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We Betray an Unsound Mind

By amending our mistakes, we get wisdom.
By defending our faults, we betray an unsound mind.

-The Sutra of Hui Neng

"Amend our mistakes" refers to repentance for violating the five precepts for laypeople. This requires developing a sense of shame.

"Wisdom" refers to the ability to choose wisely, based on amending past mistakes.

"Defending our faults" refers to how an unskillful person acts when his mistakes are highlighted.

"Unsound mind" refers to the ordinary Monkey Mind, committing mistakes that hide Buddha Nature. Recovering Buddha Nature, the mind encounters the brightness of the Bodhi Mind.

With repentance, we desire to amend our mistakes.

Afterwards, wisdom helps us to helps us to learn from our mistakes by reminding us about those amended mistakes.

When a person defends her faults, she shows signs of an unsound mind.

When a person admits to her fault, it is possible to amend her mistakes.

This is known as "getting wisdom."

Originally posted: Feb 11, 2006 2240H
Update posted: March 8, 2013 2057H

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