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Girls I follow on Twitter

I believe 1/4 of the twitter girls are model, strippers or have a commercial FWB relationship with "boyfriends", be it local or overseas.

Of the rest, about 1/8 are 40 or over and the 3/8 left over, 1/4 are under 19 and 1/8 are 19-39. Those numbers vary slightly like this: 40+ < 19-39 <= models, strippers, callgirls of undetermined age < under 19

Yes, I admire more underaged girls I follow but they don't follow me as a rule. This is good. The model, stripper, call girl types usually follow me and me them. That's OK. Ditto for about half the women 19-39. I follow them twice as much as they follow me. Dunno about 40+ tho. That group is so small we follow each other like blind sheep.

I'm sure if Twitter did the statistic, I'd be way off base with my figures, but it feels right for what I've experienced so far.

:Originally posted 20120420:
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Radha Santadharma said...

Currently I follow almost 1800 tweeples, and over 600 follow me. That's almost 1200 people I follow who don't follow me back.

However since I posted the OP back in April, I've been unfollowing people who don't follow me to keep the crosstalk to minimum.

In this context, crosstalk refers to the bandwidth used by people I follow, both my followers and tweeples who don't follow me.