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Enjoy the Challenges of Mundane Life

In this post-modern world, it is in every healthy person's best interest to enjoy the challenges of mundane life.

For mundane life needs that calm head to choose from several equally effective solutions, and the ability to process the emotions and feelings which arise as they happen.

This helps to develop the skills necessary to deal with emergencies. The challenge of emergencies, though, needs a calm head, an effective strategy (effective == reduces stress), and hours of processing the emotions and feelings which arise after the emergency is over.

Do I have everything covered?

No, because sometimes if my anxiety acts up, then I also have to deal with mundane life through the filter of one of the following:

  • a panic attack
  • general anxiety
  • social anxiety
  • mood swings
  • depression

    Usually I am oblivious to other people's emergencies, unless they affect me directly.

    My ability to cope would be affected if I took personally every emergency which is out of my hands.

    So it is up to each of us to accept the challenge of mundane life, and develop the skills needed to handle the temporary emergencies that sometimes happens.

    Thus is it necessary to enjoy the challenges of mundane life!
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