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Glossary of Taoist Terms: "tan-t'ien:
A human being's life force consists of three energies (generative, vital, and spiritual). These energies are said to become impure through attachment and craving. Spiritual growth corresponds to the purification of these three energies. This purification is said to occur at three different tan-t'ien (fields) within the human body. The lower tan-t'ien is one inch below the navel. The middle tan-t'ien (also known as the Golden Palace) is centered at the solar plexus. The upper tan-t'ien is centered between the eyebrows. The tan-t'ien are thought of as cauldrons within which the three energies are refined until they have acquired their original purity. Within the tan-tien, there is also a transmutation of lower energy into higher energy (i.e. from generative to vital to spiritual energy). "

T'ai Chi Chuan & the dance of the five elements: "The Fire element adds the ruling quality to the movements. Centered in the abdomen, below the navel, is 'The Sea of Chi', a place called the 'tan t'ien', or center. This is the meeting ground of Fire and Water, the originating place of chi. Here the Fire of the tan t'ien classically transmutes the Water of the kidneys to 'steam'(chi), which rises up the spine to the top of the head. "

Thus, "I have no home; I make Tan t'ien my home" refers to the spiritual home, the root of Qi, the physical center of gravity of the body.

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