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Clear Mind, Awakened Mind (poem)

I. The Heartmind

Heart of compassion,
mind of wisdom:
where these two qualities
intersect is the heartmind.

For the heartmind is contained
in all sentient beings,
ripening in the musk and mire
of worldly experience
by the foolish one who hears the Buddha's call.

Once he hears the Buddha's call,
this foolish one is the clear heartmind;
and as he simultaneously replies
with the Name-that-calls
the awakened heartmind is this foolish one.

II. Awakened by the Buddha's Call

Awakened by the Buddha's call,
this foolish one utters the Name-that-calls,
which is the Buddha calling.

Awakened by the Name-that-calls,
this foolish one becomes serene and tranquil,
with unwavering faith in Amida Buddha.

Awakened by Amida Buddha,
this foolish one is clear about the Primal Vow,
truly entrusting in the Name-that-calls.

1 comment:

Steve said...

Upon hearing and understanding the Primal Vow, the Buddhist practitioner is so grateful to Amida Buddha that his call to Him is echoed by Amida's call to us.

When one spontaneously utters the Name-that-calls out of gratitude, it is but the Buddha calling to us.

Even a person such as I am grateful to the Buddha that my spiritual rebirth in the Pure Land of Bliss as a bodhisattva is assured in the afterlife.

This metaphor of rebirth inspires me to be helpful and of service to others, out of gratitude to Amida.