Islamophobia, Salafi-jihadist Extremists and Millennialism (rant)

Perhaps this is the reason for islamophobia, and inspiration for extremists like those Islamic State militants:

Quran 8:12 
"I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.

Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them".

However, the verse reads in full:

Your Lord inspired the angels: “I am with you, so support those who believe. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. So strike above the necks, and strike off every fingertip of theirs.”

Upon reading Quran 8, the Islamophobe has taken the chapter to mean thay it is proof that the Quran is a book of militancy.

I counter that, given that the word Islam means submission to God, the Quran inspires all Muslims to join the greater Jihad of taming the heart so that evil passions including anger, fear, and lust, are defeated by the five daily rituals of cleansing and prayer.

As well, the militants' extremism is evidence of the lesser Jihad which imposes politics upon Islam resulting in the extreme form of Sharia thay aggressively imposes their will on men, women and children whilst claiming it is the will of God.

Yet the Quran exposes these aggressors.
Fight in the path of God those who fight you, but do not aggress. Surely God does not love the aggressors. And fight them where you come upon them, and send them out from where they have sent you out, for persecution is a worse thing than fighting. And do not fight them at the Sacred Mosque (in Mecca) unless they fight you there, but if they fight you, then fight them back. That is the reward of the rejectors. Then if they cease, so God is All-Forgiving, Gentle. And fight them until there is no more persecution and the religion is for God. But if they cease, so let there be no hostility except against wrongdoers. - Qur’an 2:190-193

Though these Salafi inspired extremists have labelled righteous Muslims who fight them and Westerners alike as wrongdoers. Yet Satan blinds the aggressors to their own wrongdoing, which they spin as righteousness.

Truly the extremists follow political Islam, Islamism, not ad a religion but as a militancy that is fascist, millennialist and totalitarian. Contrary to the will of God, their ideology reflects the will of men bent on ushering in the Armageddon that they believe will result in the Second Coming of Christ.

We are dealing with extremists whose goal is the millennialism that is the shared hope of Christendom. Few mainstream media outlets will mention this because it would cause panic among the Christian millennialists, leading to such thing as the unsubstantiated fear that a no-fly zone over Syria will lead to a world war. Right-wing fear mongers even predict that nuclear war with Russia is imminent if Hillary Clinton is elected.

Yet nobody in power will ever discuss this aspect of al Qaeda, Islamic State and Taliban Ideology due to the moral panic it might cause.


Understanding the Quran and Extremism: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/joseph-e-b-lumbard/understanding-the-quran-and-extremism_b_9528766.html




Notes on Salafi-jihadism

The Salafi groups—which experts say encompass some of the deadliest organizations today, including Al Qaeda, Hamas, and the violent splinter groups from the Muslim Brotherhood (al Ikhwan al Muslimun)—aim to re-create the perfection of the early Islamic period. Salafism is associated with the beliefs of Wahhabism (fundamentalism in Saudi Arabia) and fundamentalist interpretations of Islam throughout the Islamic world. Such groups advocate the use of violence and emphasize the smaller jihad against the nonbeliever over the more important and larger jihad within each individual. Salafism differs from Islamism in that it rejects any Western ideologies or constructs such as constitutions, political parties, and elections, which Islamists support (as long as Islamic parties benefit). - Mia Bloom, Bombshell

What is Salfism?
Salafis are fundamentalists who believe in a return to the original ways of Islam. The word 'Salafi' comes from the Arabic phrase, 'as-salaf as-saliheen', which refers to the first three generations of Muslims (starting with the Companions of the Prophet), otherwise known as the Pious Predecessors. - What is Salafism and should we be worried by it?

If the vast majority of non-Muslims find it difficult to strike the right chord between attacking Salafi-jihadists without being perceived as attacking Islam, the hurdles for the United States and its allies seem almost insurmountable. Therefore, a counter-terrorism approach that highlights the corruption of Salafi-jihadist ideology not on religious, but on secular grounds, is more likely to have the desired effect of weakening that ideology’s appeal.

Rather than highlighting the doctrinal and theological inconsistencies among Salafi-jihadists, the United States and its allies should grasp every opportunity to highlight the disastrous consequences that Salafi-jihadist violence has wrought on the everyday lives not only of Westerners, but first and foremost on Muslims themselves. It is a simple, though not sufficiently emphasized fact that the primary victims of Salafi-jihadists are Muslims, who are killed and maimed in far greater numbers than non-Muslims.

Salafi-jihadists openly justify the killing of civilians, including Muslims, under a logic of the ends justifying the means. It is equally a fact that leaders of Salafi-jihadist organizations hypocritically preach about the benefits of martyrdom, but rarely, if ever, conduct suicidal operations themselves, or send their loved ones on such missions. It is a fact that al-Qa`ida and associated groups offer no vision for Muslims other than perennial jihad—hardly an appealing prospect. - The Salafi Jihad as a Religious Ideology

Islamic State is an example of a Salafi-jihadist extremist group originally associated with al Qaeda that has brought Islamic fascism with a totalitarian spin on Sharia. Because of its extreme form of Salafi jihadism, most of the Muslim world has allied with the West to defend itself from this extremist group.


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The Either-Or Dilemma: Child Negligence or a Fact of Life? (irony)

Mother: I have strawberries or blueberries for dessert. Do you want strawberries?
Child: No.
Mother: So, you don't want any then?
Child: [child gets upset] B-but y-you didn't ask if I w-wanted blueberries.

When offered strawberries or blueberries for dessert, and her child says no to strawberries, how does a mother assume her child does not want any?

Can someone tell me what's wrong with a person's cognitive faculty when she acts like this?

One answer is, the child didn't state her preference for blueberries until after she got upset.

The child is upset that her mother did not logically conclude that she wanted blueberries.

This is not expectation of the child for her mother to read her mind. Rather, it's a case of her mother conveniently forgetting that she also offered her child blueberries. The either-or dilemma is not conducive to successful upbringing because it may lead to conflict in adulthood between parent and child.

It may also cause potential conflict between adults.  Take the example of Jim and his friend John who debate the current US election:

Jim: If you are offered a choice between Clinton and Trump, would you vote for Trump?

John: No.

Jim: Then you wouldn't vote at all?

John: (patiently) I'm still voting. Which candidate is left?

Jim: (still stuck on the assumption of John not voting) ...

[At this point, an argument might ensue to pass the time before both friends make peace]

John: (finally) I'm voting for Clinton.

Taken to an absurd level, let's imagine a scenario in which a death row inmate is offered the choice between lethal injection and electrocution.

Warden: so Prisoner 124342, the judge has offered you the choice between electrocution and lethal injection. Would you prefer electrocution?

Prisoner 124342: no.

Warden: so that means you don't want to be executed?

Prisoner 124342: No, I don't want electrocution.

[There might be a moment for the warden to realize what the prisoner wants but only obtuse gentlemen conveniently forget that they offered a choice and don't make great wardens.]

Prisoner 14243: [regains composure] I want lethal injection.

When an authority figure offers the either-or dilemma to his subject, who refuses the first offer, and takes away both offers, is not "playing fair".

To excuse this behavior by saying life is sometimes unfair is to condone authoritarianism.


Eight Truths I Keep Close To My Heart

  1. Only I know what's right or wrong with me.
  2. I am on my own path in life.
  3. I always am ready to succeed. Success is determined by my happiness, not how rich I am.
  4. I'm useful.
  5. Love is based on truth. Indeed, its fruit is happiness.
  6. Happiness comes from within. It's all about love.
  7. Be true to yourself.
  8. I'm intelligent enough to manage my life.

Journal Entry: August 19, 2016

Sometimes I get anxious over the thought that people lying about me. Repeatedly I will obsess about that thought.

However, I know that it isn't true.

When I think other people are lying about me, it actually is me lying to myself. This is why it's hard to write truthfully about myself, because I don't know if the truth I write about myself is actually a lie or the truth.

Overall, that uncertainty leads me to falsely assume other people are lying to me.

Sometimes when I'm this candid in my blog, a few people might object to it. However, that's their choice.

I am certain that my thoughts are better managed when I write about them. Just thinking about them isn't what the problem is.

By obsessive thinking about a concern until it becomes a worry — that is the problem.

Here is the solution:

Writing about it relieves that worry because of the change of focus from thinking about it to writing about it.

Furthermore, writing about my thoughts requires critical thinking and reasoning. In contrast, thinking when anxious only requires the irrational fear of untruth.

By writing candidly about my thoughts, I am reducing the risk factors associated with anxiety and narcissism.

Self disclosure has the risks associated with exposing my vulnerabilities to the scrutiny of public opinion, but it is counteracted by the narcissism inherent in maintaining a blog.

Thus the benefits of writing about my thoughts and feelings on my blog outweigh these risks.


The Gods Amongst Us (satire)

When all is said and done
It is like the gods —
These celebrities of the post-modern era —
Walk among us and speak to us
From big boxes connected to the world wide web,
Their fans sometimes willing to do
Almost anything, if only to meet them.


Android Malware Detection Provides False Security (Technology)

Today I'm going to discuss adware. Adware is contained in software to generate revenue for the software company. It pushes advertisements of apps and other products, which consists of marketing propaganda designed to evoke emotions in the targeted audience, who are technology consumers.

On an Android smartphone, advertisment revenue generated by adware is shared between Google and app developers for apps offered on the Play Store and by third party providers. Play Store also offers apps to detect adware, but sometimes its detection is misleading.

As an example of this, the antivirus app AVG gave a false positive for Play Music on my smartphone. When I checked out AVG Threatlabs for this "threat", it stated: "Beware of Adware! No potential malware has been detected for this android app for the last 7 days. However, active adware was detected. ( Last updated: Jul 14, 2016 )".

Gee, thank you, AVG; I know all apps have active adware.

As an AVG subscriber, my use of AVG and AVG Zen (a Device Manager clone) provides the company with monthly and yearly revenue, just so they can tell me adware is active on my devices.

It sems as though I'm paying for a false sense of security. So the easy fix is to cancel my subscriptions to AVG and avoid clicking on ads that seem sketchy.

According to the AVG Threatlabs website, Play Music contains active adware: as part of Google's marketing scheme, it is also being included with other useful software for smartphones (Android and iPhone) and desktop computers.

Yet Android adware is included in almost all apps on Google Play Store. Therefore the AVG Threatlabs message that warns me to "beware of adware" is a scare tactic used by the company to influence users of the AVG products to subscribe to their service.

My, how subtle is the marketing propaganda for AVG is.

Here are optional instructions on how to turn off access to unknown sources of Android apps and how to opt out of ads targeting you. Disclaimer: I take no responsibility for what you do after reading these instructions.

Only two things need to be done:

1) Turn off access to third party providers Unknown Sources) of Android apps by turning that setting off in System Settings: Security under the heading Device Administration. The Unknown Sources option should be deactivated. If it's not, then I am going to assume you know what you are doing.

Optionally, you may want to control what ads you see.

2) In System Settings: Google: Services: Ads, you may opt out of interest-based ads and click on Ads by Google which will run Chrome, loading Ad Settings.

Note: Opting out won't completely stop ads — the Android Central article about Android Malware Scanners article provides details.

Android Central: Android Malware Scanners: Should You Use One?


Associated Post, Reuters and Voice of America Mainstream Media Propaganda Sources (Satire)

As of Tuesday previous to this date on March 16, 2016, the latest revelation is that both AP, Reuters and Voice of America take bribes from Qatari and Saudi government officials to spread propaganda that is sectarian that contains fallacies about Iran.

Not only that, MainStream Media news-bytes tend to re-frame freedom fighters as terrorists - especially the Muslim radicals who bombed Brussels recently, most of whom are probably Belgian citizens disenfranchised by the European majority that daily oppress them by being bigots and racists.

Maybe a certain pope a long time ago made a big error in not allying with the Mongols of the Golden Horde.

Today, the Belgian security forces and police are doing door to door searches to oust freedom fighters of Muslim origin, fellow citizens that ghettoized themselves due to antipathy toward multi-faith solidarity, in stark contrast to the fact that Belgium is a mix of French, German and Dutch nationalities along with Walloons and other Franconian peoples.

A shame that Belgium excludes non-Europeans from the multicultural existence of the EU, just because they don't speak a European language or follow Eurocentric customs that are based on what is taught in grade school.

Sure, those so called terrorists might have been trained by an Islamist radical fresh from Syria or Iraq. However, the propaganda labels them terrorists because mainstream media wants it that way.

Only sheeple call them terrorists, which makes AP, Reuters and VoA their most trusted source of disinformation. Well, I am not a sheep, so IMHO these Muslims are freedom fighters fighting the subtle tyranny of the European majority, both in Brussels and in Paris.

Anyone who differs with me about this online tends to discount me or pretend I am stupid by engaging in hilarious ad hominems rather than actually understanding that it is not I that is the sheep.


Originally published on March 22, 2016 at 6:40 PM.


Massive corruption at the UN: Independent Journalist's Accreditation Revoked: https://ingaza.wordpress.com/2016/03/16/investigating-massive-corruption-at-the-un-independent-journalists-accreditation-revoked/