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Shiva Devotion, Buddhist Practice

I pay homage to Ganesha.
I pay homage to Parvati.
I pay homage to Shaiva.

Let their blessings shower forth...

Inspired by Irina, I will try to synthesize her music into my eclectic literary lifestyle as a Buddhist.

For at the core of my being, I do not exist: the world and its all its splendor is reflected in my soul.

Another source of inspiration is insomnia, so undoubtedly most of my brain is half-asleep. Supposedly I do not greatly appreciate the depth of the wisdom here intellectually.

However, emotionally and psychologically, the spiritual essence and the depths of my mind and body are at one.

If this is delusion, then it is a peaceful one.

For Love of a divine nature which is Buddha Nature arising to acceptance of sunyata, which is emptiness, is the ocean of mercy into which my heart-mind returns.

Please do not rationalize what was just written, and forget all about logical analysis of these words as psycho-social phenomena. This is not solely a reaction to insomnia.

Rather, this is Love expressing itself through me, all the devas and devis adoring the Godhead, radiating their loving-kindness.

These words are expressing the deepest love reflected from the noble source: the Absolute.

So be it.

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