely the Celestial Kingdom, the Terrestrial Kingdom and the Telestial Kingdom.

Since Christianity is exclusive of other religions, the way I overcome the false dilemma of "serving two masters" is to consider LDS to be a materialist Christianity, as evidenced by the angel Moroni, the appearance of God and Jesus to Joseph Smith, and even the statue of Jesus Christ. In contrast, Pure Land Buddhism is a Buddhism that transcends materialism yet is like a diamond of the mind which reflects the spirit of Christianity.

Is not the Holy Ghost an echo of Buddha Nature? Cannot Buddha Nature cut through infinity to embrace the Holy Ghost?

Only those people of the LDS faith who are strict on the Christology would call this syncretism and object to it, due to their lack of insight about Pure Land Buddhism and possible rejection of religious pluralism.

For Christology is religiously exclusive to Christianity, and has rejected the metaphors and symbolism of Buddhism, while subtly accepting the syncretism from neo-Platonism and Roman mystical sources - especially the concept of an immortal soul, which is not what is meant by "immortal life".

Indeed, the immortal life as mentioned in the New Testament refers solely to the the state of being of the soul in the afterlife. For in this reality, the soul is mortal and begins at birth only to end at death until End of Days.

Then it arises and takes on a new body in the afterlife in one of the Three Glories.

In contrast, Pure Land Buddhism rejects the concept of immortality, and posits that each being's life is finite but rejects totally the concept of an immortal soul. For it is consciousness which lives on after death, yet this consciousness is not an immortal soul. The closest analogue in LDS cosmology is "intelligence."

Within context of Buddhism, immortality means the state of being which lasts for a very long but finite time. Even "forever" too is an exceeding long but finite period of time, too. Therefore, an immortal life is still a very long life which has an end in the indefinite future.

Thus, strict Christology is composed of magical thinking about time and is simplistic about premortal life and the afterlife.

Yet LDS Cosmology is merely the wire frame upon which the tenets of other religions may be placed until they fit right for each LDS member, no matter what their religious background is.

Although there is no Amida Buddha in LDS cosmology, the faint echoes of Buddhism do exist. Even so, this is a heterodox view which tries to synthesize LDS cosmology with Pure Land cosmology. Thus, it is neither Buddhist nor Christian yet both Buddhist and Christian. Overall, though, it would still take a leap of faith to view it as such.

"If you have faith, nothing shall be impossible" — Matthew 17:20

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Stress Relief Without Medication (satire)

Within the past week, I had this dream when it became clear to me that refined sugar is the probable cause of my nicotine addiction. As a result of that dream, I decided to research lysine and arginine over the past two days.

Here is what I have learned:

Both amino acids help reduce inflammation, improves the immune system, promotes healing of wounds, and treats anxiety without the side effects of medications that treat those four conditions.

Indeed, the stress relief found by daily supplementation of both arginine and lysine is noted in the trial involving 108 Japanese test subjects. This trial validates the fourth condition listed (relief of anxiety).

Lysine also is important to bone health and calcium metabolism, working synergistically with Vitamins D and K, calcium, magnesium and boron. In contrast, arginine is also helpful in maintenance of cardiovascular health through its effect on nitrogen oxide.

Consequently, both amino acids should help reduce the subjective impression of stress in a person's life without resorting to more powerful neuropsychiatric medications such as tranquilizers (benzodiazepines), SSRIs (antidepressants) and related medications.

In another medical trial, 29 subjects were dosed with 3 grams each of arginine and lysine for ten days. Then they were exposed to stress similar to that experienced in public speaking.

The trial results support the notion that the daily use of L-lysine combined with L-arginine may relieve anxiety and modify hormonal responses during psychosocial stress in people.

This is why I am confident that daily use of both arginine and lysine supplements will help reduce anxiety from stress. In doing so, my cold turkey remedy for nicotine addiction would benefit from the addition of both amino acids to my daily supplement regimen.

In due time, my adaptability to stress will increase and all anxiety will be too brief to be noticeable. Already am I feeling the change due to moderation of anxiety caused by taking arginine and lysine.

One side effect that I have noticed after having consumed 2 grams of both amino acids is relaxation to the point of sleepiness. This is supposed to be due to lysine acting on serotonin (5HTP4) receptors. Though I cannot discount normal fatigue, it has only been 10 hours since I rose from sleep.

Even after 4 hours sitting in front of the computer does not stress me out. So it is definitely worth the money spent on arginine and lysine supplementation.

As well, lysine can reverse the progression of autoimmune disease while arginine can actually improve a heart attack survivor's chance of recovery. Autoimmune disease may be due to herpes virus.

Additionally, a 5+ grams of lysine can help get over the "24-hour influenza" caused by overwork and stress-induced consumption of tobacco.

Disclaimer: this is not a product endorsement of arginine and lysine supplementation since the regular consumption of chicken and fish along with nuts (almonds, cashews, and other nuts) will supplement your daily needs of both amino acids. Note: you will have to eat a lot more nuts and soya protein to maintain high levels of both lysine and arginine on a vegan diet. This means that you must exercise vigorously at least three times a week for at least two hours, enough to break a healthy sweat. Otherwise, the nitrogen load of that much protein will harm your kidneys and liver.


Originally written on Jan 28, 2014 at 4:53 AM


Oral treatment with L-lysine and L-arginine reduces anxiety and basal cortisol levels in healthy humans.

Subchronic treatment with amino acid mixture of L-lysine and L-arginine modifies neuroendocrine activation during psychosocial stress in subjects with high trait anxiety.



How to Get a Lysine-Rich Diet:

Foods containing lysine and arginine:

Videos about arginine:

Video about lysine:

Autoimmunity's proposed cause:


Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is the unborn love awaiting a person's existence to manifest itself.

To love is to care for, to die for, and to live for other people regardless of being strangers.

To love unconditionally is to love without conditions attached to that Love.

Rather than saying "I love you", I say "I love the world." Instead of saying "I do it for myself," I say "I do it for everyone, including myself."

Thus is the ideal of unconditional love manifested. Anyone can care for their mother and father. Yet he who knows of God knows of His unconditional love for us all.

Such a Love as this was manifested when Jesus Christ died on the cross for all our sins.

It continues today with the rise of secularism as a challenge to God-fearing people to turn the other cheek when the spiritually ignorant atheists cherry pick quotes from the Bible that challenge the Christian worldview of a loving God.

Indeed, what right do the ignorant masses have to misrepresent Christianity? Free speech allows each of us to question the doctrines of both the Protestant and Catholic churches. They do not give each of us the right to harass believers in a vain attempt to prove religion is for weaklings.

For religion is not for the weak willed, because they shall soon find themselves choosing between mannah and God. Rather, religion is for the strong stomach, because there shall be challenges to one's faith in life.

At the root of these challenges is a lack of faith of the atheists. It makes me wonder what they truly have faith in.

What good is a life in which lack of faith is one's guide? Without faith, are they truly free?

However, even the atheists have their beliefs. I know not what they believe in, but have faith that they do believe, for they are human too.

As for faith, just as I have faith that God is merciful, I hope that the unbelievers have faith in whatever they worship, be it Pikachu or Captain Kirk or even science.

Throughout all of this, I also hope that unconditional love, in its myriad forms, is known to both the believer and the unbeliever. Though I do not know how such a Love would manifest among the unbelievers, I know that Love manifests in the form of the Christ for all Christendom.

For I have faith that unconditional love exists, and that it empowers me to act within the limits of my faith in God.


Fear of the Devil == diabolism == un-Christian

In a way, it's sacrilege for Christians, Jews and Muslims to claim the soul is immortal, which is a neo-Pagan concept.

By adding this layer of syncretism to dogma ("the soul is immortal"), along with the "Jesus is God incarnate" dogma, Christianity becomes nothing more than holy book that does not make sense apart from the sinners in the Old Testament and the matyrdoms of the New.
And when outsiders try to make sense of the Bible, the Christian snatches away, crying "You cannot add a new chapter to this Book; it's forbidden!"

About this "devil" and "satan" nonsense that mass media is utterly false. Jesus bound satan 1980 years ago, and the end of days have yet to arrive, because after end of days, satan is unbound for 1000 days/years.

Finally, I strongly object to telling everyone satan lives.

Dude, you're a Christian, and instilling fear of the devil is doing nothing more but explaining anything a Christian believes is immoral and sinful like enjoyable sex between consenting adults is actually a form of diabolism.

That's right: when someone puts the fear of the devil into another Christian's heart, all you are also doing is instilling a fearful respect for the devil while having a fearful respect for Jesus who is in Deity with God.

Is it not time to instill a stronger fear and respect of God?

For it is quite un-Christian to fear the devil, lest your fear distract you from God. It is thus best to fear only God and laugh at the devil. If we Christians believe God exists, then the existence of the devil is not debatable.

However, it is best to think of such a creature as so totally lost as to be shrouded in darkness.

How foolish are the satanists! For he who thinks satan will do you good, has everything backwards. Nowhere in the Bible does it say "fear your false Lord, Lucifer."

Indeed, the worship of satan is a lie that satanists let their egos get the best of them, and reject humility.

By encouraging a fear of the devil in God-fearing Christians, I wonder how this reassures any Christian that God ought not be feared. As long as the fiction that evil totally corrupts the soul which was made by God is prevalent, there is no belief in redemption.

Sadly then, if this is doctrine in the Roman Catholic Church, then it is why child abuse is rampant. For the scapegoating of evil for the folly of the good is commonplace in the Church.

Since the soul was created by God, all evil can do is cover it in the darkness of spiritual ignorance. This make it possible to redeem the lost soul, for evil — as well as good — is impermanent. It can be removed by doing good, even though such right action is ridiculed as old-fashioned.

Even though diabolism is un-Christian, it cannot tarnish the soul. For proof that this is so, I endorse anyone to search for anecdotes about a biker who gave up satanism for Jesus. His story will astound you.

Finally, although it may be the work of ignorant Christians to endorse the fear of the devil in order to win them over to the Christian side, it might instead lead to a superstitious fear of the devil, which is somehow counteracted by love for God.

If this love of God is too superstitious, then it may lead to inner conflict between ignorance and Enlightenment. Would it not then be better to inculcate love of God and be done with encouraging a subtle diabolism to arise inadvertently?

Indeed, the fear and respect of God is better for the soul than the unbelief that arises from fear of the devil.

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