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What If the Mad are Actually the Sane Ones? (satire)

What if madness is when common sense calls to us but we forgot how to listen to ourselves because our fragile connection to reality is broken temporarily?

Then medical intervention comes to the moment of psychic healing when we either remain in fear, unable to rise above madness, or we boldly go on to heal, and to become whole, using humility to reconnect to reality.

Mere mortals would confuse the mad for those people who have risen above madness, due to their fear and ignorance about madness.

What if the State assumes that madness should be controlled by medication because of that same fear?

Then these same medications are administered not only to relieve the mad of their affliction but also to relieve the fear which "normal" people feel when faced with the mad.

How absurd that we subject the mad to medication to relieve our own fears about madness itself!

Is this not the height of madness itself, that we subject others to medication to control them so that we ourselves may feel less fear towards them?

Even so, we do not take medication to relieve our own fears about madness because of the delusion that we ourselves consider ourselves sane while assuming that the mad are insane.

In doing so, we prove how insane society truly is! Perhaps then the truly mad are kept safe from society in psychiatric wards so as to be protected from society.

Then the purpose of medication is to calm extremely nervous people so that they may function in a society that has yet to overcome the stigma of mental illness.

Sometimes I ask these questions with the insight that the majority of people with mental illness are mostly non-violent people. Anyone who is violent and legally insane are excluded from this definition of sanity as madness. This is because their behavior forms part of the etiology of the psychopath.

Rather this so-called argument is satire designed to de-stigmatize mental illness.

Originally posted: May 20, 2005 08:18 PM

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