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Bankei Speaks

Layman: Isn't your teaching insubstantial?

Bankei: By no means! Those who make light of the [Unborn] Buddha-mind transform it when angry into a demon’s mind, into a hungry ghost’s when greedy, into an animal mind when acting stupidly [and so on with the “hell-dweller’s mind” and the “heaven-dweller’s mind” attached to pleasure and beauty.]

I tell you my teaching is far from frivolous! Nothing can be so weighty as the Buddha-mind. But perhaps you feel that to remain in it is too tough a job? If so, listen and try to grasp the meaning of what I say. Stop piling up evil deeds, stop being a demon, a hungry ghost, an animal [etc.]. Keep your distance from those things that transform you in that way, and you’ll attain the Buddha-mind once and for all. Don’t you see?

Layman: I do, and I am convinced.

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