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Israel is Testing DIME Munitions on Hamas

The explosive used in DIME munitions is HMX & paraffin or RDX plastic explosive mixed with a high density alloy of tungsten, cobalt and nickel or tungsten, nickel and iron.

This makes DIME munitions kill less people immediately but kills the wounded due to carcinogenic nature of tungsten, tungsten oxide and cobalt.

The fine powder of tungsten alloy is less lethal than trinital (90% TNT and 10% aluminium powder), though there is no indication that titanium and magnesium powder is substituted, both of which burn in water (heavy rain actually makes burning metals pull oxygen out of the water and ignite the hydrogen).

However, the wounds within the kill zone consist of sliced off limbs and other serious medical injuries which lead to rapid loss of blood after concussion of blast has caused internal bleeding.

In contrast, outside the kill zone, wounds are of the sliced limbs type. This requires tying off the limb(s) above cut site to reduce bleeding.

However, removal of fine heavy inert metal particles is impossible. Even if the victim just had a flesh wound without amputations, the chance of cancer occurring is increased by the amount of particulates left in body.

If nanoparticles created by the explosion enters a wound, then it could enter blood vessels and be transported to the liver, leading to eventual metastasis in cancer i.e. the liver will help duplicate cancer cells and send them off instead of health stem cells converted into white blood cells, white blood cells converted to red blood cells by removed nucleus, and other tissue cells, including neurons.

To reduce this health hazard, a dense material that true is inert should be substituted e.g. rock dust of a dense type which is homogenous i.e. made of one type of crystalline structure i.e. jasper not granite. Another suggested substitute would be chemically treated ground glass e.g. gorilla glass, to increase density of the inorganic plastic.

This assumed that neither side will stop using DIME munitions.

As well, to save costs, Hamas could improvise cheaper bombs by filling empty space in warheads with finely ground silica sand.

Solution: petition the US to declare DIME munition a WMD.

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