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OMG What Have You Stepped Into?

Hello, welcome to my blog!

This entry is for the new readers who may have been directed here via Google or even by my hand.

My recent entries may appear to be more political and religious than previous years' entries. I encourage the gentle readers to scrutinize what I have written.

Please note that my blog is a work in progress, so a page or two might be upgraded, edited to, or deleted, depending what I consider needs being done.

Contrary to what others may believe about opinions i.e. that it's fixed forever, I feel that opinions are made based on how close to the truth each of us wishes to tread.

When we base our opinions on other people's opinions without even considering the facts, our opinions are this close to being gossip and rumors.

So I try to base any opinions I make in posts which are not related to Buddhism on facts, even the ones that are political.

For example, my comments on the Islamic terrorism suspects is that bullying and racism fuels such terrorism. This is not a naive position.

As a Buddhist I am more for non-violent confrontation than for violent confrontation.

For I am dedicated keep the peace, by letting peace be my guide, and inspiring future meditations of peace to inspire my future blog posts.

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