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Sane Computing

If computers are controlling your life, here's a tip:

If a person spent most of his time away from computers during the day, then that leaves just enough time to play games, and answer email.

If you work using your computer, then apply the seventy-five minutes of work with fifteen minutes of break guideline to computer use, not three hours or more a day!

This time management guideline is useful in post-secondary education. A few instructors even allow for a five minute smoke break at the forty-five minute mark, and use the final thirty minutes of class time for reviews, tests or Q & A.

It is unhealthy to be on the computer for more than ninety minutes without any break. One might develop irrational agoraphobia and other anxieties the longer one sits in front of a computer. Additionally, there have been Emergency Ward anecdotes where children have suffered a rare seizure from playing video games for over three hours.

So, treasure your time away from your computer at home.

If you use computers at work, then your work place should have a time management plan in place. Your Human Resources department should also be asking the IT guy in your company to filter out Internet Messaging and porn sites, in an effort to reduce computer misuse at work, which are a waste of business time and productivity.

The above statements have not been written to profit any time management company, nor was it motivated with anything other than to advocate for sane computing both at home and at the workplace.


Original post: May 24, 2010 1357H
Update posted: March 15, 2013 2339H

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