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Kratom & Ibogaine as Psychiatric Medication

It's been said that mental illness is manufactured by the State to control the people.

Now I do not know how true this is, because it gives the State too much credit. A more moderate stance is this: stress is known to cause insomnia, which may arise due to anxiety. Anxiety may arise out of fear, and most of that anxiety may due to anger about loss of control over our lives. While it's not all that simple, the remedy for insomnia before one becomes so tired that self control is sleep.

In the worst case scenario, the lack of sleep leads to mania and sometimes brief psychotic episodes. It's at this point that most people may get the first intervention for it in the form of anti-psychotics..

However, those drugs work via the placebo process since most of the anti-psychotics are hypnotics, and sleep aids the process by providing rest.

Ibogaine, that entheogenic African root, and kratom, that wonderful South-East Asian herb, are better than or equal to all psychiatric medications because of its profile: in low doses, it's a stimulant and in high doses, a sedative.

With chronic use, kratom is addictive but ibogaine will cure it. So, in a perfect world I would urge the medical community to provide an alternative to psychiatric medications with regulated use of kratom and ibogaine with therapy.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world. Therefore I would urge moderation in the use of kratom.

In fact, moderation preserves mental health. A little bit of caffeine is ok, but 6 cups of coffee is not moderation.

Getting back to kratom, it's unlikely the way it's presented to us in the West - it was an extract but was mixed with other herbs, all of them safe at the dose. If anything, I felt stimulated, because of its action in low doses. I am very doubtful it had much effect on me. It tasted more like an energy drink.

And that was the first time I drank it. Several weeks went by and I drank the second little bottle of this kratom drink. Nothing. Just endless energy for a little bit and then peace.

I drank those drinks back in June. It wasn't the cheapest energy drink, though.

That is the only reason why I didn't get any more. If kratom is the ideal drug to calm the mind, then my experience with it only seemed to fizzle because I'd expected something astounding. Instead, if I even had a placebo effect, then the energy I showed was a combination of wishful thinking and being jaded by energy drinks.

While kratom is helpful to some people, I believe my brain likes a sedative because being mellow is the most excellent state of mind. Under such conditions, it's hard to get upset and spiral into an anxiety-induced insomnia.

So like I said, moderation is the key and meditation is the finger pointing to the moon.

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