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Nembutsu Muzen

Muzen is no Zen, the emptiness of Zen.

Muga refers to emptiness of self; mushin refers to emptiness of mind.

Emptiness refers to the heart-mind being empty of ego through mindful practice of meditation.

In meditation, each breath brings together the body and mind as one.

Together, body and mind works as one without thought of the self as the body-mind.

Thus, muga mushin is when self and mind act as one until no-mind and no-self remain.

No-mind is the egoless state of mind when one is mindful of the Buddha. Though one is mindful of the Buddha, one is essentially at one with the world.

No-self is that selfless state of mind when one utters the Name-that-calls, the Nembutsu, as though Amida Buddha is calling.

This is the essence of muzen.

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