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Middle Brother: The Foil between Big Brother and Little Brother Actors

In this article, I will introduce the term "little brother" as opposed to Big Brother, which represents oppressive control of the People by the State.

Specifically "little brother" is described as one or more members of an organised group, usually a family, who undermine the work of Big Brother, be it deliberate or unwittingly; through low tech methods such as gossip and white lies.

Within context of these two actors, the act of sabotage is known as "white lying"' i.e. when a Little Brother hides the truth to provide disinformation or misinformation to Big Brother. Its physical analog is an ID card that does not contain address and phone number, and the owner does not give such information.

"Gossiping" is when a Little Brother spreads rumours with manufactured facts and circumstances. Its physical analogue may be fake photo ID for an imaginary friend whose name represents no one living or dead or a fictional character. Admittedly, gossip is harmful when Big Brother has to assume that the information provided is truthful unless careful analysis by forensics detects the subterfuge.

Overall, Little Brother is a part of an undetectable and unorganised group. It is undetectable provided its privacy is protected by law. While Big Brother may spy on the People, the intelligence gathered is not a candid disclosure in-camera. Instead, the watchdog committee is able to communicate with Big Brother but not with Little Brother, due to the unreliability of witnesses.

Big Brother cannot detect Little Brother activity because a large organized group such as a spy agency, be it business, government or military, is unable to detect small unorganised groups which may or may not be practising counter-intelligence.

In fact, the main advantage of Little Brother has over Big Brother is its size — any group representing Little Brother contains 12 or less citizens, and sometimes may also consist of one or more family units.

Most Little Brother groups are not even aware that they are counter-intelligence actors until they are used by Big Brother or other State agency, or a corporation.

When an alleged whistle blower writes on a social media forum, the information cannot be authenticated as true when a pseudonym is used instead of a real name, complete with matching address and phone number and other additional information.

Therefore, alleged whistle blowers could be considered Little Brother actors unless they are committed to full disclosure for the good of the People. This disclosure of their identity may result of their cover being blown and expose confirmed whistle-blowers or sociopaths or even "crooked politicians" to public scrutiny.

Training of Little Brother actors is simple: protect children from child abuse and neglect as well as sexual abuse. Also protection of girls, women and mothers from sexual abuse and assault as well as domestic abuse will assure that children and especial young girls may be safe from harm until adulthood.

Conversely, children may also make great Little Brother actors by depending on their risk to abuse and neglect, bother sexual and physical.

Because it is more difficult for Little Brother groups to form large cohesive organizations, the Little Brother actors who were not adequately nurtured may fall into the following categories:

Criminals: Although not all criminals are from abusive childhoods filled with neglect, the majority tend to admit to abuse when young but become targeted by the State. Soon they learn to keep quiet. but may sometimes act out their respective childhood trauma through anti-social behaviour, provided no one suffers violence. This assessment may require more prison doctors and mental health clinicians to handle the actors who fall this category. Sometimes it takes a court order to break the doctor-patient relationship.  Usually this is done in-camera without public knowledge and denied by all parties involved.

Mentally Ill: The mentally ill come in all sizes and shapes, While the actors with truly sick minds fall in this category, not all the people in group homes are that sick. Most of them need counselling to help precipitate a total breakdown before they can be moulded into Little Brother actors. It also helps to over-medicate them to inspire the brave ones to act. Even they may be moulded into Little Brother actors.

Addicts: Regarding criminals, the mentally ill and the addicts; the addicts are the lowest of the low. Sometimes though, it's hard to tell the difference. Physical addictions to drugs certainly motivate Little Brother actors. This is why non-violent actors associated with criminals and the mentally ill use a drug addict to use intimidation and violence against their enemies. One example of non-violent actors are the intelligent members of street gangs known to the State. Therefore addicts are useful human resources providing both non-violent and Little Brother actors, provided that the latter do not expose non-violent actors to embarrassment and ridicule; lest the latter make use of addicts and mentally ill to intimidate Little Brother.

Psychopaths: Well known as liars, these people may even become unwitting victims of child and sex abuse. For their lies make them perfect Little Brother actors, except that psychopaths may experience sudden death by "accidentally" getting in the line of fire. Indeed, the likelihood that the psychopath believes his own lies is unknown, for his  choice of truth-telling may have resulted in quiet time in his room at home, detention hall at school, and even criminal arrest. Then at a certain point in adolescence, he realizes that being honest and telling the truth leads to frequent physical abuse from a parent, and lost connection with his grandparents which substitutes for motherly nurturing. Perhaps the only cure for psychopathy is time.

In conclusion, one question remains unanswered: do Little Brother actors actually exist? Is Big Brother able to detect said actors? The choice is yours to make.

For the author is neither Little Brother nor Big Brother. Rather he's the Middle Brother, the name for the actors who represent the dividing line between repressive control of the People by Big Brother and the freedom inherent in Little Brother's lack of organization.

Indeed, he is a representative of the People but also selectively votes for State actors known as politicians.  He is not Anonymous because he is neither a John Smith nor a Jane Doe. Rather, he is merely a watcher, and is looking out for both of his Brother actors.

If you find a grain of truth in what I have written, then email me if you trust email, reply here if you trust blogspot, or reply on Google Plus if you trust Google. Without communication between us, I assure you that you will come to doubt me because you trust no one.

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