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Being the Author Of Your Own Happiness

Depending on culture (especially who you hang out with), anti-depressants and related medication (psychopharmaceuticals) are either considered "bad medicine" or "cure-all".

IMHO anyone who considers psychopharmaceuticals "happy pills" may be substituting a socially acceptible form of medication for whatever recreational drug they used in their youth.

Rather than realizing that they are the authors of their own happiness, they may use magical thinking regarding their "meds".

Despite being a socially acceptable drug in moderation, alcohol is actually a "dirty" way of "being happy" when compared to psychopharmaceuticals because of its effects on brain chemistry (it targets all of them) and tolerance (you begin to need to drink more to get the same effect).

IMHO recreational drug users who consider psychopharmaceuticals to be "bad drugs" but refuse to consider their drug of choice to be a drug may also be ignorant of being authors of their own happiness without drugs.

Legal or not, it's not the drug that puts a smile on your face.

It's you.

Just as a person chooses to smile, he chooses to be happy. At the root of this choice is taking responsibility for one's happiness.

Of course, I am not talking about the giggly kind of happiness that is found at parties.

IMHO the closest example of happiness is serenity i.e. being the eye of the storm.

Where around me uncertainty may exist, deep within me, my heartmind is calm.

That's what makes me smile. :)

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