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Dear Dr Benway

I know that you are monitoring my posts, and have a backup copy of my recent post mentioning your real name, and our mutual friends.

Condolences for your mother having been removed from your home to a care facility for the elderly.

It is safer for her there than with you.

After meeting with her once in the hospital, I have determined that contrary to what her doctor has officially stated, your mother did not suffer a stroke.

Rather, due to the stress of emotional and physical abuse, she has developed selective amnesia.

She resents your brother FL not being a part of her life so much that she has developed a paranoid ideation that anyone who met her in the hospital was "sent" by him.

In short, your mother exhibits schizotypies which may be prodomal to schizophrenia.

She is afraid of FL, and projects her subconscious realization that the true "thief" is you onto him.

Indeed, your brother is the good son.

As for property taxes, your brother is capable of taking care of that. Most of your phone lines were in his and his wife's name. You are lucky to have one phone line.

In the future, it is in your best interest also to stop scamming your Maple Ridge GF.

Get a job; or at the least, go on welfare.