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Why Falling In Love With Love Is Madness (satire)

There once was a woman who was so in love with love that she was inspired to get pictures taken of her in her wedding dress by a photographer friend.

So she posed by a rushing river that was swollen to the banks by the seasonal change from spring to summer, only to accidentally fall in and drown.

Had she been more careful, and known herself well, her love for life might have made her more cautious near a raging river.

How mad is the person in love with love is!

When a so-called lover is in love with love, only love matters, not the feelings of her beloved. This is not true love, because when love is true, the truly loving of people take into consideration the feelings of other people.

A person in love with love can lose sleep as she becomes so excited about planning her life around a person she thinks she loves. Additionally, she might experience a period of madness during which she cannot let go of someone her gut feeling is not the one for her.

If your lover make you both hate and love him, then perhaps it's best to talk things over with a dear friend, so as to be cured of the madness of false love, that condition called "falling in love with love."

Never ever let your love blind you to the faults of the person you love, lest you be tainted by his hatred, should he not take too kindly to you pointing them out.

Before falling in love, I have two things a person ought to do first, lest he mistake obsession for love:
  1. Know yourself
  2. Love yourself
In order to love another person, be well-versed in self-knowledge, and be able to love yourself enough to share your life with your beloved and to value life itself.
Originally posted on May 5, 2005 at 11:03 PM

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