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Divine Offerings

Om devadhammoyam Priyasurasya - Divine offerings to the Highest Spirit.

Namo arahato buddhassamanam - Homage to Buddha, the essence of spiritual awakening.

Namo arahato dhammassamanam - Homage to the Dharma, the essence of spiritual duty to others.

Namo arahato sanghassamanam.- Homage to the Sangha, the essence of spiritual community.

Virupaksa is mentioned in Journey to the West as a guardian that the Monkey King meets when he is trying to discover a way to defeat the demon king of Mount Jindou.

Virupaksa is one of the Four Great Kings who guard the four directions of North, East, South and West. There is even a Heaven of the Four Great Kings in Indian Buddhist Mythology. These four Great Kings are also known as the Four Guardians of the Directions.

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