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Hacker Witch Hunt Violates Human Rights

With regard to the news that Dawson College expelled a student for violation of its code of conduct, I feel that businesses and government agencies in Canada need to distinguish between the different shades of hackers.

For Dawson College's actions proves that according to them, "all hackers are evil", when the truth is, blackhat hackers are evil, greyhats are neutral (neither good nor evil) and whitehats are good, and on their side.

Thus, their expulsion of Hamed al-Habaz demonstrates a rigid interpretation of their code of conduct and is one-sided since they chose not to hear him explain his side of the story.

Thus their expulsion of al-Habaz is rash and without merit.

It is obvious that someone in the computer security business had neglected to distinguish between the kinds of hackers out there for the sake of profit.

Let us hope that the owner of Skytech remains true to his word and makes good use of al-Habaz's skills.

However, I feel that both businesses and the State have been conned by certain elements in the computer security field since the current witch hunt in Massachusetts has led to suicide by two men due to Mass.State's justice department.

By being relentless in their pursuit of justice in the cases of Schwartz and James, the Massachusetts justice department is culpable in their death by suicide.

By threatening both men with needless trials that will inevitably result in hung juries, Mass.State has violated their human rights.

For not all hackers are criminals.

Student Expelled from Dawson College

Mass.State Drove Swartz and other hacker to suicide:

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