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Paris Attack May Lead to Fascist Takeover of France (satire)

With the news in mainstream media, the Paris attack on November 13, 2015 looks like the French version of 9-11. However, this is only propaganda since mainstream media carefully crafts all reports to jump to conclusions about the perpetrators.

Furthermore, on the day of the attack, French security forces were conducting a test of their security.

No coincidence at all.

However, it sounds more like a repeat of 9-11, complete with smoking guns all around.

yet we have not seen the cafe that was "blown up." I have seen people being carried away from the sites of this attack. However, I am still awaiting the gory photos to disprove my theory that France created a false flag operation complete with actors playing different roles.

While the attacks on French and Belgian dissents is probably true, the woman killed in France was not a suicide bomber. Rather, she was near the actual suicide bomber. Yet the newspapers once again provided propaganda stating that she blew her selfup. As well, a Moroccan woman's former friend sold pictures of her because she looks like the female killed when the bomb went off. However, the mainstream media printed those pictures everytime they mention the deceased female as a suicide bomber.

How ridiculous! A close examination of most of hte French dissidents' lives reveal that most of them are not practising Muslims. Indeed, most of them are drug users who are easy prey for terrorists.

As well, it is because of French sentiments that they turn to drugs and petty crimes, only to end up in the midst of a homegrown attack. These sentiments make it difficult for French Muslim children with the bullying in school leading to dropping out of school. It is this bigotry that also leads the Briton dissidents of Britanny to desire to secede from France.

My reason for calling these so-called terrorists dissidents is because they are actually disefnranchised French minorities who are excluded from French society due to the fact that they are not European. Even if one of them rises to become valedectorian of their school, the French elite with conservative ties will let their children keep the minorities in their place.

So much for democracy in France. It is only for the Europeans, not the minorities. This false flag attack is proof of it. For little does the average Parisian know but the biggest threat to them is to let the nationalists rise to power as in the Vichy government of war-torn France. Once that happens, the rise of a far-right nations will lead to atrocities committed against the Syrians.

Indeed, France's biggest enemy is as white as they are.
Avec les nouvelles dans les médias traditionnels, l'attaque de Paris le 13 Novembre, ici à 2015 ressemble à la version française de 9-11. Toutefois, cela est seulement la propagande depuis médias traditionnels artisanat soigneusement tous les rapports de sauter aux conclusions sur les auteurs.

En outre, le jour de l'attaque, les forces de sécurité françaises effectuaient un test de leur sécurité.

Pas un hasard du tout.

Cependant, il ressemble plus à une répétition de 9-11, avec "smoking guns" tout autour.

pourtant nous avons pas vu le café qui a été "gonflé". Je l'ai vu des gens emportés par les sites de cette attaque. Cependant, je suis toujours en attente des photos sanglantes de réfuter ma théorie que la France a créé une opération sous faux pavillon complet avec des acteurs jouant des rôles différents.

Alors que les attaques contre les dissidences français et belges est probablement vrai, la femme tuée en France n'a pas été un kamikaze. Au contraire, elle était près de la kamikaze réelle. Pourtant, les journaux une fois de plus à condition propagande affirmant qu'elle a fait son selfup. En outre, l'ancien ami d'une femme marocaine vendu des photos d'elle parce qu'elle ressemble à la femelle tué lorsque la bombe a explosé. Cependant, les médias traditionnels imprimé ces photos chaque fois qu'ils mentionnent la femme décédée comme un kamikaze.

Comment ridicule! Un examen attentif de la plupart de la vie des hte dissidents français révèlent que la plupart d'entre eux ne sont pas des musulmans pratiquants. En effet, la plupart d'entre eux sont des utilisateurs de drogue qui sont des proies faciles pour les terroristes.

En outre, il est à cause de sentiments français qu'ils se tournent vers la drogue et des délits mineurs, pour finir au milieu d'une attaque du cru. Ces sentiments font qu'il est difficile pour les enfants musulmans français avec l'intimidation à l'école conduisant à l'abandon scolaire. Il est cette bigoterie qui mène également les dissidents bretons de Bretagne de vouloir se séparer de la France.

Ma raison de l'appel de ces soi-disant terroristes dissidents est parce qu'ils sont effectivement disefnranchised minorités françaises qui sont exclus de la société française en raison du fait qu'ils ne sont pas européens. Même si l'un d'eux se lève pour devenir valedectorian de leur école, l'élite française avec des liens conservateur laisser leurs enfants gardent les minorités à leur place.

Tant pis pour la démocratie en France. Il est seulement pour les Européens, et non pas les minorités. Cette attaque sous fausse bannière en est la preuve. Pour peu fait le savoir parisienne moyenne, mais la plus grande menace pour eux est de laisser les nationalistes montent au pouvoir comme dans le gouvernement de Vichy déchiré par la guerre de France. Une fois que cela arrive, la montée d'une extrême droite nations mènera à des atrocités commises contre les Syriens.

En effet, le plus grand ennemi de la France est blanc comme ils sont.

10 Sings Paris Shooting Was a False Flag operation:


Fear is my Constant Companion (poem)

Fear is my constant companion,
A treasured friend that comes to my aid,
To help me realize that with wisdom
And understanding, I may choose kindness
And develop companionship with new friends.
For it is not fear that drives me away from
Society, but the wish to be left alone to
Think my own thoughts in solitude.
Fear is not anxiety, nor is it anger.
It inspires kindness toward other people.
They who deride this wisdom know not
Fear to be their friend but an enemy.
How foolish it is to fight against fear;
That path only leads to a legion of fears
To arise with the solution forgotten.
To make peace with thyself and conquer fear
Is the foolhardy choice of the fearful.
It is best to watch where the fear has gone,
For it shall return with the fruits of experience.
Such experience leads to wisdom, and guides
Each of us to be inspired by fear
To be the epitome of loving-kindness.
Thus is fear my constant companion
To protect me from the fickleness of strangers,
For fear has been a friend since the day
When we became each other's companion.
Even then, a dear old friend such as fear
Always is with each of us, especially anyone
Who denies they are afraid, and in their bravery
Become so bold that they make foolish mistakes,
And show their fearlessness to be a complete fraud.
Thus the only way to conquer fear is to befriend it.
For such a constant companion may be what truly helps
Each of us gain wisdom and understanding until
Loing-kindness and mercy tames fear.
This is why fear is my constant companion.


Food For the Poor: Nonprofit Christian Organization Comes Clean (satire)

Disclaimer: this article is a satire based on unreliable Internet sources, including Wikipedia.

While researching Robin Mahfood, CEO of Food for the Poor, I have discovered that they bring food for the poor of Latin America and the Caribbean. According to Wikipedia, Food for the Poor is a ecumenical Christian nonprofit organization based in Coconut Creek, Florida, USA.

As for the Mahfood surname, according to Emile Mahfood, it is due to a spelling mistake made of his father's surname of Mahfouz (muh fooz) by a Jamaican customs officer.

Mahfouz - the closest Latin transliteration of Arabic - means preserved, protected, safe - perhaps as in "protected by God", "life preserved by God", and "safe in the hands of God." However, these phrases are appropriate within Christendom since Mahfouz is most likely a Lebanese Christian surname.

Yet the etymology is ignored in favour of a polite nudge and wink at his name by social media. It might be likely that most people who laugh over the irony of his surname may overlook his good works.

With that in mind, Food for the Poor is more financially transparent today since a sex and financial scandal in 2000 led to the current CEO, Robin Mahfood, taking over from his older brother Ferdinand Mahfood. Also, before 2007, at least two Mahfood family businesses dealt with Food For the Poor.

When I read that Food for the Poor introduced basa fish farming to Haiti, I did some research on basa fish, only to discover the threat of basa food farms to wild basa fish stock in Southeast Asia and people with deadly allergic reaction to eating basa, also known as Panga, the shortened form of the fish's biological name of Pangasius bocourti.

Yes, basa fish can make you puff up and die if you have allergy to whatever they feed these fish.

Despite the scandals and the increased financial transparency, Food For the Poor is a lucrative family business which provides charity work in Latin America and the Caribbeans. While the Catholic Church has distanced itself from the non-profit Christian organization, Food for the Poor remains the second-largest American charity behind the American Red Cross.

Today, Food for the Poor has apparently cleaned up its act. In light of the social media reports that Mahfood is a funny ironic surname, it has nothing to do with any of the unflattering view of a Christian nonprofit organization that I just presented — absolutely nothing, since most people don't care about the scandal when there are people who are poor in Latin America and the Caribbeans

However, atheists can run with the dirt that I found online, which may be dismissed by Food for the Poor supporters stating firmly with a straight face, "Wikipedia is not a reliable Internet source." In fact, even this article is not a reliable Internet source of information. Rather it is a satire based on what I found on the Internet about Food for the Poor, with only one Wikipedia article on the nonprofit organization and another Wikipedia article on the basa fish.


Background of Mahfood:

Robin Mahfood, Food For the Poor President has most ironic name ever:

"Mahfood+Food for the Poor", Google Search Images:

As of 2010, Mahfood has declared that Food for the Poor has also severed ties with "Essex Exports Inc., which Mahfood and his brother founded 35 years ago, and with the Mahfood's Jamaica-based company, Wisynco, after 2007," according to the news story in the Broward & Palm Beach News, Sports section of the Sun Sentinel. - Family behind flourishing Coconut Creek charity survives scandals, renews focus:

On January 10, 2013, Food for the Poor announced that they introduced basa fish farms to Haiti, only to have the 2013 Hatian earthquake happen 3 days later:

Environmental and Health Concerns of Basa:

Basa fish source of allergens:

Meditation on Compassion (philosophy)

If the world is full of people who are the least bit compassionate, then why don't we shine before the crowd?

It might be because we only care for family and friends before the world. Yet we care about the suffering in far off lands and at home, enough to support charity and other causes.

We may also not shine because of schadenfreude, when it's best to laugh when others fall, lest we cry upon learning the misery that the poor and homeless undergo.

So, yes, the world is full of people, some of whom are caring, and also of people heartless that you wonder about their true state of mind. Were it not for the heartless, the good in the world would be common, that few people would suffer alone.

So, know that being alone is more the curse. For how can I truly shine without you?

Be it that it may, happiness and misery never exist forever, but become the process of compassionate living, and each of them a temporary boon or burden.

Yet it is unconditional love that is the source of all joy, and complement to faith - with hope being the drop of liquid sunshine that is charity. With these things, each of us learns to become compassionate, each in their own idiosyncratic way.


Sexual Stereotyping Evidence of Patriarchy's Gender Binary Propaganda (satire)

Sexual stereotypes like this are based on binary genderism promoting the male versus female differences.

Regarding women seeking the strongest type, not all strong men are capable of becoming the equal in a relationship.

Likewise the stereotyping of men as always looking for other women.  In certain cases, this may be true but most of the time, the man has female friends who are not truly  rivals, but are sought out because the girlfriend or wife is unable to articulate herself in a straightforward way that makes sense to a man.

Flirting with a rival male to make a male significant other jealous isn't straightforward.  It is a mindgame because a simple request to pay attention to her ought to be a part of the social compact that males and females implicitly agree to.

Mind reading by either sex is also a mind game since neither of us is telepathic.

Thus, the statement — "the males are like Bluetooth and females, WiFi" — is flawed.

Any male or female who tries to use it as a guide to a strong relationship will eventually find the stereotypes enable fallacies about male and female human beings, which may lead to either fanatical belief in, and enforcement of, the gender binary or worse,  unhappy relationships and marriage.

Relationships are very much more complex than the internet and its technology.

Even so, the humor is appreciated.  If you thought I was being sarcastic, then you are correct.

For sexual stereotypes are tools used by the patriarchy to maintain the lie that gender is binary.

Neoconservative elites of the patriarchy both in the Church and the State need to make money, and simplifying gender into a binary is what heteronormative means, since it simplifies the sales of product based on the gender binary of man and woman.

While I am not an expert on gender and relationships,  I do understand that the statement that "men=Bluetooth and women=WiFi" means that we have a lot of work to do to expose the fallacy of gender as binary for the lie that it is.

Furthermore, the fallacy that men and women are like technology shows that this hilarious post reflects the extent that the "gender as binary" propaganda of neoconservative elements in Church and State is spoonfed into children's minds from cradle to grave.


Synopsis of what I just wrote:  men and women are not technology but instead are complex people. If you believe that gender only exists as a binary of man and woman, then you have fallen for the propaganda that follows us from cradle to grave. ��




Introducing Dalek God, My Blog About All Things Dalek

Introducing my new blog, Dalek God, which is about my spin on Daleks from the Doctor Who series on the BBC.

Hopefully I won't run into any copyright troubles with the BBC.


I am Canadian Because It is a Nation of Many Cultures (satire)

According to the article about France's love of Inuit culture, I am left with the impression that my fellow Canadians are based about Inuit culture. That may be because of their myopia about what culture means to them, especially an unwillingness to accept the Inuit people as equals. Nevertheless the French are willing to embrace the Inuit due to their love and respect of culture.

This may be because the Inuit were not political rivals like the former European empires such as the British, the Dutch, the German and the Russian empire.

Hence are the majority of Canadians jaded due to their ambivalence about the Inuit.

Perhaps this is the legacy of Canadian multiculturalism, for Canada is a commonwealth of cultures, each of which adhere to the notion that my people are my people and your people are your people but never shall we meet as equals.

Thus, it would be a rare day for a Canadian to become a tourist within Canada unless she develops the respect demanded by the appreciation of a democracy arising from the mutual love and esteem of all cultures that make up Canada.

For the monoculture that often represents Canadian culture today - the cultural artefacts called Western civilisation - is only a facsimile of true culture. Indeed, true culture demands that each culture and their respective peoples be appreciated by Canadians as worthy of such regard that each of us are willing to explore them.

Otherwise, Canadian culture is but an artefact of postmodern culture that is barren of any culture save stereotypes based on hockey, Canadian beer, and figures of speech.

I am Canadian not because of our cultural icons, but because of the richness of being the citizen of a multicultural state.

I am Canadian because I am proud that Canada is a nation of many cultures.

Indeed, I am a Canadian who is proud that my tax dollars are at work in Tourism Canada keeping Inuit culture alive.



God Pouring Out His Love Through Jesus (Religion)

Disclaimer: This article is solely my personal opinion and is not endorsed by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

While listening to the October General Conference on Sunday, I briefly nodded off.

Due to insomnia, I had gotten little rest the night before.

Anyhow, during that brief moment asleep, I saw a man who I realize now was a water-bearer around whom were gathered a crowd.

"I bring water," he said, "to share with everyone freely so that those of you who drink of it may live."

Having said that, he carefully filled a cup with water from a large water bag on his back, and let each person who had assembled before him drink from the cup.

Then I awoke, and realized that the man was Jesus Christ. Through this dream, God was reminding me of the importance of General Conference to each and everyone who listens to, and/or studies the conferences.

Through all the speakers at the General Conference God is conveying his love for us all. Just as the conference speakers share good news about Jesus, so too is Christ Jesus pouring out his love for all mankind through his atonement, and who sacrificed his life so that we may have eternal life. That love is expressed in Mark 22:37-40 when Jesus says:

"...Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind.

"This is the first and great commandment. And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

"On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets."

For these two commandments confirm that God is pouring out his love for mankind through the Christ Jesus.