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A Myriad of Kami: A Personal Perspective


This is only my personal interpretation of kami. To restrict the definition of kami to "ghost", "god" or "spirit" may be due to the Western concept of diety as a single god and the limitations of the English language.

For kami is a more complex spiritual essence.

In Shinto, the concept of "kami" refers to spiritual essence. It may be good or evil, diety or ghost, soul or spirit.

Kami as Spiritual Gem

In my humble opinion, kami may be likened to a spiritual gem.

Even if it were to shatter into a thousand pieces, each shard of kami contains the essence of that person, all of her beloved family, friends and teachers, and her beloved ancestors.

Thus, the spiritual essence of each person lives on in a myriad of kami.

Kami as Spiritual "Particles"

Another analogy for kami: the billions of atoms that make up my body which turns into dust after death. Carbon, oxygen, hydrogen and minute amounts of minerals are recycled by nature, completing the cycle of birth-life-death.

Thus, kami is similar to those atoms, but only in the spiritual sense. Essentially neutral, a "particle" of kami may seen as good to a person, or seen as evil by another person, depending on their own karma and its complex interaction with their lives.

Essentially, she who is accepts kami as part of her spiritual life would view kami as good. If she has no concept of kami, then her ability to see it as good would depend on the situation.

Kami and Karmic Action

I think of kami as the spiritual essence and legacy loaned to me by the karmic action of my ancestors (as well as family, friends and teachers).

In my life, kami "gains interest" through my karmic action.

When I die, my kami will be passed on in the memory of others, and also in the myriad of kami.

Kami and Life

My views on kami result from an open-minded approach on life. For it is arises out of the growing development of my spiritual life.



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