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Vairochana Buddha in Journey to the West

In the Journey to the West, Vairochana is mentioned in the third book, and is part of the Avatamsaka Sutra. Obviously then, Wu Cheng'en is illumining the Avatamsaka Sutra through the imagined exploits of the Monkey King - by a stretch. :)

Indeed, Buddha Vairochana is represents Pure Awareness, and helps the disciple to center her consciousness in this sphere of Reality.

in the Vajrayana text the Mahavairocana Tantra, Vairochana is an emanation of Adibuddha and represents the cosmic element of form (rupa). He is the primordial (transcendent) wisdom of the sphere of reality. His is in the center of the mandala consisting of the five Transcendental (Dhyani) Buddhas, and his rites pacify negative emotions. He is white and his two hands are held against the chest with his thumbs and forefingers touching. He radiates the light of Buddhahood and his consort is Akashadhateshvari, who is the sovereign lady of infinite space.

So the dance of light and the space for it to radiate through creates the united dance of Dharmadhatu (Emptiness, the realm of truth known as Buddha Nature). It is this dance that is represented by these unions and the sexual imagery depicted in Tantra.

Other names for Akashadhateshvari is Dhatvishvari or White Tara.

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