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Dox for ProbablyOnion2, the Hacker who used SQL Injection to make the Leak of 36,000 users (satire)

Name: ProbablyOnion2

Parents: both dead

Location: possibly Stockton, CA; maybe Laval PQ

Age: might be under 19 or older. If both parents are dead, then might be older than 19. Who cares?

https://t dot co/kMKZdnFVPL (this is the 36k user dox. it is illegal to download


Harrasses almost every broadcaster on YouNow using Twitter after they give out their surnames.

Claim to fame: --- proof he is a high school student or ex student.

Suspected thief of 900 Social Insurance Numbers from CRA (the taxman) in Canada. --- Of course, I'm guessing. -- none of the links work here.

Opinion about hacker:

He's a newbie and a narcissist. The RCMP are tracking him now. Thankfully only a handful of Canadians were on that job website that got hacked.

In short, he's a grey hat hacker because of his harassment of Younow users, all of them who have heard of him.

His hacking skills consist of using Google to find names and addresses because of Younow broadcasters using their last names in their channels.

He also finds scripts to launch SQL injection hacks and might have found the Heartland OpenSSL exploitation script.

However, he is a minor and under the age of 19. Therefore his parents are criminally liable for his conduct. Wait, his parents are dead. He may be a ward of the state for PQ.

I'm guessing he's a lonely nerd with parents who died tragically. Pas mal, eh?

He might be a landed immigrant or born to landed immigrants.

Note: none of the above dox are verified. Therefore this is fair comment and might be useless.

Dear RCMP, please do not subpoena me since I do not know ProbablyOnion2. You do know satire, eh?


The Evils of Capitalism (satire)

Islam would not have allowed capitalism to grow into the monstrous forms which are presently prevalent in the “civilized" West. The Islamic legislations-whether originally prescribed by Sharia or newly adopted to face new developments within the framework of Sharia-would not have allowed the capitalists to exploit the working people or suck their blood. Islam would have precluded all the evils of capitalism including colonization, war and the enslaving of people. — Mohammad Qutb, Islam: The Misunderstood Religion

Yet in Bahrain, the Shia workers are oppressed by the al-Khalifa dynasty whilst its leader sups with Queen Elizabeth. It's as though the Queen of England is unaware of how the working people of Bahrain and even Qatar are exploited by their Sunni overlords. In Saudi Arabia, one of the Saudi princes is a serial killer of pretty Saudi women who appear to be sex objects to savages.

However, were I a well-known journalist, Bahrain would sue me for libel. There might even be a fatwa on me by a Sunni cleric. However, I refuse to fault the religion of Islam. Rather, I fault the men of Islam who abandon the greater jihad of self control for the lesser jihad of holy war.

How does it make a Muslim man greater than an unbeliever if, despite being provided a wife, a servant and an animal, such a man beats his wife, his servant or his animal? Even the Prophet(as) never beat his camel, nor any of his wives. I have read of no such thing in the Quran, but if the hadiths or even Sharia allowed an exception, then it would be wrong to harm another sentient being, be it a woman, a servant or an animal.

As for another Muslim man, Mohammed (pbuh) he never harmed anyone in Mecca, before and after hijra, except to defend his right to freedom of religion and trade.

Today, the criminals pretending to be good Muslims are called Islamic terrorists, and even have imams to guide them, despite the fact that their Islam is harmful to unbelievers and more moderate Muslims. Yet political Islam is in a way sacrilege when it emphasizes holy war, for war itself suggests that Islam cannot help most men to master their desires and feelings.

Who truly is the loser than the average Muslim man is allowed to beat his wife, his servant or his animal?

If Islam were truly superior to other religions, then why is Mohammad's perfection not habitually emulated? It is surely not a good example for a Muslim man to be waging holy war in these latter days of postmodern life when most of the West is relatively peaceful.

I am not going to go on to rail against the pedophiles who are found among the criminals who hide behind Muhammad but it is sacrilege to abuse young boys and girls. Mohammad (pbuh) did not harm his first wife's slave boy and neither did his wife. Just because a child is mischievous is no reason to use the rod on that child. Isah (sa) warned people not to harm children, who being innocence of adulthood, are destined for heaven due to sudden death.

However, their parents will stand before the Fire while God Almighty shows them how they treated their children. Those parents who were just in their discipline of their children will get reprieve, but woe to any parents who has harmed their children!

Although I do not say any of this as a Muslim but as an apostate to Judeo-Christian religions and an unbeliever of Islam due to my Buddhist origins, none of what I write is more of using the idioms pertaining to Islam to help my Muslim brothers and sisters to widen their understanding of Islam.

For religious extremism is a threat to peace in the world. In America, though, 2.5 percent of all terrorism could be deemed Islamic. That's correct: 97.5 percent of terrorism on American soil was by non-Muslims, mainly Army of God anti-abortion terrorists.

Thus the Islamophobia of America is uncalled for because it would be Christian radicals who are more of a threat to national security than Islamic terrorists, followed by fringe Jewish Defense League terrorists.

The term "evils of capitalism" is bandied about by the Left and the Muslims. This term thus suggests that 911 was actually a precursor to Occupy Wall Street, a critique of globalism. I believe this to be true, rather than using the overused trope of Islamic terrorism.

What if terrorism is actually a warning sign that capitalism is off track? For this lust for money is but a root of all evil, be it miserliness, wars, and even pedophilia. Those criminal terrorists of the Moslem brand know this too, because their Sharia is a way of returning the Middle East to a time before Mohammed (pbuh) while pretending they wish to return to the glory days of Islamic conquest.

I see it as a tragedy, and the members of al-Qaeda are a bunch of men hoodwinked by a charlatan pretending to be an imam. Why, the man is barely a great surgeon! How good can his Islamic jurisprudence truly be?

Ultimately though, I am not a threat to the criminal terrorists. To them I am just an ignorant unbeliever. My words do not count as much before a mullah. Even so, I would fully embrace the evils of capitalism rather than become a Muslim because the criminal terrorists have sullied the name of Mohammed as much as those Islamophobes have.

And yet, the Muslims have all the right in the world to declare that there is no god greater than God.


Boston Marathon Bombings Preventable (satire)

So, it turns out most world leaders have committed war crimes since 911. Putin committed it by going after the Chechens.

It is now common knowledge that Chechen militants are being aided by the CIA. However, Putin never says publicly that America is helping the Chechens. He just says that they are terrorists but America calls them freedom fighters.

It is possible that the CIA knew the Boston Bombers had gone militant along with their mother. However, they never acted to stop the bombings. The official word is that they didn't know the Marathon would be targeted.

The reason why I mention the CIA connection is because a male relative of the bombers married a CIA contractor's daughter.

My guess is, the CIA knew and passed on the info to the FBI but because the terrorists were not in the US, they didn't follow up in Chechnya.

So the Boston Marathon bombing was preventable.

This is not a failure of the CIA. Rather, it is a failure of the FBI to anticipate the Boston Marathon would be a target.

As well, it is because there are no Chechens helping the FBI that they didn't go to Chechnya to investigate. This is also why CIA need more Chechens to help them when visiting the small nation.

Now they have kept track of the mother of the bombers, Zubeidat Tsarnaev, because she has radicalized. Her accusations after the bombing hints at it. She denies the brothers played a role in the bombing but were set up by the FBI.

However, Tamerlan's interest in conspiracy theories fed her desire to have deeper spiritual connection with Islam as she and her son bought into the conspiracy that America set 911 up to get the world to hate Muslims.

The truth is, certain Gulf States (Qatar, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia) fund the spread of Salafi ideology among conservative Muslims in Chechen and Dagestan, throughout the Caucasus region of Eastern Europe.

It is most likely Tamerlan Tsarnaev was a conspiracy theory militant rather than a home-grown Islamic militant. This would put him in league with the survivalists rather than the Islamists.

Therefore the FBI and DOJ are barking up the wrong tree.

Currently, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is being held on charges of committing the bombing. He has plead not guilty, having being talked into considering his arrest a conspiracy by the FBI to make Chechen Islamic radicalism as bad as the Salafi-inspired radicalism that motivates al-Qaeda and the global Islamic militancy of the Islamists.

If it is a conspiracy theory that 911 was the cause of Islamophobia, then Zubeidat is correct in that part of her ideology. It is likely that she blames the US government for the events leading to what happened on September 11, 2001, especially the ill-advised bombing of a pharmaceutical factory on Sudan by the US military. After that bombing, it turned out that the factory was never a bomb-making facility. In short, whoever gave them that idea probably assumed that the high security implied munitions rather than medication.

However, al-Qaeda is dead wrong about their rhetoric about that mistake since only a single night watchman died in the bombing, not the many lives lost implied by its leader.

In the case of 911, Zubeidat is wrong about America training the terrorists who brought down the Twin Towers in NYC and almost crashed a plane into the Pentagon. Training on jumbo jet simulators does not imply that the US facilitated their training. It only looks that way when you buy into a conspiracy theory that denies that the US government just routinely ignored intelligence shared by Germany due to the politics of the time.

I would also like to point out that the Bush administration never trusted the CIA before 911 as much as the Democrats obviously trust the intelligence community today.

So it should be interesting how Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's trial plays out, considering that he is hedging his bets on the US Constitution to help him avoid the death penalty or a life sentence for the Boston Marathon Bombing.

Just to play devil's advocate, I have an alternative conspiracy theory about the bombing in Massachusetts: both Tamerlan and Dzhokhar were influenced by their mother's conspiracy theory about 911, which she learned by discussing the conspiracy theory contained in books Tamerlan was given by a fellow conspiracy theory believer.

My theory is that the conspiracy theory believers about 911 being an inside job morphed into the Tsarnaev's version in which previous bigotry towards the Muslims inspired the US government to facilitate 911 and the Islamophobia which followed in the years after that horrible day was carefully manufactured by bigots among the religious right who support the Republicans.

For it is bigoted Christians with money and power who donate it to the Islamophobes because of their mutual hatred for Muslims.

Back when the Islamophobes were blaming Islam for 911, I pointed out to a few of them that Sayyid Qutb and the rise of Salafi Islam and Wahabbi ideology inspires the Muslim terrorists aligned with al-Qaeda.

However, Muslim fundamentalism such as Salafi and Wahabbi are not violent at all. Indeed, Sayyid Qutb wrote an anti-American book in Arabic which criticized American women, but was inspired by cultural tradition in Egypt in the 1950s that was even more conservative than America was back then.

Yet Qutb never participated in the Islamist revolution that lead to President Nasser's death after Israel won the war with Egypt. All he did was write a few books that inspired the militants. Indeed, his books later inspired al-Qaeda.

Today, it is Imam al-Sharif who inspires non-violence among former militants. This is how Indonesian and Malaysian Islam is less likely to produce terrorists since Mohammad specifically implied that a Muslim killing a Muslim requires an imam to question the killer until he regrets his sin of killing a fellow believer.

Thus, al Qaeda is not motivated by Mohammad but by ancient battles the early Muslims had to wage in order for Islam to survive in the Middle East, all of them glorified to the point of fanaticism. At that point, the jihadis have lost the greater jihad for the sake of glory fighting the holy war that the lesser jihad they choose inspires.

Even though most Muslims believe in jihad, the term "holy war" actually refers to the Buddhist metaphor about the warrior who kills a thousand enemies having lost the most important battle in a person life was, is and will always be with his ego, not another person.

If you lose that battle in your life, then it is like being a child playing with toys in a burning house. If you cannot find someone wiser than you to change your life around, then the rest of your life will be full of suffering.

For Muslims, Mohammad is wiser than the imams and mullahs. Indeed, he is wiser than the men who ignore the imam's judgement on sharia and put the less wiser choice of oppression against any group they think beneath them, be it women or even Jews. It seems that a Muslim who goes by Sharia and bases his violent ways on a wrong-minded interpretation of hadiths cannot even claim to understand the Koran that he has memorized.

Merely deeming other Muslims less bloodthirsty than them to be unbelievers is done by reason not by God's will. In short, militant ideology is not by God's will but by man's will alone.

Even Mohammad knew this. It is why he waited three years before marrying Aisha. It is also why he never led his people against the Christians.

When Muslims came to them, the Christian Arabs of Yemen left their homeland to become Ghassanids in Syria due to their steadfast belief in Jesus and their unwillingness to become apostate by becoming Muslims - because they feared the Hell that would result from converting to Islam.

Perhaps this is why the Islamophobes are so bigoted against all Muslims, and 911 justifies their hatred of them.

Thus, the Tsarnaevs are seen as this by the Islamophobes: a mother who fled America rather than face possible imprisonment for shoplifting and possibly reconciled with her husband, who left her because she was becoming too Americanized. After 911, she radicalizes not because of Islamist ideology but because of the well-founded belief that America hated Muslims since the US government first backed Israel.

All of the billions of dollars of aid the US government has given Israel only proves that America does not love the Muslims. Small wonder that the development of anti-American sentiments is still a national pastime in many Muslim nations which did not overthrow their Islamist leadership during Arab Spring back in 2011.

In conclusion, the Tsarnaev case must require Dzhokhar's parents to attend, because justice also must be served in Zubeidat's case. She too is a fugitive from American justice for her kleptomania, which suggests the likelihood of a character disturbance. The fact that she bought into a conspiracy theory might be proof of this.

However, she may not return to America because it is likely that she fears the stigma of mental illness even though she might call it an American tool of social control rather than a sincere desire to help the extremely nervous.

We will just have to wait and see how the trial turns out to find out.

As the one year anniversary approaches, this bombing has become the best false flag event ever. Indeed, it beats 9-11. In both cases, foreign powers warned DC about "mad bombers" with 9-11 being forewarned by Germany and the Boston Marathon bombing being forewarned by Russia.

When one looks at the Todashev case, one FBI agent is present with Todashev while the other agent was outside, keeping his friend away. Then after Todashev was shot circa 2326 PM, the agent escorts the friend to a restaurant further away. When the friend returns, Todashev's apartment is covered in police tape.

Judging from the evidence the FBI agents violated standard procedure:

Two agents must be present during any interview with a suspect. Having police with them is not standard. FBI likes to work alone without police because the latter tend to protect their turf, thus contaminating a scene.

This is thus an "assassination" to ensure that Todashev does not expose the Tsarnaev brother as what they are: tentative Muslim "extremists" groomed by agents provocateurs employed by the FBI. Thus, the verifiable evidence in mainstream media is a concocted cover to hide the "truth".

Could it have been a black ops by the CRAFT unit, some of whose members might have murdered a fellow agent that talked to much?

Original post: January 20, 2014 0318H PST


Boston Marathon bomber a conspiracy theorist militant:

Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev:

* Zubaidat's entry in this wikipedia article confirms 911 conspiracy theories as etiology of her growing militancy. This more likely is influenced by Chechen struggle for freedom.

Zubeidat Tsarnaeva:

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, Defender of the Constitution:

Sayyid Qutb:

Evidence of possible false flag in Todashev case:

The CRAFT are the real culprits:


I Believe in a God Unlike the Christian, Jewish and Muslim God

I believe in a God devoid of anthropomorphic qualities that is called the Absolute.

If we have souls, then after death no soul is turned away from return to the Godhead.

For the universe has infinite capacity for these souls because they pass on to another dimension where no soul is limited physically.

Though nosoul can have sex because souls can not get pregnant. There is also need to eat because you are never hungry for physical sustenance.

However, you have to listen to a sermon until God calls to you, "Time to be reborn, pilgrim!"

This dimension is known as a Pure Land but is separate from the many other Buddha worlds called Pure Land of Bliss and their respective Buddhas.

On death, everything will be explained to you: the fallacy of good and evil is merely a tool to separate the monotheistic people who practice dualism from the believers in the Absolute who strive for the non-duality called Shunyata.

Indeed, the Christian Heaven is the closest monotheistic equivalent of the Absolute. For all Buddhists, the Absolute is the closest to God that the faithful attain.

Though Amida Buddha would urge the bodhisattvas reborn in the Pure Land in his sermon to return to the earthly plane to help other lost souls find their way to his Pure Land.

Note too that all souls are finite aspects of the Godhead which itself is almost infinite.


Originally posted: October 26, 2012 1256H PDT

La Lumière sur L'infidélité/The Light on Infidelity (satire)

Pourquoi ne pas les croyants -
hommes et femmes &mdas; quand vous entendu
parler de l'affaire, - mettre le meilleur
sur la construction dans leurs propres esprits
et dire «cette charge est un mensonge évident"?
Voici ...., vous avez reçu vos langues
et disiez de vos bouches
ce dont vous n'aviez pas connaissance,
et vous pensiez que ce soit
une question de lumière.

Et parmi ceux qui sont autour
de vous des gens du désert,
il ya des hypocrites,
et parmi les gens de Médine aussi;
ils sont têtus dans l'hypocrisie;
vous ne les connaissez pas;
Nous les connaissons;
Nous allons les châtier deux fois,
puis ils seront refoulés
à un châtiment douloureux.

"Why did not the believers — men and women &mdas; when ye heard of the affair,— put the best construction on it in their own minds and say "this charge is an obvious lie"? .... Behold, you received it on your tongues and said out of your mouths things of which you had no knowledge, and you thought it to be a light matter".

"And from among those who are round about you of the dwellers of the desert there are hypocrites, and from among the people of Medina also; they are stubborn in hypocrisy; you do not know them; We know them; We will chastise them twice then shall they be turned back to a grievous chastisement." — Sura 24, "The Light", an-Nur, ayat 11-20

Once in the lifetime of Mohammad (pbuh), his caravan had carried on after stopping at an oasis. However, Aisha (as), noticing the loss of a necklace, a gift from the Prophet (sa), departed the caravan unnoticed in the early morning.

After finding her necklace, Aisha (as) was found by a kinsman who swiftly escorted her back to the caravan. On noticing this, Mohammad's companions' wives gossipped, saying "It is likely Aisha slept with her kinsman."

In response, Mohammad (phub) scolded the women and men of the caravan, thus sparing the lives of both his wife, Aisha and her kinsman.

If one believes the above anecdote to be about infidelity between man and women among Muslims, then one only knows of men and women. However, the metaphorical significance of this incident goes beyond conjugal relationships among the People.

This anecdote states firmly that, rather than listening to gossip and rumors about infidels, the Muslim should decry whatever one hears about infidels to be an obvious lie when he or she knows the character of the infidels is contrary to what other Muslims are saying.

This anecdote also says that the true Muslim is not only knowledgeable about Islam, he is also knowledgeable about infidels. Remember that most Muslims were also infidels before Mohammad (pbuh), even the Companions. When before they circled the Ka'aba in worship of idols, today they circle the Ka'aba in worship of only God Almighty.

Thus, to gossip and spread rumors about infidels is not unlike worshipping to idols. It makes the mighty as base as the people who talk about them.

It makes all of us hypocrites when we speak ill of others, even if they are infidels.

My argument also applies to religionists, who gossip about their brothers and sisters and then propagate an obvious lie about their target, thus sharing one thing in common with their target, that of being sinners also. Just as it is a sin to live together in common law, it too is a sin to gossip and spread rumors about couples living in sin and to prevent them from feeling accepted on holy and sacred ground. If you think you are so superior to sinners, then in believing thusly are you too sinning, being that of pride.

No one is free of infidelity, not even people who pray daily. No matter how many time you wash yourselves, your prayers cannot clean away the infidelity towards people towards whom you feel superior to. When a man deems another person a loser just because they do not believe in God as greatly as you supposedly do, then both men are losers of the faith and trust that binds humanity together.

How dare the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims treat infidels in their midst as though they are pariahs! It is said that God Almighty is Merciful, but humanity often forget that.

Such infidelity is not apparent because those of God's people who think of themselves holy are often no better than a poor believer.

If I a sinner, an apparent apostate to Judeo-Christian faith, and an unbeliever of Salafi Islam, know this, why are the Abrahamic people of the Book so ignorant of their various infidelities?

Only God knows.


Thank You, Automakers of the World (satire)

Thank you, automakers of the world, for your continued support of the Assad regime in Syria.

With your help the shabiha aligned with Assad Inc have done a remarkable job of making Assad Inc a remarkable killing machine. Please continue to send more cars to Syria so that Shabiha militias can do drive-by shootings in an effort to keep Syria safe for Assad Inc.

Thanks to the makers of Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Nissan sports cars, Fiat, and other fine luxury car makers, Assad Inc will be able to pay shabiha youth $15 a day to make Syria safe for 70 percent of Syrians who still support Assad Inc.

Thanks also to Syrian crime cartels throughout the EU, Asia and North and South America who deal in car thefts and illegal exports to Syria to support the luxury car market in Syria.

Thanks also to the makers of white trainers, both Adidas and Niké. Indeed, thanks to manufacturers of luxury goods.

Blood is on all your hands!


Inside Assad's death squad:

Wikipedia entry of shabiha:

Ghosts of Syria: diehard militias who kill in the name of Assad

Assad's Not-So-Secret Weapon: Loyal Syrian Businessmen

Rami Makhlouf, Bashir al-Assad's maternal cousin and Syrian businessman


Drone TV and the War Against War Criminals (satire)

My dream job would be to remotely pilot drones to knock off war criminals, regardless of religious affiliation, be they Muslim, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, or secularists hiding behind any one of the above.

However, the drones will be more immune to radio interference with security features. If there isn't a friendly datalink, then the drone will fly high and destroy itself.

All targets will be given enough warning to turn themselves into the ICC. Thus it would be a deterrent to enforce compliance for war criminals.

Even so, all remote pilots will have a yearly contract with a $100,000 payout if you quit to ensure enough money for psychotherapy and transition to a less stressful job. Much patriotic propaganda will be used to induce pilots to continue working for the safety and security of the world by their respective governments.

Additionally, this will be turned into a reality TV show to humanize drone pilots with collaboration and oversight by either a NATO organization. The audience will get to decide who will return in the next season, rather than nameless NATO commanders.

קרב מגע לפני מגנום 45

תן לנו להיות שומרי גוי
של רוב לא יהודי בשלום,
ירי באוויר לפני הצורך
להרוג כדי להציל את חייהם ---
קרב מגע לפני מגנום 45.

A Dream of a Transgender, Gay-Friendly World (satire)

Angels of Change 2012 © GLAAD

I just woke up from a crazy dream where I feel sorry for a guy who writes a long story online, and I respond to the message thread as a "friend of the defendant."

Legal terms come about in this dream because the guy feels like he is being judged by others and is consistently histrionic in the thread.

Somewhere along the way, we meet and I am totally moved by his existence to give him ten dollars. We go to his haunt to celebrate, and along the way an Asian transvestite makes a joke about buying him a computer so he can learn English. I reply by quipping that it is now possible to learn English with an English accent.

It turns out that the guy's haunt is not accessible by normal means. You need help to get to an underground lair which looks like Starbucks. However, once there, I'm told "Your kind is not served here".

So rather than trying to fit in, I return to the surface.

At first glance, this dream appears to be a heteronormative, antihomosexual dream. Why am I assuming it is a gay dream? Why does the guy hang out in an underground Starbucks that is almost inaccessible? Why is almost everyone in the dream a guy?

What if this is a dream from a cis-male point of view about a transgender and gay-friendly world that exists only in my head?

If so, then I have a lot to learn about a wider variety of genderless male behavior, free of heteronormative conditioning. I thought for sure a start would be to question the dream because it is challenging my cis-male conditioning too.

Earlier on in the dream, I was considered to be "hostile to the witness" who I met to confirm that I am a friend of the defendant, being him. I can only guess that the reason why my brain decided to use legalese was to establish the storyline itself. Likely, this dream didn't start from the beginning.

There's a phrase that came up in this story but I forgot it because of having to think a lot to figure out this dream. My conclusion now is that this is a transgender dream from a cisgender point of view because in it, the witness / defendant goes underground to a Starbucks that is friendly to his kind while I am rejected for being cisgender.

The friendly banter between an Asian transvestite implies that I am more wealthy than other males in this dream, but does not establish my gender at all. For I could have been rejected from the underground coffee bar for either being cis-male or female or gender-neutral.

In any case, this is definitely a crazy dream because it challenges my cis-male programming. Even though this is probably not totally relevant, I took 2 grams of GABA the night before this dream. If this is what 2 grams does to my dreaming, then I'm definitely taking the same amount tonight because this dream was awesome.

For the record though, I reject any suggestion of this dream I had being anti-homosexual because I am able to think outside the box of being cis-male. Sure the coffee bar was underground and I was rejected from it, but it's more likely I was rejected for my appearance which I never check in a mirror in any of my dreams. This is why I am sticking to this dream world being transgender and gay-friendly. The bar has to be underground to make it harder for girls to get to -- which explains why the witness was a big strapping gentleman.

I'm also sure most of the men in this dream are Asian. The transvestite was Asian. So this might be considered a Buddhist limbo for the transgendered, a place where sexism still exists (if the gender of my character was female). My only question now is, why do I assume transgender people are hostile to women, gender-neutral and cis-males? Possibly because it is not a gender-neutral world.

Since the dream is seen through a cis-male filter, the gender-friendly coffee bar is underground. It makes no sense for that bar to reject cis-males, females and gender-neutral people. It makes more sense if my character was female to be rejected since everyone else in the dream was male. It cannot be assumed that my character is male, too.

Thus, this is actually a transgender world viewed through cis-male eyes. I'm not going to explain how I can conclude that my character is female, though.

I do know that the transvestite asking me to buy a computer for him is because he knows the witness.

In conclusion, I will point out that every man depicted in this dream including the barrista in the coffee bar is a reflection of my own inner psyche and the conclusion that my character in the dream is a female is thus confirmed as being the inner female that is in all men, but few men dare admit is in their core psyche for fear of being labelled gay. Maybe the legalese came out because our laws about transgendered people are so ambiguous or nonexistence but the laws about gay people are enacted in most Western nations.

In order for a world friendly to people, regardless of gender, people will have to embrace all colors of the gender rainbow, be it cis and trans, male and female, and even gender neutral.

If you think I am talking about a person's sexuality, then you are sorely mistaken. Gender has nothing to do with sex. It has more to do with transcending the gender polarity of male and female, for our current society is polarized along a gender-normative ideal of man and woman, where anything else has to fit as either a female or a male, least society become decadent.

The truth is, even gender ambiguity is normal. Therefore, gender ambiguity (being trans) is as normal as being a man or a woman. Only gender-normative zealots think otherwise. Indeed, if your naughty bits are ambiguous, then the zealots will perform corrective surgery before you're old enough to understand in Canada without any psychotherapy.


Preventing Eventual American Sharia (satire)

“Look at these concepts of the Trinity, Original Sin, Sacrifice and Redemption, which are agreeable neither to reason nor to conscience. Look at this capitalism with its monopolies, its usury and whatever else is unjust in it; at this individual freedom, devoid of human sympathy and responsibility for relatives except under the force of law; at this materialistic attitude which deadens the spirit; at this behaviour, like animals, which you call 'Free mixing of the sexes’ at this vulgarity which you call 'emancipation of women,' at these unfair and cumbersome laws of marriage and divorce, which are contrary to the demands of practical life; and at Islam, with its logic, beauty, humanity and happiness, which reaches the horizons to which man strives but does not reach. It is a practical way of life and its solutions are based on the foundation of the wholesome nature of man.” --- Sayyid Qutb, Milestones

This entreaty to Americans fell on deaf ears.

The Christians cannot save America because of the compromise made in accepting the separation of Church and State.

As well, although the Bill of Rights supports religious freedom, the First and Second Amendment states that a well armed militia must be peaceable in exercising their right to bear arms. This prevents seditious acts of treason and makes illegal incidents by Christian terrorists such as Timothy McVeigh.

Thus, there will not be a Christian "revolution" fighting for "freedom" because of the separation of Church and State.

Likewise, terrorism on US soil will not be the way of Muslim dissidents in America, because of the freedom and liberty given to the People.

Instead, American Islam will use Communist tactics to become acceptable to Americans. Islamophobia will be litigated when it become slanderous.

If Sharia does appear, then it will be an American Sharia --- and thus a compromise --- between the spiritually ignorant secularism prevalent in America and Islam but a temporary compromise until the negative aspects of Sharia are muted.

There will also be a large education of the masses about Islam to counter the blatant Islamophobia of the rightists.

Thus Islam will become another tool of the New Left, even though it will look like New Left to the average American.

An example of this will be anti-Semitic smears of Israel and New Left rhetoric that pretends to be political dialog but is actually a form of bullying.

Eventually, the New Left will accept a form of Sharia amenable to their American sensitivities about peace, justice and liberty.

However, the Islamophobes will publish propaganda stating otherwise.

One day there will be a Muslim President who might be from the Middle East. However, a civil war will follow his assassination by Islamophobe militants. By then 25 percent of all Americans are Muslim and growing. They will form a jihadi group to bring freedom to America.

If the Islamophobes wish to prevent this scenario, then they need to dialog with Muslims instead of offending them. They need to condemn violence of all kinds, and ensure a well armed militia remains peaceable. This will involve American Muslims buying dogs to fit in, watching American football and living the American dream alongside Americans of all walks of life.

If you wish to prevent Sharia from coming to America, then you cannot do it by demonizing Muslims but by educating yourself about what Islam really means. If it means religious pluralism, then that's better than being the ignorant mob that Islamophobes are now.

American Sharia is not an end result of interfaith dialog. Rather, it is the result of the current detent. Indeed, it is the result of Islamophobia.

For what you fear will come to pass, but to prevent that kind of future, it is of essence to Americans to hug their Muslim neighbours and befriend them.

Ironically, this is also jihad but it arises out of a meeting of minds, not phobia.

Imagine What Would Happen... (satire)

  • Imagine what would happen if the nations of the world spent as much on development as on building the machines of war.
  • Imagine a world where every human being would live in freedom and dignity.
  • Imagine a world in which we would shed the same tears when a child dies in Darfur or Vancouver.
  • Imagine a world where we would settle our differences through diplomacy and dialogue and not through bombs or bullets.
  • Imagine if the only nuclear weapons remaining were the relics in our museums. Imagine the legacy we could leave to our children.
  • Imagine that such a world is within our grasp.
— IAEA Director General and Nobel Peace Prize Laureate 2005 Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei Today we seem to lack imagination, considering that nuclear power is a dirty way of boiling water to make electricity, and potentially more dirty than a thousand oil burning power plants. All it takes is al Qaeda together with the Taleban in Pakistan to attack Pakistan's nuclear reactor to extort from the nation its very freedom. All the better to bury a molten-salt nuclear power plant underground. With enough security measures in place, the worst that would happen is nobody will get to the reactor. It cannot be built with remote control of the shutdown sequence due to risk of hacking. Imagine what would happen is we turned to the underground molten-salt nuclear power plant. If it is destroyed, then there is less risk of nuclear cataclysm. Also, such a reactor can burn spent nuclear waste from other nuclear reactors Think about that.
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Molten salt reactor:

Liquid fluoride thorium reaction is the best Molten sailt reactor:

Life Is All Smoke and Mirrors (satire)

Nothing is either good or evil. There just is Yin and Yang. All good and evil is is just smoke and mirrors.

Yet Westerners love to delude themselves by believing good and evil have been here from the beginning. The only thing that is here from the beginning is the Tao.

When humanity becomes extinct, the Tao will remain. Then a new champion will arise take our place.

My bet is on the cockroaches...

Thus all of creation is neither solely good nor solely evil. Instead, all of it but the balance of Yin and Yang, dark and light as one.

This is why it is impossible for me to accept Christianity or even Islam completely. Christianity makes it seem as good and evil pre-date Creation. If you're not good enough for Islam, then the Fire is your destination. It all seems black and white to the ʍuslim.

However, by not being Jewish or Christian, but somewhat touched by the Quran, ɪ still am going to spout words that would get me stoned in the Middle East, mainly because I have outed myself as an unbeliever in strict Muslim eyes and an apostate to Christian and Jewish ideals.

However, it is all an illusion, this concept of good versus evil. For in each of us is the potential for great evil and also great good.

Few of the religionists will grasp my meaning, because they take sides on the concept of good and evil, falsely tainting it as "good versus evil" which is a fallacy if one believes that "forces of good" and "force of evil" predate humanity.

Each of us creates by our actions good or evil, depending on whether each act leads to confusion or to understanding.

In Buddhism, it is said that evil is the result of actions that create confusion and pain. All good actions result from creating conditions that favor peace and understanding. It is impossible to be a goody-two-shoes, because when you least expect it, your good actions might result in suffering for other living beings.

One of the Buddhist precepts is about not killing a living being. Bacteria are living beings, but if we do not kill them with antibiotics, then we might end up dead. This is why we wash our hands.

Yet killing a living being is against the Buddhist precepts. However, because a bacteria is causing us harm, we allow ourselves the right to defend ourselves to kill it. Once ɪ continue my thoughts on this topic, the line between good and evil becomes fuzzy. It is no longer a question of black and white anymore.

Good and evil exist together. You cannot have one without the other. They are not opposites; they are complements.

In my opinion, the same applies to the Absolute and the Void. They coexist to form Space. Yes, I am saying being and nothingness coexist to form the whole universe, reality and unreality, the whole existence, and life as we know it.

Therefore the end of the world story of all evil being consumed by Fire is only half the story of that time, because the brimstone is a clue that the Fire cleans everything of the darkness that is Evil. Once cleans, the goodness of all souls God create remains to return to him in the Absolute. This is known as returning to the Godhead.

Only the wise will understand what I just said. Those people who think ɪ am babbling, their understanding is limited.

This is why it is best for you who understand to just forget what I just said. Truth like this only sounds like babbling but is known to the depth of the souls of the wise.

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Dear Google, Here is a Crime Fighting Thing to Do (satire)

Google could help out criminals by getting Washington to give away each one a free Nexus 7, a $250 cash card, and $250 of cloud space on Google in exchange for remaining rehabilitated. They also will get six weeks of training in how to use the Nexus 7 in how to use Blogspot and Youtube to make a blog and to monetize it.

Any former criminal who sells their Nexus for drugs or uses the Nexus for illegal purposes is subject to a $250 fine and 1 year in jail with 3 years probation and banned from the Internet for five years.

Oh, and they don't get a new mini tablet when they get out. They get a used Nexus 4 smartphone and 6 months unlimited talk but have to pay for unlimited texting with a carrier of their choice (a $1000 value).

Basically the ex-con is given a $200 cash-card for this purpose. On this card is a chip in it that will be checked when the reformee sees his probation officer. If he sells it, then the information on the chip in the card will prevent use by another person because the pin number for it will be checked against the buyer's ID. Anyone caught selling their cards is subject to a $250 fine. A person who forgets his card's pin number will have to pay a $20 fee to get a replacement which will only have the balance remaining assigned to it.

This will prevent reformees from profiting from this "freebie".

When they get a full-time job, they have to pay back the Govt. at $20/mo for 5 year for a total of $1200. the money from this keeps the program going. Any default on this results in a year's time in jail, and rejection from future enrollment in this program.

This idea can also be used to get the intelligent people with good memories off welfare before the monotony of being on the dole leads to endless poverty i.e. for new people on welfare who are determines to make money off Blogspot and Youtube creating their own legal content.

Google, make this work for the good of America.

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المحارب صحيح

سواء في الحرب أو في السلم المحارب الحقيقي هو مسئول تماما عن كل غير المقاتلين.

هو الله سبحانه وتعالى رحيم والصالحين، وصلاتك هي قسم مهم من الحماية.

لذلك تذكر هذا: لا غنائم الحرب هم.

ما إذا كان مؤمنا أو غير مؤمن، كل واحد منهم متساوون أمام الله، سواء كانت رجلا أو امرأة، فتى أو فتاة، صغارا أو كبارا - حتى حمايتهم.

إذا كان واحد منهم هو أذى من قبل أي واحد منكم، ثم، في توفير الحماية لهم، لكم جميعا الوقوف أمام النار.

منذ فترة طويلة في زمن الجاهلي، رجل حكيم قال ذات مرة "محارب قد ينتصر الأعداء ألف، ولكن محارب حقيقي ينتصر على نفسه."

إن شاء الله، هو الذي يعرف الجهاد يعني الحرب المقدسة هو الذي يعرف أكبر معركة تبدأ في قلبه وروحه.


Ennemi de Dieu / Enemy of God (satire)

Quiconque est ennemi de Gabriel -
car il fait baisser la révélation
à votre cœur par la volonté de Dieu,
une confirmation de ce qui s'est passé avant,
et des conseils et une bonne annonce
pour ceux qui croient,

Quiconque est ennemi de Dieu
et ses anges et messagers,
Gabriel et Michael, - Lo! Dieu est un ennemi
à ceux qui ne croient pas.

Quran Surah 2: 97-98 Yusuf Ali version

Whoever is an enemy to Gabriel -
for he brings down the revelation
to your heart by God's will,
a confirmation of what went before,
and guidance and glad tidings
for those who believe,

Whoever is an enemy to God
and His angels and messengers,
to Gabriel and Michael,- Lo! God is an enemy
to those who reject Faith.

Ceux qui craignent Gabriel craignent aussi Dieu.
Bien qu'ils pensent ciel est seulement pour eux,
seront surpris de la prévention des incendies.

They who fear Gabriel also fear God.
Though they think Heaven is only for them,
shall be surprised at the Fire.

It is said that when Mohammad (pbuh) replied to the Jews that Gabriel came to him to spread the message of the Quran, they expressed their fear of Gabriel due to his role in causing the walls of Jericho to fall, forgetting that the sins of the Israelite led to Jericho's fall.

In response, Gabriel spoke through Mohammad (pbuh) condemning the rejection of faith in God Almighty.

Although al-Bakarah, Surah 2, of the Quran appears at first glance anti-Semitic, rather it is a sharp rebuke to people of the Book whose egotism leads them to lack faith in God.

Thus, the Jews' hatred of Gabriel is unwarranted, since the fall of Jericho was in punishment for their lack of faith in God.

Ibn ''Abbas explained the reason of the revelation of the verse, Say: “Whoever is the enemy of Gabriel...”, in these words: “When the Prophet came to Medina, Ibn Suriya and some Jews of Fadak asked him (some questions). They said: 'O Muhammad! How do you sleep? Because we have been told about the sleep of the Prophet who would come in the last days?'

He said: 'My eyes sleep while my heart is awake.' They said: 'You are right, O Muhammad! Now tell us about the child whether it is from the man or from the woman?' He said: 'As for the bones, the nerves and the veins, they are from the man; and as for the flesh, the blood, the nails and the hairs, they are from the woman.'

They said: 'You are right, O Muhammad! Then why is it that sometimes the child resembles his paternal uncles, without having a least likeness of his maternal uncles? And sometimes he resembles his maternal uncles without having any likeness at all to his paternal uncles?' He replied: 'He resembles to that parent's (side) whose fluid dominates the other's.' They said: 'You spoke the truth, O Muhammad! Now, tell us about your Lord, what is He?' Then Allah revealed (the Chapter 112):

Say: “He, Allah is One...”

Then Ibn Suriya said: 'One (more) thing; if you tell (us) about it, I shall believe in you and follow you. Which angel is it that brings to you that which Allah reveals to you?' He said: 'Gabriel.' (Ibn Suriya) said:

'He is our enemy; he brings the (order of) fighting, hard-ship and war. And Michael brings comfort and happiness. Had it been Michael who came to you (with revelation) we would have believed in you.' ” -- Suratul Baqarah: Verses 94 − 99

It could be said Gabriel whispered in the ear of George W. Bush in the aftermath of 9-11, given the view that he is the angel of fighting, hardship and war.

However, he is also the angel of prophecy, and inspired the Quran, which is a gift from God to the Muslims. Though both Christians and Jews alike reject the Quran, the call to believe in God Almighty and to have faith in him is strong among them.

It is in error that the terms "Muslim terrorism" and "Islamist" are on the lips of Islamophobes because by generalizing terrorism and politics, they make it seem like all Muslims are terrorists and prone to bring Sharia among the rest of humanity.

This is a fallacy and runs counter to Islam itself.

For those Muslims who cry for a "Nation of Islam" that they call a Caliphate will find that it will not arise by violent action because of a bunch of fanatics dressed in black. Instead, all they will achieve is a terrorism of humanity, especially of those Muslims who are not Muslim enough for their narrow definition of what Islam is.

If their faith is so great, then why do they need guns and weapons of mass destruction? All they would need to do is pray with their fellow Muslims, educate them thoroughly, and soon Sharia shall arise.

Yet if that Sharia leads to oppression of humanity, be it Christian or Muslim, Shia or Sunni, man or woman, then these fanatics make a mockery of Islam. By killing Muslims who are not as fervent in their belief as them, they murder those people who believe there is no god but God.

How does one's faith in God justify killing their own kind? This question applies too to Christians because the Oklahoma City bombing was by a Christian terrorist. It also applies to Jews due to their terrorism practiced in the wake of the Balfour Declaration, a declaration that confirmed the British had betrayed the Hashemites and not lived up to their promise to give them the Levant.

Thus the enemies of God are the unfaithful, be it Christians, Islamists, and Jews who fight with each other, using violence be it by rhetoric or by arms. This applies to Islamophobes of all types.

However, I am an unbeliever and an apostate, being a Buddhist, and supposedly I know nothing of the ways of Christians, Jews and Muslims. Yet this is injustice, to perpetuate hatred and enmity just because of lack of faith in a merciful God.

If I can see as such, why can't people of the Book?


Behold! The Angel of Music Stands Before You (satire)

If Justin Bieber is the angel of music, as depicted in his act, then he has stolen it from Lucifer.

This implies that Justin Bieber may be Pentecostal in his beliefs, since they have redeemed a lot of previously satanic practices, including speaking in tongues, and also Ouija boards.

However, most Christians tend to have disbelief in the Oneness of God, having fallen to the blasphemy that the Christ is God. A few of them even profess an unhealthy fear of the devil. Most Christians would be better off fearing only God.

Sadly though, the unhealthy practice of deeming ungodliness as satanic is prevalent among Christians, to the point where they practice a good versus evil dichotomy by equally fearing both God and Satan.

How foolish! No wonder a lot of Muslims have stated Christians will spend the afterlife before the Fire.

It's no coincidence that Bieber comes to the stage as the angel of music after admitting to be a Christian and praying before each act.

According to belief, Lucifer was the ministry of music and the most beautiful and “perfect” of all the angels before becoming jealous of God’s power, leaving God with no other choice than to throw him out of heaven.

Justin Bieber cashes in on this symbolism by having a bunch of speakers as "wings" as he swoops down to the stage. It is like he took back from the devil what is rightly God's.

So, in a metaphorical sense, Justin Bieber is the angel of music reborn.

Let us hope this angel can clean his wings of his past sins and redeem himself soon.

Oh, and please do not marry Selena for the sake of world peace!

She who said "La ilaha illa Allah" / الذي قال انها "لا إله إلا الله"

الذي قال انها "لا إله إلا الله"
في الصلاة مع صديقاتها
خلف الرجال في المسجد،
ولكن اليوم يعبد سرا جاستن بيبر
هو مرتد أن يعلن القرآن
سوف نرى النار في الآخرة.
--- Translation: English ---
She who said "La ilaha illa Allah"
in prayer with her friends
behind men in the mosque,
but today secretly worships Justin Bieber
is an apostate that the Quran declares
will see the Fire in the afterlife.

What Do You Do When Armageddon Is Near? (satire)

'Mankind today is on the brink of a destruction, not because of the danger of complete annihilation, which is hanging over its head - this being just a symptom and not the real disease - but because humanity is devoid of those vital values which are necessary not only for its healthy development but also for its real progress.

'Even the Western world realises that the Western civilization is unable to present any healthy values for the guidance of mankind. It knows that it does not possess anything which will satisfy its own conscience and justify its existence.' -- Sayyid Qutb, Milestones

Recently, the activity at Jupiter Beach during summer break shows us the lack of healthy values for the guidance of mankind. Another example is mainstream media's reporting of crime to the point where one believes society is a fearsome place.

Ever wonder why the terrorists blew up Bali? It's because of drink and its overblown evils.

Yet we in the West are tolerant of such things. Those of us who seldom drink to excess do not confront the drunkards and the drug addicts because of our fear that things will get out of hand. This is why you won't see the "Moral Majority" picketing Jupiter Beach or even Ft Lauderdale anytime soon.

If you think 9-11 was just a terrorist attack against America, then you are sorely mistaken. It was a wake-up call to Americans enthralled by the decadent hedonism that passes for normal.

However, the average American then took to the Internet to show how racist they really are. One ignorant American even killed a Sikh in Arizona. More recently, a criminal shot up a Sikh temple. If this is the face of intelligence in America, then it is small wonder that a Christian preacher wanted to burn the Quran.

Would America change its ways? It appears that the GOP is willing to, though the result of that social experiment is the Tea Party and right-wing Militiamen.

Liberals among the Democrats endorse ObamaCare, despite the fact that it is a scam by corporate health insurance companies and that it still does not guarantee medications and medical procedures for free like it is in social health care in Canada and the UK.

In my opinion, the reason why this is the way it is with ObamaCare is because before ObamaCare, people died because their health insurance company wouldn't carry the medication or medical procedure anymore. After ObamaCare, people will die much more slowly.

Overall though, Sayyid Qutb is right: America is destroying itself from the inside out. The rich elite of America are annihilating the poor, the immigrants, and especially the women.

America itself is devoid of family values that promote the health development of its people and its progress in the world today. The war within the middle class results in more people among the poor collecting welfare, supposedly due to the poor economy but actually due to the fact that employees are expensive to maintain.

What do you do when Armageddon is near? Religion is not the answer here, and neither is politics.

Just carry on what you are doing, youth of America. I hear party music in the distance...


Why we need Muslim terrorists in Canada (satire)

  1. They will assassinate drug dealers but never deal in marijuana.
  2. Sharia law will be enforced, rather than be eroded by anti-religion manifestos like in Quebec. Though the government will have to pay them off to keep their women safe from honor killing and FGM.
  3. They could be used to keep the Pakistani-Canadian gang members in check e.g. assassinate pedophile Muslims.

Seriously though, the Canadian government is going to watch these guys when they return from Syria. It's unlikely they'll be on Muslim criminals' side after becoming Salafi. Those guys are anti-drug to the point of beheading drug dealers in Syria. So, why not use our Canadian al Qaeda to take a bite out of Muslim crime in Canada? Isn't that why the Canadian government sent them to al Nusra Front in Syria in the first place? I mean, we have Canadians there fighting beside the rebels against Assad. They will eventually come home once Assad is overthrown and his army obliterated.

This is probably why no country is supplying the rebels with bigger firepower yet. If only automatic rifles and smaller arms gets to them, then it'll be easier for the Syrian military to keep them at bay. However, it would be stupid to supply them with enough firepower to wipe out Assad, because that would force China and Russia to step in. When you add to this al Qaeda forces coming out of Pakistan, it's not hard to suspect Pakistan's Islamists and Taleban are doing what comes naturally for them, since Pakistan was the staging ground for most of the Taliban of Afghanistan.

Remember: there are up to 100 Canadian al Qaeda at the moment. Think of how useful they will be cleaning up Canadian inner cities from Halifax to Toronto to Edmonton to Vancouver, keeping it free of drug dealers. Sadly though, the security experts predict they will turn to crime and blow up trains and assassinate city councils. That's only if we deny them sharia law courts. However, it's going to cost a lot of money to keep them in line.

I'm sure sending in al Qaeda to take a bite out of crime in Canada is worth it because the RCMP are doing a shitty job of it as of now. The reports of Canadians in Syria fighting for al Qaeda implies they will get tips on how to foment "revolution" in Canada when they return. However, they may also eliminate gang members who offend them, not to steal drugs but to show what happens when sharia is used against drug dealers. Our criminal gangs in Canada are out of control. Legal enforcement and the justice system only recently legislated against gang violence by criminalizing it. However, they still fight with staff in youth custody facilities.

There was a recent incident in BC where a youth detention staff member was severely injured by a suspected teenaged gang member. I bet the government employees union is grieving that. For how can a staff member do his job if he is going to get beat up or killed at work?

While turning Canadian al Qaeda into anti-drug squad is fraught with the risk of death and injury, the risk of death and injury is prevalent in the lifestyle of gang members. The Surrey Six who died needlessly is a case in point.

When you start assassinating your rivals for horning in on your territory, then you are acting in a psychopathic manner that is contrary to the safety and security of law-abiding citizens like the two guys who were pulled in and murdered in cold blood, merely for being witnesses. Instead of targeting the State (the US government) for depriving their gangs of cocaine from Mexican cartels, gangsters in Vancouver plotted to kill off gang rivals in the big fight to distribute the dwindling supply of cocaine.

Overall, the deaths of four gang members and two innocent bystanders is a senseless waste of lives and of time. It was done because one gang tried to extort a "fee" from rival gang members to deal in their territory. When the rivals wouldn't pay up, they were executed. If Canadian al Qaeda are added to this, gang members could hire their services to wipe out other gangs.

However, the risk would be that the al Aqaeda would wipe them out if they don't convert to Islam and fight for the greater good of the imminent Caliphate. Islamists like this will threaten the group dynamics in the prison system if arrested and incarcerated with the general population.

You will see prisoners converting to Islam because the Islamists will protect you to the death. This is happening in the UK right now. It's only a matter of time before it occurs in Canada.

Originally posted: March 27, 2014 3:52 AM

Syria is a training ground for Canadian homegrown terrorists.

We have Canadians in Syria fighting alongside the rebels against Assad:

Inspiration for this article:


Arabs Before Islam or the Incompleat History of Pre-Islamic Arabs

This article refers to Arabs of the period from just before 325 BCE to 651 CE and its purpose is to provide information about Arabian Pre-Islamic history and culture. Some of the following information may be considered speculative. The purpose of this article is to collect a list of references on the Internet to more information on Arab culture before Islam. It is a part of my on-going research on Arabian history.

At first, the researcher of Arabic culture will be puzzled before a phenomenon existing also in China and India. It is the case of a people who have reached the peak of growth in the world by population, while remaining abysmally primitive in the Middle East. A people who have not exceeded the most primordial levels of existence, and indeed, remain far below them in certain areas of behavior.

Yet the confusion vanishes after scrutinizing the past of this people, and the reason that this zenith of population has combined with this nadir of primitiveness is revealed.

At the fall of the Achaemenid Empire founded by Cyrus the Great in 550 BCE, it was 330 BCE. Both Aramaic and Greek were spoken throughout the Middle East and Asia Minor, along with Persian, Median, Akkadian, Elamite and Sumerian, though the latter four languages were dying out due to the predominance of Greek, Aramaean and Old Persian.

As a result of the dominance of the Achaemenid Empire, Aramaic was spoken in Judea later during Jesus' time. Prior to 539 BCE, Aramaic was the lingua franca of the Fertile Crescent due to the dominance of the city-states of Damascus, Hamath and Arpad in ancient Syria. The Aramaic script contributed to the development of the Hebrew and Arabic alphabets.

As the last of Arses had been killed by Bogoas along with Artaxerses III, possibly due to the influence of Darius the Great, Philip of Macedonia planned to invade by uniting Greece to the cause. However Philip was assassinated in 336 BCE, so it was up to his son Alexander the Great to invade Persia and defeat Darius.

After his death, Alexander's once massive Hellenistic empire was dividep by his ambitious generals (the Diadochi) and succeeded in becoming a few smaller empires, the largest of which was the Seleucid Empire, ruled by the generals of Alexander and their descendants. They in turn would be succeeded by the Parthian Empire when the Seleucid Empire fell in 63 BCE.

In 312 BCE the Seleucid Empire arose, consisting of all of Asia Minor including Anatolia (most of present-day Turkey), a part of Central Asia, and reaching as far as the Indus River. Mesopotamia was also included in the Empire. Aramaic, Greek, and Old Persian were lingua franca in the courts of Seleucid kings.

In the region of Northern Arabia and the Levant, between the Sinai Peninsula and the Arabian Peninsula, arose the Nabatean Kingdom. Established in 168 BCE, its inhabitants were originally nomadic pastoralists from the Negev and the Sinai Peninsula circa 4th Century BCE.

During Aretas III's reign from 87 to 62 BCE the kingdom had reached its territorial zenith.

In 64 BCE, Marcus Aemilius Scaurus convinced Aretas to end the siege of Judea during the civil war between the brothers Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus II, heirs of the Hasmonean Dynasty.

Also Pompey had asked Sampsiceramus I of Emesa to capture and kill in 64 BC, the second last Seleucid King Antiochus XIII Asiaticus. As a result, the Seleucid Kingdom had ended and became another client-kingdom ruled by Philip II Philorhomaeus who was cousin to Antiochus. Possibly Pompey had tired of bribery attempts by both Antiochus and Philip II, but considered Antiochus to be more of a threat to stability in the region.

By 63 BCE, Judea had become a client kingdom paying tribute to Rome with both Hyrcanus and Aristobulus becoming pawns in a power play between Pompey and Julius Caesar.

Defeated by a Roman army commanded by Scaurus in 62 BCE, the Nabatean Kingdom also became a client kingdom of the Rome Empire. After accepting a 300 talent bribe, Scaurus relieved his siege of Petra.

Circa 56 BCE Philip was betrothed to Cleopatra's sister Berenice IV of Egypt. After realizing that he was not a truthworthy client king, Pompey may have asked Roman governor of Syria Aulus Gabinius to eliminate Philip since a union between the Seleucid Empire and Egypt might have threatened the Roman Empire. From that time on, Syria was made a province of Rome.

Saracens appear in Western narratives circa 1st Century CE. In time their name came to represent Arabian people and after the fall of the Roman Empire, was used to describe Islam and Muslim in 17th Century Europe. This is thus a Eurocentric term that died out by the 20th Century.

In the 1st and 2nd Centuries, Petra — lying in the Jordan Rift Valley, 80 kilometres south of the Dead Sea — rose to become a thriving urban community. The gods worshipped at Petra were notably Dushara and al-‘Uzzá.

Originally, Nabateans represented their gods as unadorned pillars or blocks. Most commonly, they would create a god-block out of the top of a hill or cliff face, leaving only a block behind. Under influence of the Greeks and Romans, they soon added anthropomorphic features to their depictions of their gods, often adding
human features

In 127 CE Arabia Petraea was annexed to the Roman Empire. It consists of the Sinai Peninsula, most of Palestine, and later the northern part of the Hejaz region of the Arabian Peninsula.

Originally Arabia Petraea was known as Achaemenid Arabia, and refers to the land between Egypt and Mesopotamia.

During the 2nd and 3rd Century, the Royal family of Emesa was associated with Severus and his dynasty. Emesa was a client kingdom that paid tribute to Rome. Originally they were Arabs who spoke Aramaic, which was the lingua franca before Greek was adopted after 127 CE. Originally Emesesi were Bedouins who had settled in Orontes Valley and south of the Apamea region in ancient Syria circa 1st Century BCE. Later, through trade with the Seleucid Empire, Emesesii spoke Greek, and after becoming part of the Roman Empire, spoke Latin. Their sun-god was called El-Gabal, who was later called Elagabal, possibly due to Hellenization of gods indigenous to Syria.

Since the fall of the Seleucid Empire in 63 BCE, Greek became a common tongue due to immigration of Macedonian people into the Near East, replacing Nabatean and Aramaic as lingua franca. Indeed, Arabs and Jews born in Petra at the time would have been considered Roman citizens and given Roman names at birth.

It is likely that Arabs of Medina and Mecca just before Islam would have been familiar with Greek, Latin and Persian due to the annexation of Arabia Petraea to the Roman Empire and the expansion of the Lakhmid kingdom and contact with Persians and Greeks through trade with the Seleucids and later, the Sassanids. The Lakhmids paid tribute to the Sassanids, which inspired them to attack Palestine and Syria while the Nabatean people also had become Roman citizen of Rome by 127 CE after their defeat by Roman forces almost 200 centuries earlier. Thus the Arabs before Islam were already formidable foes as pagans.

As well, it is likely the sedentary Arabs of southern Mesopotamia maintained worship of Allat and Shamiyyah (or Shamiya) since Arabian princes ruled the Arab cities running from Hatra, in the northeast, via Palmyra, Baalbek and Petra, in the southwest along the western border of the Parthian kingdom.

Syria was settled by Ghassanid Christians from Yemen circa early 3rd Century. In the 200s CE the Ghassanids migrated Syria due to a dam flooding their villages in Yemen.

Syria's Bashar al-Assad and his peoples are descendants of Arabs, Turks, Romans, Normans, French and English people due to the Crusades. The Lakhmids are the forerunners of the Arabic peoples in what is called Iraq today. Indeed, they are not foreigners like the Saudis are, but they are Arabs. Iraq is also home to Syriacs and Kurds.

The Middle Persian name for the Sassanian Empire Ērānshahr and Ērān which evolved into the New Persian names, Iranshahr and Iran.

al-Hira was the capital of Lakhmid, the first Arabian kingdom in south Mesopotamia, a client of the Sassanids for containing the nomadic Arabs to the south of Mesopotamia.

Lakhmid was founded by 'Amr, of the Arab tribe Banu Lakhm who had migrated to south Mesopotamia from Yemen.

His son Imru' al-Qais succeeded him as king and may have been a Nestorian Christian.

After the Sassanid Empire arose in 225 CE, Lakhmid soon became a client kingdom charged with keeping the nomadic bedouin Arabs at bay.

Then the Sassanids fell to the Muslims in 651 CE.

In conclusion, Islam paid no part in their conquest of the Middle East and Near East. Rather, Christians and Jews made enemies of the pagan Arabs who soon would be back with Islamic verses on their lips, and proselyting by the sword on their minds. Islam does not make a Muslim an enemy since like Christianity and Judaism before it, Muslims are people of a holy book that guides them closer to God.

Even if a few Muslims become kaf'r (apostate as in falling out of the state of grace offered freely by God according to Christian sources), that should not be cause for concern since the social control of Muslims is absolute by a council of imams or mullah but is fair. What is unfair is how a Muslim society practices sharia with the common people resorting to "an eye for an eye while the imam calls for less violent means. That is because it is a patriarchal society which still considers women and children to be chattel, despite lip service in the name of equal rights as taught in the Koran.

If Arab society followed Mohammad completely according to the Koran, then there would still be need to recall Hadiths that guide them to carry the right Sharia law justly without rationalizing cause and effect rather than resorting to the Law of Hammurabi.

Indeed, that ancient law is the law of the land in the Middle East. Just as Aramaic became the lingua franca before Roman annexation, so too did ancient Babylonia law. Today, that law is king in the Maghreb, in southern Spain which used to be Muslim, in Sicily and Calabria, Albanian, Bosnia, and Kosovo, Turkey, the Middle East, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Malaysian, Indonesia, Mindanao, Brunei and a few islands in the Indian Ocean. Though in Indonesia and Malaysia, it sometimes abused by politicians.

Overall though, the law of Hammurabi guides the Muslim nations more likely than people realize, and more often than Islamic law, because the Arabs have been there since Babylonian times in the 8 Century BCE. When a woman is oppressed, that is like Hammurabi guiding a Muslim man to abuse his wife and beat his children, not sharia. Thus, domestic violence is not in the Koran. If it appears in sharia, then that is because of a pagan law that allowed a woman to be treated like something a husband owned. It even was a vital part of ancient Greek life, a pagan society that the Muslims borrowed knowledge of science and of the arts.

Thus today's Muslim world is a syncretism that took the underlying Aramaean language that preceded Neo-Babylonian times, mixed in Mohammad's interpretation of Christianity and Judaism due to their lengthy experiences with Byzantine Christians and Jews of the Levant and the Middle East and latern bits and pieces of European Marxism and its influence on democratic socialism as well as Nazism.

Can one wonder why Sayyid Qutb responded by criticizing American women and penned the literature that Islamists take literally? This is upon which al-Qaeda is founded, and also why the Egyptian Islamists who aspired to be jihadi joined al-Qaeda, only for their current leader to lead them to terrorize Iraq.

I only mention current events in the Middle East to show that history repeats itself until great men and women arise to help humanity to learn from their mistakes. These men and women are neither famous nor notorious, but one of them may be you.

Originally posted: January 16, 2014 1:22 AM


Achaemenid Empire:


History of the Arabic alphabet:


Nabatean Kingdom:

Civil war between Aristobulus and Hyrcanus:
Ptolemy Mennæii, son of Mennæus:
Marcus Aemilius Scaurus:

Royal Family of Emesa:



Pre-Islamic Arabia:

Arabia Petraea:


Hatra, capital of the Arabian kingdom west of Parthia:

Araba, tentative first Arab kingdom outside Arabia::

al-Hirah, first historical Arab kingdom to contain the southern Arabian for the Sassanids:

Lakhmid, an Arabic empire centred in al-Hirah:

Lakhmid bandits were raiding Syrian towns:


Sayyid Qutb's "The America I have Seen":

Tunisia To Get Moderate Islamists Back

It's great to hear that the dictator Bel Ali has fled with the Tunisian people's head tax to hide out in Dubai and bribe Saudi officials in anticipation of "disappearing" amongst his oil-wealthy Saudi buddies.

Yet I am still saddened to hear that the police have used the shock and awe method of keeping order in a country where their primary use was as a tool for Ben Ali to cling to power as only a dictator can, i.e. lots of bribes from America, more bribes from tourists holidaying in a de facto socialist state, and even more bribes from Saudis who considered Ben Ali to be an honorable Muslim even Qutb would be proud of.

In the future, I predict there may be a protest march in major cities in the West in solidarity with the moderates of Tunis. Let the cry be heard: INSHALLAH!

Let "peace, love, unity, solidarity and respect" be in their hearts!

Let us also hope that democracy rules in Tunis.

انه لشيء رائع أن نسمع أن الديكتاتور علي بلحاج قد فر مع ضريبة الرأس الشعب التونسي على الاختباء في دبي ورشوة مسؤولين سعوديين تحسبا من "الاختفاء" بين رفاقه السعودية الغنية بالنفط.

بعد ما زلت أشعر بالحزن لسماع ان الشرطة استخدمت أسلوب الصدمة والترويع من أجل حفظ في بلد استخدامها الابتدائي كأداة لزين العابدين بن علي التمسك بالسلطة كما ديكتاتور واحد فقط يمكن، أي الكثير من الرشاوى من أمريكا وأكثر رشاوى من السياح يقضون عطلات في دولة بحكم الامر الواقع الاشتراكي، والرشاوى حتى أكثر من السعوديين الذين يعتبرون زين العابدين بن علي ليكون مسلم الشرفاء حتى أن سيد قطب أن نفخر به.

في المستقبل، وأتوقع أنه قد يكون هناك مسيرة احتجاج في المدن الكبرى في الغرب في التضامن مع المعتدلين من تونس. واسمحوا أن يسمع صراخ : إن شاء الله.

السماح "السلام والمحبة والوحدة والتضامن والاحترام" يكون في قلوبهم!

دعونا نأمل أيضا أن قواعد الديمقراطية في تونس.

Originally posted: January 26, 2011 6:41 PM

ben Ali has left Tunisia:

With Silent Awe: A Short Critique of Creationism and their Detractors

Sometimes I find both sides of this argument of creationism versus evolution tend to abuse logical fallacies to prove their point. I do not buy the logic of "either you believe in God or you don't" because it is a fallacy.

Why should I take sides regarding belief and faith with regard to religion?

Like the existence of God, evolution is a matter of belief, for belief that evolution did occur is based on the archaeological evidence, but is actually based on faith in the scientific method. However, the scientific method fails to prove the existence of God because it requires belief in something outside the realm of science, which excludes use of the scientific method.

A Christian would have to base his faith on a fallible source called the Bible, much of which is exaggerated to the point of miraculous — the feeding of thousands as Jesus makes his Sermon on the Mount. As well, logical fallacies are often used to make a point, but on close examination they do not stand to reason — the Cretan tells lies.

This may be why the prudent Christian when faced with such challenges by non-believers claims Christianity is outside the realm of scientific argument and only has to do with the spiritual realm.

Within that realm, ANYTHING is possible. Within the realm of science, the scientific method requires evidence based on collection of data. Merely having faith in the face of lack of evidence is not proof of anything significant.

If we take the Bible as a collection of mytho-poetic prose designed to appeal to some of humanity's spiritual needs, then it becomes useful to the few people who believe. Yet the detractors who side with Christians would then object to calling the prose "myths".

In the case of the Bible, myth is defined as hidden truths revealed by consulting the compendium. This is why a good Bible cross references each chapter and verse against other chapters and verses.

Yet a rational mind that has faith in the scientific method makes the false conclusion that myths have only one definition as a fairy tale that does not hold any truth at all.

Obviously then, if it deals with the spiritual realm, then for atheists, the Bible is devoid of truth. This too is false.

Truth is not based on evidence; it is based on what the mind knows to be true i.e. if an atheist deems the spiritual realm to be unknowable because he really has no experience in dealing with it then, rather than saying so, he concludes that a Christian's experience with the spiritual realm is subjective and thus tainted. Because of his lack of experience, the atheist assumes that the spiritual realm is unknowable.

What the atheist sometimes does instead of stating this, is to mock the Christian's experiences.

However, a Christian's subjective experience of the spiritual realm is his story and is real to him. For the only way to view it is not with derision but with the same respect you pay to your grandparents when they tell you about a time before you were born, WITH SILENT AWE.

Originally posted: December 22, 2012 12:19 AM

To Christians, Jihadis, and Atheists

To those people in ignorance whose own religion demand them to be apart from the world, they have shown no concrete evidence of an immortal soul, save for myths based on neo-Platonic reasoning. In essence, the immortal soul is pre-Christian in its origin, and no ancient Christian council presided to make it doctrine.

For only eternal life is the promise of God's own in the afterlife. In this life, all souls have a finite end. Even your holy books says so.

As for the religious extremists who claim the holy war that they mistake for jihad is the only struggle worthy of a man, they are but a disgrace to their Prophet — praise be unto him — by deceiving their brethren into using their cockeyed version of their religious laws to oppress women, children and men from cradle to grave. Even their Prophet (PBUH) said they are to treat girls as princesses, men as their brothers, and women as queens.

As students (Taliban), these extremists are deaf to the call of Islam (submission) and blind to the nature of things. In their fervent belief, they actually have stopped believing in God's word and only believe in what their ego has held onto dearly. For the believer who believes his ego more than in the word of God is no different than the unbeliever!

Finally, those people who believe neither in God nor in religion, please find merit in the scientific application of meditation and give credit to where it is due. For when such people say that meditation can be used without the layers of belief and faith applied to it, they make it a dead thing which becomes like a placebo when practiced without those layers of belief and faith.

Indeed, the wise see that the Buddhist sutras are no different from scientistic research, except that the former has had a longer shelf life than all the fruits of science.

Originally posted: December 30, 2012 12:26 AM

The Cult of the Individual: Man-god or Merely Human? (satire)

Selfish as in self-cherishing, the devotee to the cult of individualism would deny she is in a cult. For the ego, when it is in control of your life, will tell you lies to endure its hold over you.

At its root, selfishness is like death: when the world revolves around you, the easier it is to wander through life, impatient with the concerned religionist, flouting your atheism as if it made you better than a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Satanist, a Hindu, or even a Buddhist.

However, the move from religion to psychology and philosophy of Buddhism ensures our life.

Whether we like it or not, a spiritual friend will come for us, either to set us strait or to help us come to understand that the self that wants attention on its merit is solely the root of suffering and sorrow. As such, narcissism is sure to lead the unwary to self-made hell.

It makes this old fool wonder why people would think they are free when they practice no religion. How free are they really when the self tells them: "Oh, it's another religionist! Let's mock him?"

How utterly vain, and foolish are the selfish!

Were they even a bit wise, they'd work in the soup kitchens and help pass out food and clothes to the homeless — I've yet to hear of that, when atheists care about their fellow man enough to dole out food and clothing for those in need.

I do not know if this is because atheists are modest or if they truly care about the rest of humanity. Hopefully, it is the former because the latter sometimes seems to be so far away when the atheists mock religionists of every faith, be it a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, a Satanist, a Hindu, a Buddhist, or any other organized religion.

For this cult of the individual is surely not a good thing in this post-modern world. Its practitioners often preach entitlement and enable children to carry on the same selfish ideals of their parents. If you dare to confront them with the Truth, then they distort it into a parody of all that is true.

In response I quote Pontius Pilate, "What is Truth?"

Originally posted: February 12, 2013 6:37 AM

The Qutbs I Do not Admire (satire)

For the record: I do not admire Sayyid Qutb or his brother Mohammad Qutb, because their membership in Muslim Brotherhood helped spread their anti-American propaganda and distinctly pro-Islamic rhetoric.

Now their words are being misused by Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as al Qaeda globally.

This is also why I do not think much of Muslim Brotherhood fronting political candidates among the Maghrebi Arab Spring participants.

If it is true Morsi in Egypt was receiving payola from US Foreign policy department without oversight from the Egyptian military, a known CIA asset, then this is just wrong. That money should have gone to the military.

Most people do not believe it was the CIA that was bribing the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. This is why I think that the US embassy also had a separate slush fund for Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood in Cairo. In my opinion, this suggests that the US ambassador to Egypt was "donating" money to the Muslim Brotherhood directly without telling his CIA handler.

This suggests that the CIA and US ambassador are at odds about where their bribe money is supposed to go in Egypt.

This revelation makes the Libya scene involving Benghazi an interesting scenario where the US ambassador there might have been "donating" money to the wrong cause while the CIA were trying to "turn" al Qaeda members.

However, Egypt is proof that bribes only work when nobody exposes it.

---Translation: Arabic---

للسجل : أنا لا نعجب سيد قطب أو أخيه محمد قطب ، بسبب عضويتهم في جماعة الإخوان مسلم ساعد انتشارها الدعاية المعادية للولايات المتحدة و اضح الخطاب المؤيد للإسلام.

الآن يجري يساء استخدامها من قبل كلماتهم طالبان في أفغانستان وباكستان وكذلك تنظيم القاعدة على الصعيد العالمي.

وهذا هو أيضا السبب في أنني لا أفكر كثيرا في جماعة الإخوان مسلم المواجه المرشحين السياسيين بين المشاركين المغاربة الربيع العربي .

وإذا كان صحيحا مرسي في مصر و تلقي الرشوة من قسم السياسة الخارجية للولايات المتحدة دون إشراف من الجيش المصري ، و الأصول وكالة المخابرات المركزية المعروفة ، ثم وهذا هو مجرد خطأ . أن المال يجب ان تذهب الى الجيش .

معظم الناس لا أعتقد أنه كان من وكالة الاستخبارات المركزية التي كانت رشوة الإخوان مسلم في مصر. هذا هو السبب في أنني أعتقد أن السفارة الأمريكية كانت أيضا صندوق طين منفصلة ل مرسي والإخوان مسلم في القاهرة. في رأيي ، وهذا يشير إلى أن سفير الولايات المتحدة لدى مصر كان " التبرع " المال ل جماعة الإخوان مسلم مباشرة دون أن يخبر معالج له وكالة المخابرات المركزية .

هذا يشير إلى أن وكالة المخابرات المركزية و سفير الولايات المتحدة على خلاف حول مكان يفترض أموال الرشوة للذهاب في مصر.

هذا الوحي يجعل المشهد ليبيا بنغازي التي تنطوي على سيناريو مثير للاهتمام حيث سفير الولايات المتحدة ربما كانت هناك " التبرع " المال ل سبب خاطئ في حين أن وكالة المخابرات المركزية كانوا يحاولون " تحويل " أعضاء في تنظيم القاعدة .

ومع ذلك ، دليل على أن مصر الرشاوى تعمل فقط عندما لا يعرض عليه.


Kim Kardashian Has a Normal Female Body (satire)

In my opinion Kim has a normal female body that is mistaken for fat. However, upper middle class people tend to overeat in excess in response to stress.

Poor people, on the other hand, have to go without the two extra meals that constitute the "normal" three meals a day, which actually is abnormal in people over the age of 30, due to the prevalence of high carbohydrate content in those three meals.

I disagree with dieticians that you need three meals a day after the age of 30. You actually need one meal a day and lots of snacking to a maximum of 1000 calories (2000 calories if you lead a strenuous life e.g. body building and similar). YMMV

As well, the privileged tend to overindulge in high ethanol consumption over the 3-4 units a day (each unit = 10 g of ethanol) to a max of 800 ml of 5% beer / 400 ml of 10% wine / 100 ml of 40% hard liquor.

Based on the assumption of 7 calories per gram of ethanol, 40 g of ethanol == 210 calories, which is about 18% of a 1000 calorie / day intake of food.

Yes, alcohol is a food, but the privileged tend to overdo it without cutting out carbohydrates and restricting their fat intake to less dangerous fats such as coconut oil. That's why I rarely go fast food because it rarely has good fat in it.

If Kim cut out the cocktails, changed the kinds of fats she consumed and reduced her carbohydrates intake, she can easily slim down. In fact, she's shown that she can do it.

However, Kanye likes his hard liquor. If that is addressed, then I predict marital bliss for them.

Kim is obviously not drinking booze, being pregnant and all. Most likely, she is knocking back immense amounts of carbohydrates and the wrong kind of fats without doing enough exercise, and that is the reason for the high weight gain.

So her complaints about being fat are nothing new.


Kim Kardashian bellyaches about pregnancy weight gain:


If Selena and Justin get Married, Then We are Doomed (satire)

Apologies to the doomsayers of Protestant Christianity, but I feel that this is apt, considering how much you guys preach against Hollywood.

Selena's camp think it's a bad idea, because nothing good comes of mixing Catholic and Protestants when the latter tends to be caught giving in to temptation. If this guy is a good Christian, then I'm not going to hell, even though I am a Buddhist and my ideology is sometimes deemed New Age and thus implies my destination in the afterlife isn't heaven.

Of course not.

My destination is the Pure Land. It is not even a Buddhist heaven. It is just a place for angels to be instructed on Enlightenment before our reassignment to either the Six Realms of Desire or wherever our karma takes us.

Returning to Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez, were I a Revelations fan, Chapter 17 might describe Hollywood. The Genesis quote implies the battle of the sexes.

My use of the doomsday myth is to poke fun at the Christians, both the Catholics and the Protestants, who love Justin and Selena.

If you are Christian and have no sense of humour, then I feel sorry for you.


L'aube et L'humanité / Al-Falak & An-Nas / The Dawn and Mankind (poem)

Je cherche protection auprès du Seigneur de l'aube
Contre le mal des choses créées;
Contre le mal de l'obscurité comme il répand sur;
De la malice de ceux qui pratiquent les arts secrets;
Et contre le mal de l'envieux quand il envie pratique.

Je cherche protection auprès du Seigneur de l'humanité,
La règle de l'humanité,
Le juge de l'humanité,
Contre le mal de le murmurait à l'oreille du Mal, qui se retire après son murmure,
Le même qui murmure dans les cœurs de l'humanité,
Parmi les djinns et les hommes.

Quran: Al-Falak and An-Nas / The Dawn and Mankind / Surah 113 and Surah 114
Yusuf Ali translation

This is a translation from English into French, rather than the one provided on

I seek refuge with the Lord of the Dawn
From the mischief of created things;
From the mischief of Darkness as it overspreads;
From the mischief of those who practise secret arts;
And from the mischief of the envious one as he practises envy.

I seek refuge with the Lord and Cherisher of Mankind,
The Ruler of Mankind,
The judge of Mankind,
From the mischief of the Whisperer of Evil, who withdraws after his whisper,
The same who whispers into the hearts of Mankind,
Among Jinns and among men.

To protect the believer from evil, these two surahs are to be recited with sincere belief in their protection. Naturally then, for unbelievers, these words have only empty meaning because of their unbelief.

I myself find beauty in their original Arabic, yet because of my unbelief, would wonder why the superstitious would go on to write the Arabic as though they were talisman. Although my unbelief leads me to such wondering, if a true believer believed in the power of prayer, then these words are protection.

Even in French, these words are still beautiful.

Regardless of what dirt the Islamophobes bring up about Mohammad, the Quran remains a beautiful work of Muslim literature. However, when it is used to oppress women, that is not God's will; that is man's will.

Thus I refute the story of Aisha, Mohammad's second wife as child bride. Even if an imam repeats that story, it is based on one man's word and is thus unverifiable. It is more likely Aisha was introduced to Mohammad when she was 16 and wed to him when she was 18, only to become his widow at 27.

Why then is the child bride story important to Islamophobes? So that the charge of pedophilia could be used as a slur.

Then what of the grooming of young girls by a certain group of Muslims? I would attribute that to mainstream media's hypersexualization of young women. This has become a worldwide phenomenon, and it is not restricted solely to a group of Muslim men. It is prevalent in Western culture, but in certain Old World cultures, it has led to the grooming of young girls as well.

Islamophobes would blame Islam, for they cannot distinguish between culture and religion. In doing so, they ignore the fact that they cater to the good girl narrative, and give their girls the benefit of the doubt. Yet they ignore the fact that Western culture hypersexualizes young girls.

In the good girl/bad girl paradigm, if a girl is polite and reserved, then she is good. If she acts like a boy, then one day she might be put in her place. Thus, this paradigm contains a double standard and additionally is sexist and oppressive to young girls if they aren't good. For often, good or bad, when a boy misbehaved, his misbehavior is often condoned.

What hypocrisy!

Yet if a Muslim boy acts as bad as some white boys do, then sometimes his behavior is seen as deviant. However, the majority of pedophiles are white. As well, most of the Muslim men who practice this grooming belong to criminal gangs.

Therefore, I reject the story of Aisha as child bride as the basis for the grooming of young white girls by Muslim men. It is a pernicious fallacy, given that it has not a list of verifiable sources, save of imams who peddle this story needlessly.