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Dear Ottawa: How to Fight Crime Using an Apple IPad Mini

The Canadian government should be buying iPad minis to give to people on welfare.

But there's a catch to this service:

If you don't return to a life of crime, then you get a mini.
If you don't use drugs anymore, then you get a $100 iTunes gift card.
If you don't prostitute yourself, then you get $400 worth of iCloud storage space.
If you stay away from crime and get a fulltime job, then you can pay off the debt of $1000 at $20 a month for 60 months (5 yrs).

Yep that's 20% interest on $1000 over five years.

After a year's assessment to see if you are a good citizen of Canada, the government should give the reformed criminal $100 iTunes card when he goes to the yearly probation interview.

The icloud storage cannot be used to store child porn. That results in an automatic jail time, without any guarantee another prisoner won't stick a shiv in your gut.

This is not a freebie.

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