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Vairambha in the Journey to the West

Vairambha is mentioned in the Journey to the West. According to the following quote, it is a wind.

On the Perfection of Wisdom: "Mahakasyapa replied, "The five desires within the sphere of three realms are unable to move me. It is on account of the power of this bodhisattva's superknowledges manifesting as a consequence of his merit that I am caused to be in this state. It is not that I have any thoughts whereby I can't remain still."

This is just as with Mount Sumeru which when the four directions' winds arise cannot be shaken but which, when the Vairambha winds arise at the end of a great kalpa, is blown flat like a blade of dead grass. We can know from these cases that one of the two kinds of fetters has not yet been cut off. A bodhisattva of this sort should practice the prajna paramita. The Abhidharma explains the matter in this fashion."

However, in the Journey to the West, Vairambha is a hen spirit, mother to the Star Lord of the Mane, represented by the rooster spirit.

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