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Ganesha Protects My Blog

Homage to Ganesha of the highest spirit, the essence of Parvati, and the dance of life, the creativity inspired by Shiva.

Through the motivation for maintaining this blog, the highest spirit of creativity, Shiva and Parvati are worshiped

In a blog, since this is a private log of my thoughts - the mere intellectualization - I am only imparting facts, worshiping Ganesha where appropriate.

Most gurus, rishis and swamis will declare that intellectual works are in vain, since they are devoid of spiritual action.

As well, an ordinary person's response to the words of an intellectual person is to defer to them. The risk here is to decide on vanity rather than to be humble when other people praise your intellectual prowess. The unspoken caution from the ordinary person is to say, "Beware of your ego when I praise your intellect."

The appropriate response is to thank the ordinary person, and to follow up by closing with, "Now that's been acknowledged, I have nothing more to say."

Having written that, I close with this poem, ad-libbed:
Be ever watchful  
of the highest spirit 
in this dance of life.

Be Ganesh guarding his mother Parvati.

Be Shiva and replace your mind 
with the wisdom of the divine elephant,
and memorize each transitory moment in satori.

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