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My Baptism (poem)

When one sheep out of a hundred sheep is found,
It is cause for celebration.
When one coin out of ten silver coins is found,
It is time for rejoicing.
When a person who was once lost is found,
Let the world know of the good news.

Having been made aware of penitence
He who has found the Light
Will be cleansed of all past sins
As he arises out of the water,
And shall find his new life
To be a complete change from the old.

I am that sheep,
for I am reborn.
Many thanks to God
And all witnesses.



Samadhi: The Meditation of Pure Joy

The cure for anger is simple:
cultivate love and practice patience
in the face of anger, desire, hatred, jealousy
and worldliness too base for comfort.
Show compassion for all sentient beings,
and know that loving kindness leads to
compassion so powerful, it burns away
evil karma until all that is left is merit.

May all sentient beings be happy!
May all sentient beings attain the pure joy of liberation!
May all sentient beings focus on the one-pointedness of mind!
May all sentient beings aspire to attain Buddhahood!
May all sentient beings become determined to be bodhisattvas!
May All sentient beings be loving in the face of anger and hatred!
May all sentient beings remember the kindness of their parents!
May all sentient beings be excellent to each other!

Gone away is this vain grasping self,
for in its place is selflessness as virtue
which drives away selfishness and its companions.
All that is left is the pure joy of liberation.

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On Being Nice

"Be nice" actually means respecting the group's social hierarchy by trying to become like-minded through the use of patience, perseverance and politeness, despite the situation.

It does not mean "fighting fire with fire", nor does it especially mean using one's higher intelligence like a blunt instrument.

Instead, being nice allows each of us a wide range of exercising basic goodness in unexpected ways, be it through asking questions, explaining your point of view and remaining silent to listen closely to understand what the other person is really saying.

Eventually, each person will eventually come to know what it means to be nice.

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It Only Matters That You Love

"It matters not who you love, where you love, why you love, when you love or how you love; it only matters that you love." — John Lennon

Love is the answer to all challenges in life. We only need to be inspired by love to respond to each challenge as though it means everything to us.

People who deny this simple truth may be blind to the power of unconditional love.

As for myself, I have seen how that Love has changed my response to life, to live as though a child, and to have that child-like response to my daily challenges.

This Love is the reason for being quick to smile and to face life without reluctance with the willingness to handle almost anything that comes my way.

Because I love, a smile will light up my face in response to meeting new friends, greeting strangers, and seeing the truth of life as it is.

Unconditional love inspires me to remain open minded, so I can only be human when that Love suddenly provides me with the answer to life's challenges: to lovingly handle them by accepting what cannot be changed by being courageous act on what can be changed, and by being wise enough to distinguish between the unchangeable and the changeable.

Thus, love is indeed the answer to the challenges of my life.

For unconditional love is the power that moves us to love.


Ahimsa and Metanoia

Ahimsa, active harmlessness, empowers people to do 'random acts of kindness', to help people in need, out of compassion, without any expectation of reward.

Metanoia is the realization that all sentient beings are helping you to become spiritually enlightened. Thus when a person realizes other people are helping him, that is metanoia.

This is the essence of "changing your ways" and changing your mind from the path of spiritual sin to follow the spiritual path of redemption. In Christianity, baptism celebrates this change of mind symbolically.

In Buddhism, Venerable Kongmu writes that "repentance in Buddhism is acknowledging our freedom and our ability to move through and beyond our mistakes in an honest appraisal of our lives."

In the Eastern Orthodox Church, 'repentance (Ancient Greek: μετάνοια, metanoia, "changing one's mind") isn't remorse, justification, or punishment, but a continual enactment of one's freedom, deriving from renewed choice and leading to restoration (the return to man's original state).'

Thus, repentance is affirmed as that change of mind that accompanies a spiritual rebirth into the deeply spiritual realm called euphemistically by Christians "the state of Grace".

Thus, the spiritually enlightened person becomes more kindly and more helpful towards other people. Thinking good of other people, he behaves out of compassion in a manner contrary to his "old ways".

Indeed is he harmless to all, remaining nonviolent while defending other people and himself from harm.

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Metanoia (theology):

Repentance before the 88 Buddhas - Buddha Fields:

Jesus Prayer:


Accidental Childhood Poisoning (satire)

When I was a little boy I had a nasty experience with fuel oil. This experience falls under the category of "accidental childhood poisoning."

My family was visiting friends, and I decided to check out the outside of the house. After spotting a hose attached to a big metal tank behind the house near the kitchen window, I thought, "Oh, there must be water at the other end of this hose."

To my surprise, as I sucked in less than a mouthful of fuel oil, I felt it burn my mouth — the oil probably also temporarily damaged my stomach and intestines. At least, it gave it a good cleansing from the inside out!

Within 48 hours of ingesting the fuel oil, my poo turned green for a day. The major traumatic experience was especially heightened while my mom was scolding me.

Of course, I was a stupid little boy who accidentally poisoned himself, but I survived the experience. It's great being really young, and having a body that is growing. It can shake off being poisoned by a mouthful of oil.

Do I worry about the risk of kidney and liver cancer due to exposure to a toxic petroleum product? No, I see no need to worry about cancer since the stress caused by worrying is much more dangerous on the short-term by causing forgetfulness, depression and mood changes.

Today, I don't even have nightmares about this experience which happened to me over 40 years ago.

Here is what I learned from this experience:

Never suck on a hose attached to a big tank near a house, thinking it contains water. That's not water; that's fuel oil.

A child's body can shake off a mild poisoning. However, there might be unforeseen psychological effects due to child neglect that will have to be worked out with your parents.

Even so, this is a case of accidental childhood poisoning and possible child neglect, for the reason why my family was visiting family friends was due to my father being invited to socialize over a couple bottles of beer.

Within Japanese culture, drink is important to loosen the tongue so that the drinker can relax and unwind while forming social bonds with friends. Unfortunately, most people who drink sometimes do not exercise moderation in their drinking by not setting a limit to how much they drink. At the time, my father was a social drinker and waited until he is sober before the return home.

Quite possibly, I was unsupervised by my parents and wandered off to encounter the childhood poisoning incident.

Whenever my family visited this family friend, I liked exploring their property which had a creek flowing through it, which used to have fish in it. Today, a part of the property was converted into Kiyo Park in Surrey, BC. The creek still flows through the property that became the park.

So I am thankful that I remember this experience today because childhood stupidity led to this near-poisoning.

Instead I take responsibility for that wrong action of mistaking fuel oil for water because it makes it easier to take my parents off the hook and then take myself off the hook. The incident is so old that my mind has buried it deep, having resolved it decades ago.

This incident stays in the pot of my traumatic life experiences because it is so old only I remember it. My father has passed away so he is absolved of his part in the incident, and my mother is 85 and does not need to be reminded.


Overview of petroleum product poisoning:

Cancer due to petroleum product:

Stress and its effects:

Japanese drinking culture:


Maybe - A Zen Story about Acceptance and Surrender

A farmer lived in the days when fighting was going on between small kingdoms in China. This farmer had a son.

His son, with the aid of the horse, was tilling a small field. One day the horse ran away. The neighbors came and said, 'It's a very bad thing. You have such bad luck." The farmer said, "Maybe."

So the next day the horse came back with half a dozen other wild horses. The neighbors came again and they said, "What tremendous luck." So he said, "Maybe."

On the third day the son, while trying to ride one of the wild horses, fell and broke his leg. Again, the neighbors came and said what bad luck it was, and the farmer said, "Maybe."

The next day the king's people came to recruit strong healthy farmers into the army. When they found this farmer's son with a broken leg they left him alone. So, again, the neighbors came and said it wasn't such bad luck after all and that everything had turned out well. The farmer said, again, "Maybe."

By saying "Maybe", the farmer shows acceptance of the trials of life and surrender to the Absolute. He lets go of clinging to this life, and lets God work in his mysterious ways.

While the farmer could have reacted to the three misfortunes that happened to him, he didn't. Instead, he ignored his neighbours who attributed his misfortune to luck but held his peace. Therefore misfortune is not due to luck at all; nor is good fortune.

Circumstances will happen for a reason that we cannot fully understand, and only through maintaining this farmer's stoicness are we able to open our eyes to the truth.

By accepting the trials of life without lamentation, the wise are able to surrender to the Absolute. This is known as "letting go and letting God."

Meditation on Being Single and In a Relationship (satire)

This article is about responsibility, both in my personal life and within a relationship. It is a reflection on how I perceive responsibility, both as a single person and in a relationship. It is a description of how I view my life and the potential of a relationship.

I am solely in charge of my own life. It would be totally irresponsible of me to be totally responsible for another person's life. So when I share my life with other people, the boundaries will rise up when necessary.

Each of us is only responsible for his own life, outside of a loving relationship. It would help to clearly define those boundaries in a relationship so that the other person always is able to handle theirs.

However, true love means that each person in a relationship be emotionally supportive of each other. It does not mean we take responsibility for another person's life. Rather it means that we are responsible for providing emotional support for each other.

Deciding to be responsible for our mutual lives together implies that we be responsible to each other. The whole goal of a relationship is to acting interdependent on each other.

Self-reliance is balanced by reliance on each other for emotional support. It does not imply that we absolve ourselves of being responsible to each other.

I cannot live another person's life. It is enough to live my own. Any potential lover ought to realize that love does not excuse them of behaving in a responsible manner that promotes stability both emotionally and mentally.

Neither side ought to take each other for granted. For that is what love is about: seeing each other as worthy and vital to the relationship.

Returning to my own life, I show responsibility by paying my own bills and taking care of my material needs, from paying rent to paying for food. However, my sense of individuality requires adjustments (less independence) within the context of a relationship.

If I am blessed with a relationship, then so be it.

As for now, I am content with being single. Although the single life is overrated, and the loneliness is sometimes more than I can bear, I plan to take each day as it comes and focus on what the day brings me.

Is being alone so bad? Not really. It only becomes stressful when a tinge of loneliness comes over me. Meditation helps me here, as well as being thankful to all the blessings in my life.

Such blessings include being alive, the ability to feel emotions and maintain emotional control, having a job, paying bills, discussing matters of importance with my friends, visiting my mother weekly, and maintaining control over my life.

Most certainly, falling in love with a lover is also a blessing. In fact, it is a double blessing since we would be blessed with each other's presence. Hopefully our mutual respect for each other will moderate our love for each other.

In a relationship, each party wants to care for the other person's feelings and discuss their expectations in the relationship to make it work and last a long time. Then they can work towards the goal of balancing their sense of self with sense of selflessness that a relationship demands.

By selflessness is meant emotional support for the other person's emotional well being, and the willingness to sacrifice selfish desires for the willingness to share resources to help exist as a couple.

Both partners in a relationship develop a sense of us to complement the sense of self as individual. Thus there is a sharing of resources and of their time together.

I find a relationship to be moderately stressful because my own independence is compromised by the interdependence on which a relationship is based. There is less alone time and more times together, and sometimes this leads me to go with the flow and see what happens.

This is because the unknown qualities of the relationship exist. Unless she sincerely shares her thoughts with me about us and the relationship, I do not know what she wants from the relationship. Likewise, unless I share my thoughts with her about us and the relationship, she would not know what she wants from the relationship.

However, I do see that the anxiety I have about a relationship is based on the shortness of previous relationships that I have had. Perhaps I am intimidated by being with a woman, and this affects both my thoughts and feelings about myself and about her.

Overall, I realize that the stress of being in a relationship is a given. As well, my coping skills have improved over the years so I am prepared for a relationship, should it arise.

Yet I would much rather remain single because of the freedom. Yet I also realize there is freedom in a relationship i.e. by relying on a partner, a person does not have to be totally self reliant, though it is useful to maintain self reliance when apart for extended periods of time.

Why do I like being single as opposed to being in a relationship? I am free of responsibilities that come with being in a relationship i.e. shared life, mutual interdependence, and sense of us.

I doubt that I am that selfish that I cannot handle being in a relationship. At the moment, I am not that selfless yet so as to be able to fully exist as a partner for another person.

As I said, if it happens, then it happens. Being single is not that selfish of a relationship when my thoughts are on my friends, my family and even strangers. It depends on the situation, but I have a handle on my life.

In any case, I am blessed with being single and am comfortable with being alone. My loneliness is handled through a strong reliance on meditation and prayer, along with sublimation of desire by reading books and inspirational material. I also keep a journal and post often to this blog.

It's a Holy War to the Jihadis! (satire)

In order to fully comprehend what is happening in IRaq, Syria and other parts of the Middle East, it is opportune to start with the Crusades.

How do we explain the Crusades to post-modern society?

That's when white Europeans were asked by the dying Byzantine Empire to defend Christendom from brown Arabic Muslims, who were "liberating" the Middle East from oppression of Christian "heretics" by the religious orthodoxy and their state collaborators.

We might be prone to deny the racism in this case because it is and was a clash between religions: Islam versus Christianity.
Yet the actual result of the First Crusades was the establishment of Christian Kingdoms run by minor European nobles who lusted for the glory of an imperial dynasty.

Both sides of this conflict in the Middle East did so for the noble cause called "the Glory of God." Yet sometimes religion is used to distract us from the fact that both sides were in it for fame and fortune.

Please keep that in mind when you hear about the Islamic State being bombed by the US.

It is a religious war for the jihadis. It is not a terrorist crisis. Rather, it is a moral crisis, a war between decadent secularism and holy Islamism. The irony is, jihadis are a corrupt people operating outside of mainstream Islam.

These jihadis are not really "good' Muslims, but fervent religious fanatics who may be worse than Westboro Baptists hating gays.

It's a holy war for those Jihadis.

why do you think the religious right have been co-opted by the GOP in America? Why do you think Christian democrats run Germany? Indeed, Vladimir Putin's ties to the Russian Orthodox Church is tied to his ban of homosexuality in Russia.

Ah, those silly end-of-days fanatics need to rein in ushering in the end of the world!

Street Survival: Whatever Works (satire)

I firmly believe that the only way for me to survive on the streets, is to be harmless and not a threaten to anyone. However, I say this as a small person who physically is not a threat to anyone at all.

This means, do not argue with the aggressor. Show your hands. In most cases, you will be left alone.

Yet I know of a few tall men who get picked on occasionally in the rougher suburbs of Vancouver by men who are so intimidated by men taller than themselves that their fear morphs into aggressive behavior which is inappropriate to social norms and violates the rules governing civil behavior.

Even though I may know the motives of the aggressors, and take pity on their victims, who considered it beneath their dignity to fall for the ruse but are physically capable of defending themselves, I point them out not out of criticism but out of one question, "Why?"

Any person who picks a fight on a person, regardless of size would reply, "Because I can."

It is not worth my time to argue against this kind of logic since it all too often leads to a fight.

Instead, I am now going to discuss two types of self-defense, the first of which requires speed and a lot of hiding places which provide enough safety to call for help and the second, a corner and a very strong will to live.

The number one rule in both forms of self defense is maintain distance between your self and the aggressor. No matter how much psychological warfare he uses through insults and verbal forms of aggression, maintain the advantage by not falling for it. Tell him to keep his distance.

For the first form of self-defense is called "run and hide". It assumes that the person under attack knows all the hiding places which will provide up to 30 minutes of safety.

A stairway in a building is a good example but the person must be willing to climb flights of stairs during those critical 30 minutes. Even better is a secured place with a door for which the person has a key but that still assumes that the aggressor is far enough away to unlock, close and lock the door. This assumes that the person under attack has the physical stamina to climb a lot of stairs. It also assumes that the person knows the physical layout of each level of the building.

My reason for a hiding place providing 30 minutes of safety is that is the minimum time it takes for the police to arrive when calling 9-11.

Another variant of "run and hide" is called "Frogger" and requires being near a stream of city traffic and agility. When under attack you dance into traffic, avoiding cars and trucks, and try to time things so that the aggressor abandons pursuit. This requires agility as not all drivers will stop and honk when a person is blocking traffic. This variant is also called "run and hide in plain sight". ;)

In the second form of self-defense, this is called "backed in a corner". It requires the person to fight off his aggressor, and is a no-win scenario if the aggressor is bigger than he is, or has a weapon. However, the tactic to use in the no-win scenario is to use psychological warfare to 1) show you have no weapon, and 2) appeal to the ego of the aggressor to fight a fair fight and engage in fair play. In such a scenario, there is no margin of safety at all. :o

However, more psychological warfare may be done to give the person under attack an advantage.

Another variant of this kind of self defense is called "chicken plucking" and involves the person under attack to remove articles of outer clothing to demonstrate to the aggressor what a fair fight involves. >:)

If you want to avoid robbers, when you see a person who has been following you for fifteen minutes, then walk towards him. Few robbers will attack a person face to face, since you have seen their face. "Run and hide" will only work if you know the neighborhood.

As for avoiding being mugged, act paranoid. A mugger needs the element of surprise.

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Grow a Vagina (satire)

Sometimes in the near-future, two old gents were arguing in New Tokyo:

Old Man 1: なぜあなたは、膣、老人を成長しない?
Old Man 2: 膣を育てる?どのような外陰部での非表示はどうですか?
Old Man 1: 私は外陰部行ったことがない。私は一から百までパーセントディックだ。
Old Man 2: ディックヘッドのようなより。
Old Man 1: あなたがいずれかを持っていないように、あなたはとても古いです!
Old Man 2: 鶏はあなたのでたらめで我慢されていないため、さて、あなたは、何オンドリはありません。
Old Man 1: 私が気取って歩くコックないんだけど、あなたが膣。
Old Lady: 恥を知れ、あなたの両方。代わりに生産的であることのあなたのペニスの大きさについて再び口論。

Translated to Romaji:
Old Man 1: Naze anata wa, chitsu, rōjin o seichō shinai?
Old Man 2: Chitsu o sodateru? Do no yōna gaiinbu de no hi hyōji wa dōdesu ka?
Old Man 1: Watashi wa gaiinbu itta koto ga nai. Watashi wa ichi kara hyaku made pāsentodikkuda.
Old Man 2: Dikkuheddo no yōna yori.
Old Man 1: Anata ga izureka o motte inai yō ni, anata wa totemo furuidesu!
Old Man 2: Niwatori wa anata no detarame de gaman sa rete inai tame, sate, anata wa, nan ondori wa arimasen.
Old Man 1: Watashi ga kidotte aruku kokku nai'ndakedo, anata ga chitsu.
Old Woman: Hajiwoshire, anata no ryōhō. Kawari ni seisan-tekidearu koto no anata no penisu no ōki-sa ni tsuite futatabi kōron.

Translated to English:
Old Man 1: Why won't an old man like you grow vagina?
Old Man 2: Grow a vagina? Are you hiding in the vulva?
Old Man 1. I'm 100% dick.
Old Man 2: More like dick head
Old Man 1: As you do not have either, you are very old!
Old Man 2: Because the chicken does not put up with your bullshit, and you aren't a rooster.
Old Man 1: I do not cook to walk smugly, but you are a vagina.
Old Lady: Shame, both of you. The bickering again about the size of your dick instead of being productive.

A Jack Mormon Confession (satire)

Since June I personally have refrained from hot drinks, alcohol, illegal drugs and tobacco. As well, I am celibate.

Between myself and God, I am repenting my past sins in private. On Friday, August 29, I am to be baptized as a Mormon.

So all that talk of remaining a Jack Mormon is pure satire. My epiphany came when I read the anti-Mormon views on the interviews preceding baptism: they gave me the wrong impression.

Nobody in the hierarchy asks you to confess your darkest sins to them, for that isn't supposed to be shared with another mortal soul.

While I am still going to be liberal and still write about Buddhism, politics and other topics that I am interested in, I am also going to write about Mormonism as objectively as I am able. Though the anti-Mormon propaganda will no longer be of interest to me, except perhaps to provide inspiration for commentary.

For now, this post will provide me with the opportunity to explain simply why I decided to be baptized as a Mormon.

With eyes open and an open heart, I attended all the instruction hours since the end of May until now and will continue to do so.

While I am convinced that Joseph Smith Jr was inspired by God to write the Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price, the Testimony of the Three Witnesses only convinces me of his inspiration. However, I will go along with the cover story that the angel Moroni took those brass plates back to wherever he went.

My own statement above is not a confession of doubt but is made because I have never been shown the original literature by the angel Moroni.

As well, the Egyptian hieroglyphics which inspired Joe Smith to write the Book of Abraham do not translate as that book. Even so, I would consider Mr Smith as inspired by God to write all the scriptures specific to Mormonism and consider him a Mormon prophet.

Nothing I have written so far will fully explain why I became a Mormon. I am sure that it's because I am a people pleaser.

Also, the fact that this local Mormon community is the least judgmental of all Christian denominations has also convinced me that my choice is the best one to make out of all the choices that I faced.

For I could have rejected Mormonism and dealt with being a Buddhist whose spirituality accepted that there is a God and even allowed for the Christ. On closely examining my sarcastic statement that "my Christ is the Buddha", I realize that the statement is considered a religious one by Christians of other denomination.

So my explanation for becoming a Mormon is actually summed up by the concept of the Buddha as my Christ, due to the religious pluralism that I have been quietly practising since 1990. This has been confirmed for me by the Mormon cosmology regarding the souls of pre-mortal times to today's current incarnation on Earth and to the Afterlife. Even Spirit World and Spirit Prison fit into my Buddhist worldview, though the Celestial, Terrestrial and Telestial Kingdoms would become similar to Buddhist heavens.

Of course, at first glance, the Mormon cosmology is in my eyes more like a rough draft of the more complex Buddhist cosmology. Though it is more likely that I am not going to revert to Buddhism because of this revelation.

Another reason why I became Mormon because I like the fact that the Mormon literature has had articles on Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism written without critique of each religion.

It is that religious pluralism which confirms my belief that Mormonism is going to be the most wonderful part of my spiritual journey.

Even so, everyone who thinks I have gotten sucked into a cult have no idea at all because they might keep forgetting that I have become Mormon with my eyes open and my heart open to the Church of Jesus Christ and Latter Day Saints. That does not mean I am going to forget my roots as a Buddhist. Instead, Mormonism will take what I have learned about Buddhism to a new level.

Because this blog is semi-private, I will only refer to the Elders and the wonderful brothers and sisters of my local Mormon ward without specifically identifying anyone.

Thank you too to the brothers and sisters, and especially Elder M and Sister M who all served as hosts for dinner - three wonderful dinners that led from uncertainty to confusion and finally to understanding.

However, my thanks goes out to Elder L who invited me to church, Elder M who patiently instructed me, Elder F who knows his wushu very well, and Elder T, whose words impress me the most. Also thanks to Brother C for his sponsorship.

A poem on My Baptism (which I plan to read after baptism):


Be Discreet in Your Confessions (satire)

Regarding the confession of sins before the clergy by a church member, I find that what a person does in his or her home should not be aired in church, even when such a confession might be warranted in private.

This article is about confessions of sin in religion. If the gentle reader is not at all religious, then this article is still useful as a guide in being discreet when being candid with a trusted family member, friend and even a coworker or a work supervisor.

From what I have been able to understand, the clergy believes moral responsibility implies that they should pressure their members and their children to suppress natural human desires in order to enjoy a utopia in the afterlife. Additionally, some of them would pry into the privacy of one of their members, using the ruse that confession of sin is good for the soul while sometimes using the private information revealed to them unethically.

Personally, I feel that what people do in the privacy of their home is their responsibility. Airing one's dirty linens in a confessional risks the sinner being subject to invasion of privacy and needless shame. It also opens a whole ball of wax, because it's more socially acceptable to be sincere about keeping the faith than to be totally candid about personal privacy.

Indeed, a few unscrupulous clergy may have used their position of authority to make a vulnerable member compliant to what amounts to emotional blackmail, which is a violation of the sanctity of confession of sins.

It is truly unethical for the clergy to take advantage of a church member who is candid about his or her sins. Indeed, it is morally irresponsible for the clergy to force a member to do something against his or her will through the use of emotional blackmail to keep them quiet.

For this is devilish of clergy to behave in such a way, especially when it is excused by declaring that it is done for the member's own good i.e. ensuring one's destiny in the afterlife.

By exercising power and control over a church member in such a manner, the clergy certainly is not behaving ethically, regardless of any justification made.

So I would caution church members to be careful about what sins they confess before clergy. For personal privacy means that any member is free to maintain her privacy about personal questions that the church has no business asking.

Am I suggesting that a church member lie? No, if the questioning gets uncomfortable, then the church member should sincerely declare that she is not there to air her dirty linen without a supportive witness present.

It also is unethical for a witness for emotional support to side with the clergy should the member be candid about her sins. That witness' role is to provide emotional support, not gang up on the sinner.

Even so, it requires much prayer before being candid about one's sins. The clergy is actually practising a form of psychological abuse when demanding a full confession of sins with the threat that lack of candidness means a trip to Hell.

Indeed, warrantless emphasis on the destiny of the wicked as 'damned to Hell' without presenting the strong case of mercy by a loving God through repentance is itself a kind of sin that equally damns anyone else. For it is indeed devilish to needlessly frighten a church member into compliance.

This is why I would caution church members to be ever vigilant when in an interview with clergy or a member of high standing, so as to not complicate the confession process needlessly.

It is far better to confess privately to God your private sins, and pray for forgiveness than to confess about them with clergy, unless you trust them to keep your sins secret and to remain morally responsible in light of your confession of sins to them.

I am sure this is why we are selective about who we confess our errors to, lest the empaths try to shame us into repentance, which is different from freely repenting.

We are not perfect, being human. Yet there might be some unscrupulous person to abuse their moral responsibility by violating their sense of professionalism and turning sociopathic, if only to "teach us a lesson".

So be discreet about what you confess to a confident who you trust, and always be open to repentance.


Curing Lust (satire)

Imagine the flesh of someone you lust rotting away, turning into a rotting corpse, and decaying until all that's left is a skeleton of a human being.

Bring this to mind every time you lust for that person until you do not even think of the object of your desire, lest you conjure of that horrible vision of a person dying and rotting, and becoming bone.

I'm pretty sure that such an extreme meditation practice would ruin your libido for good. Indeed, it is a meditation practice for Buddhist monks and nuns. They who faithfully practice this meditation never experience sexual misconduct within a Buddhist monastery.

In a worst case scenario, this practice might be the Buddhist cure for sex addiction, except Westerners mistake meditation practice for religion & mdash; as opposed to Christianity, where a sinner may be shamed and made to feel guilty for natural sexual behavior, which purportedly causes psychological hang-ups and manufactures from one of out of every twenty-five church members a sociopath who might work his way up in the religious hierarchy.

A priest becomes a sociopath when he breaks his celibacy vows, and lies to his bishop. A bishop becomes a sociopath when he turns church bingo into a multimillion-dollar business. A Pope becomes a sociopath when he hides being a soldier in a war in his youth.

However, being gay does not stop a man from becoming a priest. It might cause him to fight for the rights of all living beings on this earth. It all depends on the man.

Perhaps this meditation could be modified for drug addiction: just imagine the worst-case scenario where you take your drugs in a homeless shelter and are prey to black boys speaking Haitian Creole.

Sure, like that's going to work.

If you believe in the fallacy that "all sociopaths are evil" when the truth is, only unsuccessful sociopaths are deemed evil by Western society when they get caught. Once caught, these people might be thrown under the bus by a few mainstream media journalists who promote a moral panic about sociopaths under the guise of responsible journalism.

Sometimes, karma is a bitch when you let lust control your life, be it for sex, drugs, and even money. Most of the time, we think the libido is normal and natural, and that repressive means of controlling it is tantamount to the abuse of a person's individual human rights.

It is not psychological abuse for Buddhist monks and nuns to practice this kind of meditation, because they do so willingly. Yet it would be abuse if such meditation practices were mandatory for unprepared people, even in a clinical setting.

This is why no Buddhist organization endorses such a practice, and rely only on the Five Precepts of the Buddhist code of ethics (abstain from killing, abstain from theft, avoid sexual misconduct, abstain from false speech, and abstain from consuming alcohol and drugs).

For this meditation practice is not for laypeople, and could potentially harm any Buddhist who practices it outside of a monastery. I do not endorse its practice, but mentioned it here to show how preposterous it would be to serve as the cure for lust.

It is safer for the Buddhist practitioner to practice the Five Precepts than to become a monk or nun in a Buddhist monastery. Indeed, it is harmless, provided the practitioner keep all the precepts and practice them diligently while repenting from minor infractions (lying, gossipping, and consuming alcohol and drugs).

Perhaps this explains the practice of Pure Land Buddhist practitioners who chant the Buddha's name (Nianfo or Nembutsu) to burn off the evil karma of past wrongful actions. In this way do they purify their mind. For this is a path of easy practice that helps them achieve peace of mind.

In my opinion, these diverse Buddhist practices of chanting and meditation are examples of sexual sublimation, and positive expressions of libido.



Five Precepts:

The Lady With No Legs (satire)

Recently I've had dreams so real that I'm almost convinced that during sleep my consciousness crosses over to another dimension that only exists in my mind.

Probably it's a side effect of my brain transferring my daily memories that have emotional meaning into long term memory.

One memory of my childhood is of an Asian woman who reminds me of my mother except she is floating and has no legs because she is a ghost. I had this dream when I was nine. The thing is, that's how ghosts are depicted in a few Asian ghost stories.

However, I never watched Asian ghost stories but read about it within the past five years. So how does a nine year old Asian kid dream about a ghost from his culture's mythology?

Maybe that's because the ghost might be an ancestor. About that time, my grandmother on my father's side was influencing my mother negatively, a subtle form of mental abuse which in Japanese culture is accepted as a social norm.

Yesterday I visited my mother, and she told me about my father's grandmother, and my father's uncle, his mother's brother, who is my great-uncle. He was close to his mother even after she ran away with a lover. This is because of a younger child's love for his mother.

Perhaps the ghost I dreamed about is my great grandmother. She never said anything to me in the dream. Why would she? Perhaps she appear in my dream because my grandmother couldn't get over my great grandmother's abandonment of her daughter and her son. For my grandmother was old enough to resent her mother abandoning her.

To avoid scandal, my great grandfather got adopted into a rich family's. My grandmother grew up privileged, yet she married a farmer in Canada to get away from her mother, due to the shame my great grandmother brought to the family.

Perhaps this explains why I don't care if a person is rich or poor, as long as they promote respect of other people, regardless of social status. It might even explain why I never got married.

In recent years I've never dreamed about Asian ghosts in my dreams anymore because I sleep lightly.


"A yūrei's hands dangle lifelessly from the wrists, which are held outstretched with the elbows near the body. They typically lack legs and feet, floating in the air." & mdash; Yurei:

A Short Word on Breath Meditation (satire)

From meditation, I learned how to control my breathing. After meditating for many years — almost 25 years now mdash; it dawned on me that controlling my breathing works for recovery from a cold over two years ago.

One day, the tickle in my throat preceding a cough almost overcame me, which was overcome by controlling my breathing until the cough went away.

Today I have practice these breathing exercises consistently. To the average person, breathing is overlooked as unimportant and hardly necessary.

For myself, I find that on days when I do not practice my breathing exercises, I am not as calm as I am when I do practice these exercises.

So rather than simply breathing, I instead count out my breaths while feeling thankful to the Buddha and to God. However, it is important for me to point out that being thankful to a person you admire (a mother or suitable substitute) is also equally useful during breath meditation.

Furthermore, my years of meditation must have paid off because my heart rate ranges from 50-96 beats per minute. which I attribute to meditation and also regular exercise.

It is due to regular exercise and positive thinking that the benefits of breath meditation become amplified.

People sometimes wonder why meditate. My answer is, meditation will help you control your mind and your body, so that you may better serve other people as a friend, a lover or a worker. Indeed, meditation truly is the only mind control tool to help your master your mind and body for your benefit and to benefit society.

Breathe deeply and master body and mind!


The Old Fool and the Jar of Perfume (satire)

When this old fool focuses on mercy, love and forgiveness, that is no cause for alarm. Instead, it is a cause for joy.

Indeed, the world admires well the refreshing change in him, and encourages his new life. Yet this old fool never shall abandon the life of service offered to him.

Months ago as he listened to the pretty saleswoman give her priceless sales pitch before selling a jar of perfume to him, he realized his error in offering to buy it without listening to the woman.

Her story about the perfume only increased its worth when she was finished.

"Will you take fifty-five pieces of silver?" he asked. "I would offer more but that's all I have."

Instead of answering, the sales woman talked with her partner, who was just as pretty as her, saying, "He offers fifty-five but would offer more. What should we do?"

To which her partner replied, "I'll take it from here, Sarah."

"Of course, Diana, please do."

This old fool felt for his purse, and silver coins jingled in it. "Fifty-five is my only offer," said he with enthusiasm.

"The offer is fine, but we'd like to drop by to instruct you on the perfume's use."

"I know how to apply this perfume," replied the man. "It's like any other perfume, then?"

"No, this perfume has many different uses. If we let you go on your way without careful instructions, then you might end up smelling too pretty for the neighbours."

The man looked perturbed. "Is this a special perfume then?"

"You might say that it is. It's not like you could put a dab behind each ear and be done with it." Sarah smiled at the old fool.

"Ok, if it is a special perfume needing instruction while visited by you and your lovely friend, I'll pay now."

"That's ok," replied Sarah. "We'll instruct you on its use over several weeks to ensure it isn't wasted or misused. Then we'll take installments on your offer."

"Eh? This is new. You sold me on the perfume and now you want me to pay in installments? Are you trying to cheat me?"

"No," replied Diana. "After our instructions, you would be more than willing to pay by installments."

"Okay then," said the old fool. "I live at the foot of the hill near the meandering creek. It's a short jaunt from here. When's best for your arrival in a week, is it?"

"We'll be there in a week, and spend but an hour to instruct you on your perfume's use."

Over a period of two months, the two women instructed this old fool about the perfume. Then they took the first installment payment of a piece of silver. "Every month, we shall be back for payment, but shall continue to visit you weekly. However, let's now apply that perfume."

So they asked him to open the jar of perfume and he did. It had a mild rose-like smell. Instead of daubing his ear with a dollop of it, they daubed the soles of his feet.

"What kind of perfume is this that you rub it on the soles of my feet?" he asked them.

"You shall soon see," Diana replied, and looked at Sarah who said, "The soles of the feet are where this perfume works its magic."

Within minutes, this old fool felt calm and refreshed. "What sort of magic is this?"

Sarah said, "It's not really magic or trickery. This is a perfume that requires us to instruct you on its use. We anoint you with it, because of its special properties. Merely dabbing it behind your ears does nothing."

And this old fool just relaxed, and nodded. The perfume was doing its magic with him, for his calm and sedate mood left him happy and full of joy.

"We now leave you, sir!" they said in unison.

Each week, more instructions were given to the man by Diana and Sarah. A year later, he had paid off his fee for the jar of perfume, of which over half remained. So that must have been a big jar, indeed.

By then, this old fool had come to know and love both women like his daughters, if he was married. Yet being an old fool, he had chosen the virgin lifehood over marriage.

Three weeks into the new year, he was paid up but offered to buy a second jar of perfume. They accepted and more visits and instructions occurred. This old fool was a happy camper, for he had met with Diana and Sarah for over a year now, and they were now like family.

Eventually, this old fool discovered that the perfume had rejuvenating powers. His grey hair had vanished, and his memory was better than it was when he first met those saleswomen. So when they came to visit 23 weeks later, he made them a deal.

"I am so much enthralled by these jars of perfume that I want to learn to make them and sell them too."

To this, Diana said "We make this perfume with our father." Sarah added, "And we use special herbs and spices in its making."

"I promise to keep secret the formula," said the old fool.

"We'll ask our father," said both women.

A week later, they returned with 20 jars in a cart and their brother Joe. "We'll set up a kiosk with Joe's help."

Within two weeks, Joe had sold all the jars, and was also instructing ten customers. As years passed by this old fool became a rich man. He was beloved by all his customers, and Diana and Sarah decided to share the formula with him.

His batch of perfume was even better than the original, due to the special herbs he used in addition to the original formula. Not only were his customers rejuvenated but they also went on to sell his jars of perfume and also prospered. In due time, everyone was a happy camper, selling jars of perfume to more customers.

Diana and Sarah never objected to the change in the perfume's formula. It meant more profits for them too, because this old fool gave them 10% of his profits.

Ultimately, everyone became healthy and quick witted and lived a long life. They were also very rich, but always kindhearted and loving towards their neighbours and customers.

Here was a man who showed mercy, love and forgiveness did he prosper after meeting those pretty saleswomen, all due to the power of unconditional love.

Liquid Sunshine (poem)

Rain is like liquid sunshine,
Each raindrop a child of the sun
Taken from oceans, rivers, and lakes
To become clouds which gather
Before the storm, only to fall
From the sky and wet the dry earth.
Rain, your fall from the sky is welcome!


Praises to the Buddha (poem)

Breathing in and out,
This old fool wants not a thing,
For he is no one
But a bag of bones, awake
And marveling at it all.

Once he was as young
As a child so long ago -
But now, young at heart,
He sits in silence, alone
And with a smile on his face.

Breathing in and out,
This old fool knows not a thing,
Yet he is quiet
While sitting there, alone
With the Buddha in his heart.

When he was so young,
A child, this old man did err,
Yet such innocence
Deserves mercy even now -
Thankfulness is his mantra.

Breathing in and out,
This old fool sees everything -
This dear saha world,
And the Pure Land awaiting...
His fate is truly assured.

Once he was so young,
But now this man is so old,
His mind is awakened
By Nirvana's splendid bliss.
Ah! Praises to the Buddha


Dealing With Masturbation and Pornography Easily (satire)

I am of the opinion that most ex-Mormons lie. The proof is that they refer to Mormonism as a cult, and also they have lied about the interviews leading to baptism.

While I never got asked a question about my private sex life, I was asked if I carried on in a homosexual relationship, which I truthfully told the truth. There was no question that directly asked about masturbation and pornography, which I would have objected to strongly because it appears to be borrowed from outside Christian sources (mainly Catholic and Baptist).

Indeed, higher officials in the church have no business asking about masturbation since there is no Biblical precedence at all. As for pornography, it is harder to justify being anti-pornography because most of the arguments against it do not distinguish between erotica and pornography, and obsess too much about spiritual cleanliness.

How can masturbation and porn make a believer unclean when the soul is originally pristine in pre-mortal times. It is only the body and mind that become unclean. While you can wash the body clean, only careful prayer and meditation, as well as fasting, can purify the mind.

This is why I meditate by practising breath meditation. In the process of slowing my heart rate, I also clear my mind and calm it down to help attain a mind of clarity, the pure mind.

No matter how much I masturbate, regular meditation will undo any harm it causes. It is not like a stain that never comes out, for it can be "washed away" through prayer, meditation and fasting.

Therefore, the Christian authorities are only exercising power and control over a member by obsessing over masturbation and pornography, using guilt and shame as a means of control over the member who inadvertently opened a can of worms by admitting to a natural expression of sexuality.

This is proof that Mormons also lie since they use mental abuse to get members to comply to chastity and sexual abstinence, despite the medical fact that regular masturbation does not harm its practitioners in any way whatsoever.

However the Christians say masturbation harms the soul, it shows ignorance about the purity of the soul that cannot be removed or altered by sin. Rather, sin merely occults the clear mind leading a person to forget he even has one, and perhaps has forgotten that God exists,thus violating the First Commandment — "You shall have no gods before God."

Prayer, meditation and fasting ought to clean the mind of all thoughts of sin, and relieve the heart of shame and sorrow. All guilt will be washed away by dedicating oneself to God Almighty, or so the Christian elders say.

So I have the masturbation issue remedied. It is unlikely that I would be remotely interested in the Mormon cure.

Teetotalism (satire)

For me, being drunk was like the first stages of an illness.

Out of past years of drinking I drank so much I recall the only three times that I had black outs which lasted up to fifteen minutes.

My very first black out happened at a public transit station in 2005. Ten minutes I don't recall. In the second black out, I rode the bus a mile and a half before I sobered up enough to get off and walk a mile home.

A more embarrassing black out occurred when I threw up after drinking in the presence of my ex girlfriend's favorite kitten in her bathroom. The next day that kitten meowed at me as to say "You scared me with your drunkenness."

Recently I stopped drinking almost sixty days ago, and don't regret having stopped.

Prayer and especially meditation help me maintain sobriety.

Before I quit, I was only having one drink with a meal. June 13 was the last time I drank. After quitting it was easy to substitute a non-alcoholic beverage for the pint of beer with fish and chips.

I even stopped ordering sake with sashimi at a sushi restaurant a few months before quitting.

Because my alcohol intake was one or less a week it was easy to teetotal.

For sobriety is the life of the teetotaler and teetotalism helps me enjoy life by not drinking.


A Meditation on the Weird and Wonderful (satire)

Sometimes, out of fear a person would deem me weird, rather than acknowledge their fear and grow from that knowledge.

Labelling me weird means you are afraid of someone else being different from you.

It also means you do not care to know me, but wish to remain ignorant of the fact that I am mostly harmless and am a very loyal friend to those people who are willing to abandon their fear of me and to love me just as I am.

Knowing this, I understand why I have few friends because truth telling like this is certain to scare away people unable to handle the truth.
They will deny it to be true, and accuse me of insulting them, telling me "You don't know me."

Of course, I do not know you but the truth is, my own fear of you do not end with me projecting it onto you, and labelling you "weird". That would be too easy to do.

Instead, I would meditate on why people label other people they barely know as "weird", and come to realize that such labelling is based on ignorance about the "weird" person and the unwillingness to get to know the other person and truly acknowledge them as a human being.

Perhaps we project our anxiety about "being different" onto other people, mainly because we want to fit in, and keeping out people who we think don't fit in is for the greater good.

Sadly though, creating a "them versus us" scenario violates the human rights of the person who is merely different from you, even if it may be higher intelligence, being more patient than Job, or having the biggest collection of plush toys.

For myself, I find that I grow from the knowledge about other people who are my closest friends. This comes through sharing our thoughts about our lives, and overcoming our fears about what concerns us, such as food, shelter and entertainment. Often it requires promises of commitment followed by honoring that commitment.

Perhaps it is possible to be weird and wonderful. Perhaps weird morphs into a new kind of difference which arises out of love and respect for each other. Maybe it's time to embrace the fear and transform our inner weirdness into something wonderful.

For love conquers the fear of being different.


Everyday is Armistice (satire)

It is a big coincidence I was born on Armistice Day (Nov.11). While I'm thankful for the Allieds winning the Great War, the causes of World War 1 were imperialism, militarism and nationalism going back to the 1870s.

In the uneasy peace that followed Armistice in 1918, peace prevailed only to have militarism arise again, leading to World War 2 with Germany and later Japan entering the war.

In Japan's case, the peace-loving government was replaced through assassinations by young military officers with militarists between World War 1 and World War 2. This led to Japan's role as aggressor in Asia, which to this day is propagandized by China and South Korea, despite the fact that most Asians are peace-loving.

Today, it is unlikely there will be another world war.

While there may be minor wars such as the crises in Africa since 1947, Israel -Palestinian conflict, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Ukraine, and the like, most nations know that total war is a costly prospect.

Even though I have stated that the Islamic State should be bombed into submission, it is an impossible act of war that would offend the Arab League. Therefore I am retracting that statement because it was an off-the-cuff response based on a distaste for violent Islamist and especially Jihadist conflict, which violates the message of peace and submission in Islam.

For I believe in peace and nonviolence, and loathe Jihadi warfare because its sharia makes a mockery of Islam.

However, Islam is not the cause of 911. Rather, it was due to the inaction of supposedly great men who failed to act when they were warned. Even Afghan and Iraq conflicts happen because these same men fail to act in the name of peace and non-violence.

True, the West claims to act in the name of democracy, but when forced on a people, only anarchy will result. This is true for the Middle East, the Ukraine, Sudan, and Nigeria as it is for the West.

While I know that my love of peace and nonviolence cannot effect world peace, I know that it affects my life greatly, much more than the same old story since Armistice Day in 1918. Instead, I vow to make every day my armistice day from this day forward, while I briefly and silently mourn for lives lost in conflicts around the world...

When my birthday comes, hopefully the karma of my statement of peace and nonviolence will bear fruit.

Love, peace, respect, and solidarity to all likeminded people.

Who is God? (poem)

God rules none.
Each of us is but God
in his many disguises,
each of us, hiding, seeking,
in a game of hide and seek.
Only the awakened
understand this divine truth.
Everyone else will remain
asleep in their madness,
having forgotten the Godhead.
I know myself, and you yourself;
but who is God?
Indeed, you and I are
God who rules none.

Originally posted on April 24, 2005 at 2:04 AM

Why Falling In Love With Love Is Madness (satire)

There once was a woman who was so in love with love that she was inspired to get pictures taken of her in her wedding dress by a photographer friend.

So she posed by a rushing river that was swollen to the banks by the seasonal change from spring to summer, only to accidentally fall in and drown.

Had she been more careful, and known herself well, her love for life might have made her more cautious near a raging river.

How mad is the person in love with love is!

When a so-called lover is in love with love, only love matters, not the feelings of her beloved. This is not true love, because when love is true, the truly loving of people take into consideration the feelings of other people.

A person in love with love can lose sleep as she becomes so excited about planning her life around a person she thinks she loves. Additionally, she might experience a period of madness during which she cannot let go of someone her gut feeling is not the one for her.

If your lover make you both hate and love him, then perhaps it's best to talk things over with a dear friend, so as to be cured of the madness of false love, that condition called "falling in love with love."

Never ever let your love blind you to the faults of the person you love, lest you be tainted by his hatred, should he not take too kindly to you pointing them out.

Before falling in love, I have two things a person ought to do first, lest he mistake obsession for love:
  1. Know yourself
  2. Love yourself
In order to love another person, be well-versed in self-knowledge, and be able to love yourself enough to share your life with your beloved and to value life itself.
Originally posted on May 5, 2005 at 11:03 PM

I hear you (poem)

I hear you calling to me,
and I reply quietly,
“I am here with you.”
Yet you keep calling and calling,
asking someone to help you.
It's as though you never hear my reply.
Then I realize you only hear yourself
calling for help, and not listening
to me reply quietly,
"I am here with you."

I hear you calling me! I hear you…
I hear you when I call your name. I hear you…
I hear you calling…
I hear you…
I hear you calling…
I hear you…
I hear you…

I hear you cry, “I can't live without someone to love me.”
I hear you calling!
I hear you…
I hear you calling!
I hear you…

One day I will find you nearby.
All I have to do is listen for you.
When I call your name,
it is you who answers,
"I am here with you.
Just call for me, and you will hear me!"
When I listen with my heart,
I will hear your answer to my call.
Every time I call for you,
you are here with me.

I hear you call me! I hear you...
I hear you when I call your name. I hear you…
I hear you calling...
I hear you...
I hear you calling...
I hear you...
I hear you...

I hear your cry, "My love goes out to you forevermore."
I hear you calling!
I hear you...
I hear you calling!
I hear you...

This poem is inspired by the Nembutsu, which is known to Pure Land Buddhists of the Jodo Shinshu faith as the Name-that-calls.

It is said that when the devotee recites the Name-that-calls, it is Amida Buddha calling.

In my poem, both Amida and the devotee are referred to as "I" and "you", as the lover and her beloved.

Thus the lover calls to her beloved, who replies to her wherever she may be.

This is not just Buddhist. This is also romantic. For the source of all love is unconditional love.

Originally posted on March 23, 2005 at 8:11 PM

Objectifying Gender and Social Conditioning (satire)

First of all, interested parties may want to Google "gylanic" and look for the feminist criticism of it, as well as research the role the matriarchal archetypes of virgin, mother and crone. Otherwise, we'll be working out of ignorance of what role feminists, Riane Eisler, and those archetypes play in daily life.

IMHO it's a joint effort. How it gets done requires that men refrain from doing their thinking with the little head, and that women remember that the male ego is a myth.

Otherwise it may become a battle of wills if either side has an axe to grind.

In order get beyond the objectifying of women, both sides have to acknowledge the role that the patriarchal roots of human society plays in it.

Likewise, the matriarchal archetypes of virgin, mother, and crone also play a role in women-only views of patriarchy and also need to be addressed to help sensitize the men to what women want to help both sides overcome this age-old problem.

Yet it is more than an age-old problem, it is also a challenge for both men and women due to social conditioning.

That is why I suggested that we make use of the extensive research that shows that objectifying women (and men) is due to social conditioning. The only thing that is "hardwired" into the brain is the sex drive.

As well, the terms "man", "woman", "heterosexual" and "homosexual" are artifacts of that social conditioning. The first two terms are genders rigidly defined by patriarchal society, and the latter two are forms of sexuality (sexual expression).

However, I am not suggesting that we try to undo all of our social conditioning. Rather, the focus is on objectifying women (and men).

When a person listens to a story of general interest written by another person without knowing the person's gender, it is impossible to know whether a man or woman wrote it.

Before the 1920s, after which time the genders were rigidly enforced and homosexuality was criminalized, a person's sexuality was nobody's business and homosexuality was condoned, provided that both parties remained discreet.

Once upon a time, transgender people were not subject to rigidly enforced surgical and often psychotherapeutic intervention, depending on the person's socio-economic background.

In other cultures, the third sex is accepted but within context of social rules sometimes being eroded by patriarchal values imposed by first-world nations, much as nationalism was imposed on peoples living in societies prior to the rising of nations both in Europe and in the Americas as well as Asia.

However, objectifying women (and sometimes men) is due to social conditioning. It is patriarchal in nature, and neither gender nor sexuality are immune to its effects. One of many ways to reduce the effects of such social conditioning is to sensitize oneself to the way such social conditioning plays on our relationship with others.

Alone, one does not objectify others, apart from treating oneself to be of sole importance to oneself and considering trusted others to be essential to one's well-being. Thus, one trusts first family and then friends.

Then how does objectifying others work? Objectifying implies that one is presenting the objectified as an object and thus depersonalizing the other. In contract, personalizing then implies that the other becomes known as a person, and subsequently respecting his or her rights as an individual, thus individualizing that person. As well, in language, personal pronouns tend to personalize a person while depersonalizing a person happens when s/he is described as an object to fulfilled the material needs of a person in power. Thus, there is a dominator-submissive dichotomy in the power structure associated with objectifying women.

Thus, maintaining an impersonal idea of a person without careful consideration of that person as a unique individual with the same rights as you or I is also a factor in objectifying other people.

Even so, the system of objectifying a person is not called objectification, which refers to the act of representing an abstraction as a physical thing and is the concrete representation of an abstract idea or thing. While people are not abstractions nor are they an abstract idea or thing, our ideas about other people are abstractions when we do not know them personally.

The only term which defines the process of objectifying is depersonalization, which has both personal (from the point of view of the self) and social (from the point of view of the other within the context of self). Thus, other people cannot be objects without feeling depersonalized on learning that they have been objectified. Likewise, the person doing the objectifying may be unaware of the effect that such depersonalization is having on himself/herself.

Depersonalization has detrimental effects on both the objectified person and the person doing the objectifying. It is morally irresponsible for the latter to deny such effects or to blame the objectified for them.

However, objectifying a woman (or a man) is another case of situational ethics in that within the auspices of a loving relationship, the tendency to objectify each other is reduced by getting to know each other as people. Instead, by making it personal and a shared experience, such a relationship can reduces the tendency to objectify each other. Thus, objectifying another person denies a personal and shared experience.

As well, what defines a personal and shared experience requires communication between both parties on an equal level. Proponents of the view that prostitution is an objectified relationship deny that the prostitute and the customer are on an equal level, despite the fact that in some cases, as the customer gets to know the prostitute that he has chosen as a regular customer, they both may cross from a depersonalized relationship into a deeply personal and loving one.

Even the language used in prostitution depersonalizes each party: a customer is called a "john" and a prostitute is called many kinds of name, including the neutral term "professional".

Returning to the objectifying of women, this is a matter that may be remedied by social interaction both on a public and a private level. It cannot be done informally without facing the risks that depersonalization entails. Nor can it be done by people who are not familiar with the terms I have introduced here.

This is why I have introduced most of the concepts which face each and every person, men and women, as well as heterosexuals and homosexuals.

Originally posted on December 26, 2010 at 9:36 PM


Social conditioning:

The Third Gender Is Oppressed by the State (satire)

Due to the male-female extremism common in society today, a doctor at birth determines if the baby is male or female.

Ambiguous genitals discovered during examination by the physician requires fixing it including forcing a boy with micropenis to be treated as a girl, and for a girl with pseudomicropenis-like clitoris to be treated as a boy IF she has no vagina (which does happen).

The truth is, due to the State falling for the either or fallacy about men and women, boy and girl, such sexual reassignments will be done with impunity, because children will refuse to address this once they become adults out of fear and embarassment about "being different" below the waist.

Truth be told, there are three genders.

Anything else enforced by the State through its health care actors is propaganda, and ultimately a lie which causes homophobes to get sexually excited over beating up gay people, and for teenagers to exercise control over sexually active teenaged girls by bullying them.

Indeed, there is probably an unconscious sexual component involved in bullying and related forms of violence, and possibly including mob violence.

Yes, I am saying normal human beings get turned on by violence against people who don't fit into their narrow categories of men and women, boy and girl, male and female.

As well, this male versus female dichotomy is an artifact of the post-modern era.

Originally posted on November 30, 2012 at 6:34 PM


Third gender:

Sometimes "I Love You" Means Just That (satire)

I'd like to say this to a woman I like, but don't have the balls. It's not the fear of rejection that stops me, but the fear that she might misunderstand the declaration of love.

When a man says "I love you", not all women hear it just as it is. They assume it means the guy is saying "I am saying this hoping to become more intimate with you -and have sex" when the guy actually means what he says.

Sometimes it is impossible to declare my love lest the woman mistake it for sexual desire.

Love like this is so unconditional that the very thought of making love is a ridiculous fantasy. How can one misunderstand unconditional love as the very act of making love, which has conditions about love attached to it?

Sometimes "I love you" means just that. Assuming that the person declaring it just wants to get into your pants is as sexist as other applications of heteronormative masculinity to fulfil the urges of the male libido.

Yes, I am saying that a woman who assumes a man just desires her solely for sex is as sexist as that desire.

Unconditional love removes all such sexist notions because all the conditions that apply to erotic love are removed. In their place is mutual respect for each other's rights and freedoms.

This is why sometimes "I love you" means just that, and nothing more.

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What My Sex is Like in my Head (satire)

In public I sometimes behave like a socially inept 12-year-old. Some women who observe me get anxious, and ignore me. Other women try to maintain oblivious serenity. A few of them are disgusted with my "attitude."

Then I go home, sleep less than six hours a night, and is a willing captive of the manic libido!

Why? Because it beats the sadness inherent in depression, the anxiety about my lack of a sexual relationship.

Indeed, I especially loathe the social isolation that consistently befalls me after getting 6-10 hours of "normal" sleep at night.

For me, life isn't fulfilling because no woman is willing to cross the threshold and get to know me intimately.

Do I have to plan the seeds of passion into her mind to inflame her heart so that she crosses the line which separates us? I think not: no woman in her right mind wants to cross that boundary because she is safe living her life on her own terms without me.

She does not wish to share a life together with me for the same reason that I used to enjoy sleeping until noon: its safety socially isolates each of us from being intimate lest all hell break loose. This is also why women fear having mad sex without regret, because they loathe casual sex for its lack of a long-term relationship.

To most women, sex and intimacy is tied to a relationship which leads to a family. Thus sex for them is a means to an end: having children and mainly, companionship with a suitable lover and perhap a husband.

For men, sex is about lowering the blood pressure and rewarding their mate for picking them to protect them from other men. Women however call this reason for sex "selfish", ignoring the simple fact that their family-mindedness may be a mind game that they create for themselves to justify enjoying sex to the fullest.

In my humble opinion, women think about sex more often than men, but convince their men that their selfish sex is sexist whilst hold family-mindedness as the highest of human virtues. This is the work of the libido, not a rational mind.

For love is tied to our emotions and feelings about sex and relationships. They cannot help but be.

Indeed, libido is both the motivator of our feelings and emotions to use said feelings to establish emotional ties so that the mind does not turn to the dark side (depression) and cause a person to become socially isolated from family, friends and loved ones.

We fear loneliness so much that we ignore the fact that we spend most of our lives alone, shaking off the stress caused by the resulting anxieties.

This is why my sex activity is all in my head, while my hand is beating a tattoo to the south! >:)

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Desire Sublimated (poetic satire)

If we were truly satiated by desire,
then no one would make love anymore.
Thus it is because we are rarely satisfied
that desire motivates us.
For libido is a cunning beast.
She who understands the optimal way
to satisfy her desires knows how to
openly sublimate those desires and
is successful in the pursuit of true love.

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Unconditional Love - The Sublimation of Libido (satire)

Sublimation is when you wake up sexually aroused, but rather than "giving in to temptation", you turn it into gold — something as healthy as sexual expression — by reflecting deeply on unconditional love. This is not repression of the libido; this is sublimation.

Even though you are turned on by desire and passion, you ought to reach higher than base desire and physical love for unconditional love. For masturbation puts conditions on your sexual love, specifically it's a mess to clean up after it is over. Sublimating it into reflection on unconditional love places no conditions on love itself.

This is why unconditional love is greater than the libido, because millions of human beings do so every second until that love becomes the wellspring of productivity sustaining each of us.

Most of the time, sex propagates the species. Unconditional love propagates the good will of society. Yet the few people who do procreate are enough to sustain the world's population and even surpass expectations.

Overall, we have a greater capacity for unconditional love by being honest about our desire while showing willingness to sublimate it into unconditional love.

In my humble opinion, each person may decide to become sexually active, or most often, not. Yet unconditional love is what society shares with its members.

By sublimating sexual desire, a person becomes a productive members of society through work and play.

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Demon babies and Fapping (satire)

Demon babies are conceived by Lilith, Satan's spouse from Hell, so it is written in some arcane Kabala text. She uses avatars called succubi to collect the energy created during your nocturnal emissions and other dark forms of fapping.

This energy is life energy, which means the more you fap, the more likely you'll have a shorter sex life. After you die, Lilith brings all your demon babies to show to God.

Whether you go to Hell is dependent on whether you thought of God while fapping.

Though I am of the opinion that fapping does not offend God, he being the author who created the soul. Thus fapping is the lesser evil, for fornication is supposedly a greater evil.

It isn't satanic; it's just human nature, which is anathema to a good Christian life.

Personally I believe that Lilith is not Satan's handmaiden.

My guess is, Adam couldn't put up with her and demanded a more submissive wife, which makes Eve the mother of all women who abandoned feminism for patriarchal submission to men.

Perhaps Lilith is the mother of neo-pagan feminism, though most pagans do not admit to the Judeo-Christian roots of their goddesses.

So, I don't really believe in demon babies, though Eros may be the muse of my fapping, and all Lilith is, is the Jewish guilt over fapping.

Since I am not Jewish, but Buddhist, that guilt is but suffering so fapping is the lesser of two evils. Besides, I know of a way to burn evil karma from fapping that involves dedicated chanting and a strong focus on that chanting.


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Is a Man's Self-esteem Tied to Penis Size? (NWSF satire)

The average is six inches, more or less. Since mine is 2" shorter, this means titty and anal are out.

I also get no joy from the act. Getting a BJ also does nothing for me. The only way to have a climax is to fap.

On the other hand, my friend CA has 10" and most women who ride that for joy until they realize he doesn't bathe often. Then they fake a fight, and kick him out to the curb.

However, he thinks he's with the Hells Angels. He went "evil" when he "fell in love" with a drug addict with one left.

Gee, I should go visit him in the BC Interior, just to see what his ex-GFs look like. On second thought, I'll pass.

Update: I am celibate and on a chastity pledge. One of the side-effects of that is thinking too much due to stress. This current hot weather is also contributing to stress anxiety.

However, I must resist to purify my mind. Though, my stress is such that I think I lost my Buddhist meditation mojo. Such is live after chastity. >:)

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Stopping the End of the World (NSWF satire)

Now I know why boys learn about it before girls. For me, it's the most effective antidepressant and antipsychotic in the world. It also removes anxiety.

Sadly, parents have banned fapping education in school. Mental health associations continue the propaganda by encouraging consumers to be sexually active, just not fap active.

Thus, the implication is that fapping is "unhealthy".

Why is not fapping the end of the world?

Overpopulation could be solved and population control achieved by this simple act since the less a nation faps, the more likely it is overpopulated. My guess is, with India, China and Africa having rising populations, perhaps their people don't fap much.

Most likely, Japan faps too much as their population rate is lower than ours.

Perhaps the end of world is nigh. To hold off Armageddon, please fap and save the world!

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Humble Acceptance and Authenticity (satire)

"To be beautiful
means to be yourself.
You don't need to be
accepted by others.
You need to accept yourself" — Thich Nhat Hanh

In striving for an authentic life, I realize that accepting myself as I am is the secret to humility. By being humble enough to be myself, I am empowered by unconditional love to accept myself.

By loving myself as I am, I realize that the key to self perfection is the ability to accept myself. No matter how imperfect I am, becoming perfect is a guide to a better life.

However, I do not seek to be perfect. Perhaps I am perfect by accepting myself, warts and all.

It is said that the pure mind is unconvered after calming the mind until its pureness is revealed. After calming the mind through breath meditation (samatha), I am able to stay still, for there is no need to keep moving to prove that I am alive.

For I am beautiful enough to humbly accept myself as I walk on this journey called the authentic life.


The pure mind mentioned in this article is the amala consciousness, the ninth consciousness of Yogacara Buddhism.
For details on the nine consciousnesses, see:


My Life as a Jack Mormon (satire)

“Baptism is a sign to God, to angels, and to heaven that we do the will of God, and there is no other way beneath the heavens whereby God hath ordained for man to come to Him to be saved, and enter into the kingdom of God, except faith in Jesus Christ, repentance, and baptism for the remission of sins, and any other course is in vain; then you have the promise of the gift of the Holy Ghost.” — Joseph Smith, Jr - History of the Church, 4:553–557

From this quote, baptism shows God, angels and heaven that the baptized does the will of God. Along with faith in the Christ and repentance, it is the only way God has ordained me to come to him to be saved and enter the kingdom of God.

Repentance means that I am committed to not sinning by following Mormon precepts and values. However, there is some leeway here since I am currently an unbaptized prospect.

It is only during times when I am tired or stressed that I might be tempted to sin, but have overcome alcoholic use because I have barely used alcohol for about seven weeks. I stopped smoking completely, and resisted all relapses. Hot drinks require only time for them to cool down; therefore I have kept that Mormon precept. As for dangerous drugs, I currently do not use any of them. Thus I keep the precepts about alcohol, tobacco, hot drinks, and dangerous drugs.

As well, I have even decided to keep chaste, mainly because I am sure that prayer and meditation will help me resist temptation.

Mainly because of prayer and meditation is all of this possible. However, faith in the Christ helps me to maintain repentance, preparing me for baptism in a few years.

Even so, a Buddhist who adheres to Mormon precepts is but a Jack Mormon. For I am not a baptized member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Having attended Sunday meetings at the local meetinghouse, I have become friendly towards Church members and Mormonism, having sympathized with them, and have taken an active interest in their belief system, even though much of how I view Mormonism is seen through Buddha eyes.

Of course, "Buddha eyes" is metaphor for "seeing and understanding life with a caring and compassionate heart".

This comes through regular meditation to develop the calm mind necessary for seeing with the heart until I understand that life is meaningful due to suffering when it inspires us to see the truth about suffering. and reject the vain grasping of desire that is "evil passion", which is merely the act of mental calculation to commit error and thus "sin".

Therefore meditation is heavy duty prayer, and merely giving thanks to God is enough to begin my meditations, which help keep me focused on living like a Mormon. Although it would be impossible for me to completely think like a Mormon, I know that it is not in my nature to be radically conservative.

Indeed, I would rather balance the conservatism of Mormon thought with the liberalness of Buddhist humanism, for the ecumenism of Mormonism does counterbalance its conservative elements.

My path into Mormonism however is not a course in vain. Rather, it is a cautious journey into a religion that not only has conservative elements in it, but also liberal elements. In my heart, I know that Mormonism isn't just a fad for me. It has drawn from my own Buddhist faith to help enlighten my understanding of the Mormon way, which ranges from conservative to liberal.

Returning to baptism, "unbaptized" reminds me of the phrase "the unwashed masses" — I used to be one of them. Even though I remain "unwashed", in my heart all those sins are being washed away by keeping the Mormon precepts.

Perhaps one day when I am baptized the gift of the Holy Ghost that is promised will help prepare me for becoming a full member of the Mormon faith.

Indeed, today I feel like I truly belong, because Mormons have come to know and love me. They even pray for me, and I am thankful for that.

Just as in Mormonism, thanksgiving is a vital part of my Buddhist faith. I know that much of that faith will help "fill in the blanks" where Mormon literature preaches the Christology, though I will tactfully refrain from filling in the blanks for Mormons.

Yes, I admit to adhering to religious pluralism. However, the light that shines before the world is the spiritual light of what Mormons call the Christ. I would call it Buddha Nature, which also may be described in terms of water as the drops of each person's faith that mingle together into an ocean of pure compassion.

For no matter what faith I was born into, the tenets of Buddhism are the core elements that inspire me to yield to what Mormonism wishes of me, provided I continue to purify my mind through meditation so that all that is Mormon fits with all that I know of Buddhism. This means the Pure Land will akin to the Celestial Kingdom as a destination in the afterlife where the faithful Mormons go to receive spiritual guidance from the Christ.

Will I forget about baptism? No, but my continued association with the Mormons will be worth the change of faith. As for now, I am satisfied with my life as a Jack Mormon, balancing Zen and Mormonism.


Jack Mormon: