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NWSF: Xvideos exposes what women in Canada are posting on their snapchat

This is what millions of women are doing online on what they think are private videos of themselves for their boyfriends.

Then hackers steal their p0rn and repost it on xvideos and other adult video streaming sites for horny men to masturbate over.



However, Amanda actually loved showing off her body because of the rush. Yet she actually committed suicide because even her mom was disgusted that she could act like that.

And she paid the price for being an attention whore.




Bucailleism: When Pseudoscience is Used to Gain New Converts in Islam

Islamic science requires scientific method to separate the pseudoscience of Bucailleism from the pursuit of science.

Using the Koran to prove the Big Bang is like using the Christian Bible to disprove it: you have to suspend disbelief in divine inspiration and make preposterous conjectures about science relying on a holy book that is given such a higher authority that to criticise it is offensive to most Muslims.

Thus most Muslim scholars do not criticise Bucailleism because propaganda based on it is useful to gaining new converts.

What is ironic is most of Muslim science came from ancient Greek scientists who lived in Anatolia and in the Middle East from 800 to 1250 CE.



Trump ain't Hitler (political satire)

Donald Trump is not Hitler.

Stop painting the election of 2016 as a political tragedy to express your ridiculous viewpoint.

Stop pushing your ridiculous armchair views using the Hitler trope to attack Trump.

Have some goddamn respect.

Go and seek approval in the real world, not on social media. It is what you say in public that makes the difference politically.

Were you actually trying to have a proper discussion about politics, you wouldn't be trying to characterize Trump as another Hitler.

You are comparing the man who killed millions of people by gassing and torturing them to a US president, just because of something he said which has been said by anyone off the street.

Maybe you were jokingly making these comparisons because they do sound like a joke.

When you call Donald Trump a Hitler because he are putting America first — the country he is supposed to represent — then I have very little respect for you.

Here are five reasons why I have lost my respect for you:
  1. You are mocking the millions of people who have died back then.
  2. You are making a fool of yourself by mocking their sacrifices just so you can have a strong buzz word to express your opinion, because you are unable to form a proper opinion.
  3. You are simply unable to do that because, in your eyes, forming a properly informed opinion is pointless.
  4. You don't actually want to form an informed opinion.
  5. You just want people to share the same views as you.

Originally published: December 18, 2017 at 06:22 PST

Update: As it turns out, Trump did not implement the separation of children from their parents.  It was actually Obama who began the internment of children of illegal immigrants in buildings designed to temporarily detain immigrants.

After months of political pressure, both locally and globally, the Trump administration has reversed course regarding illegal immigrants.

June 20, 2018: the policy to detain children of illegal immigrants from their parents is reversed.

June 25, 2018: the Trump administration halted the policy of turning over immigrant parents to prosecutors.



Da'esh (A Haram) is Haram

An itinerant Muslim al-Khadim al-Nabil once told me:

One night I had a dream about the glorious missionaries Munkar and Nakir of the ancient kingdom of Ba'ed al-Haya.

Elders Munkar and Nakir greeted me, saying:

Peace be unto thee. We ask of thee three questions. Please carefully consider each question and answer righteously.

Who is the Lord!
Who is the Prophet?
What is thy faith about this person?

I replied, God, Mohammed, and Islam (submission to the Lord).

Glory to thee, said the esteemed elders. Please enter our glorious kingdom.

And they took me to Baed al-Haya in a heartbeat.

On arrival, Elder Munkar observed my face and asked:

Esteemed sir, thy countenance maketh thee unbecoming. Why art thou so melancholy?

To the blessed Elder, I said:

Where art the seventy-two virgins, most blessed Elder?

To which the glorious Elder replied:

Sir, thou hast been sorely misinformed.

I shall let my esteemed partner Nakir explain why.

To which the brilliant Elder Nakir chimed in:

Da'esh Haram.


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Like a Kaleidoscope (poem) / مثل كاليدوسكوب

The Lord said, "I have many names."
Dearly Beloved, to think
He has many names, 
Like a young boy viewing
The scene around him through a kaleidoscope
As if in awe of the beauty of the scene,
So I too am in awe of His Names -
But mere words fail me when the fruits of fear
Delay my prayers to God Almighty,
Whose Mercy is great.
-- Translation: AR --
 قال الرب: "لدي أسماء كثيرة".
عزيزي الحبيب، للتفكير
لديه العديد من الأسماء،
مثل صبي صغير عرض
المشهد من حوله من خلال مشكال
كما لو في رهبة من جمال المشهد،
لذلك أنا أيضا في رهبة من أسماءه -
ولكن مجرد كلمات تفشل لي عندما ثمار الخوف
تأخر صلاتي إلى الله سبحانه وتعالى،
الذي الرحمة عظيم.

Originally posted on Dec 7, 2013 at 9:17 PM


Fuck Politics! (satire)

This is a FYI addressing followers and/or members of G+ who conclude from off-the-cuff remarks I made about misogyny and sexism.  I as the messenger am sometimes accused of being a misogynist and sexist by certain #SJW within the communities both on Google Plus and on social media, e.g. Reddit.

"Hori ez dela nire asmo bat!" ("This is not my intent!") was what  the Basque iraultzaileen (revolutionaries) were sometimes hear to shout when the Spanish government accused them of being terrorists rather than freedom fighters that they all were. Today they are politicians after they chose to serve their community rather than to continue to blow up Spaniards.

In response to such ignorance by my fellow revolutionaries who ought to know better, I have only the motto of the Order of the Garter to remind my accusers that this is evil thinking - "Honi soit qui mal y pense". 

Though the word "honi" is borrowed from the Basque, the overall meaning in this context is, "just because I mention misogyny and sexism,  your accusations of me regarding misogyny and sexism are but blaming the messenger.

For I am not a misogynist nor a sexist; rather, my use of misogyny and sexism help to inspire hyperbole and satire.

If you punch a fascist as Antifa, then you have become the fascist.  Your high ideals and higher moral ground is a disgrace to freedom and democracy, and your only claim is to degeneracy and perversions of all kinds.

Until people of color, especially women, are no longer oppressed like those so-called terrorists in Europe, the New Left's cause is lost in parties on the weekend while a few revolutionaries begin a slow descent into the madness of drug abuse and the endless cycle of addiction and rehabilitation.

Yet not all revolutionaries are addicts. For the majority of the New Left are productive and sober members of society.

As for women who follow me and were offended by direct messages prior today, I have only this excuse: "I am old school and the metrosexuality of the average beta male who fronts feminism could lead I as a fool to become a misogynist and sexist by one small error, to listen to the heart when the voice of reason cries "Resist, resist, wafi sabil allah eiz wajil" (Resist, resist, for the sake of God Almighty).

No, I am not a terrorist for speaking Arabic; I am a revolutionary for peace, love, unity and respect.

Fuck ISIL, and death to the death cultists known as Da'esh.  My thanks to Russia and America - work together to make politics great again!

For those feminists in the know, I rebuke the youtube male feminist who shot dead his co-streamer, a woman.  Social justice ideology condemns murder as more heinous than shutting down free speech, and I condemn Antifa supporters for that.

In closing I will also deny that the presumed to be terror attacks in Europe and the UK are by terrorists.  They were , are, and  have always been freedom fighters.

In closing, I have this to say:

Après avoir été qualifiés de terroristes,
les combattants de la liberté
ont perdu leur cause de liberté,
et l'Occident - le monde libre -
n'est plus ce qu'il était.

After they were labeled terrorists,
the freedom fighters
have lost their cause of freedom,
and the West - the free world -
is no longer what it was.

As for extremists,  they have lost their true reason for existence - to free their peple from oppression from the majority, who are "whiter" than they are, while taking the moral high ground.

This is not a race war, because the race ideology is based on pseudoscience - it is a fact that the West honors the light skinned over the dark skinned people. 

This is not racist; this is the once unspoken truth, a manner of apocalypse, my revelation to freedom lovers everywhere.

If you are truly a revolutionary for freedom, you know what greater jihad means.  Even if our right-wing detractors mock us, remember this:  jihad is the holy war against the worldly, not all of humanity but only those people who have lost their way.  So offer them the true way of freedom lovers, charity, loving-kindness or whatever you call it these days.

And remember that I am not an Islamist nor am I what label is used to delegitimize my place in the history of freedom.

Finally, as my German friends might think, I say: "Die einzige gute Party ist der Block Party. Fuck Politik!" (The only good party is the block part! Fuck politics!"