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Medication Through Meditation

Marxist-Leninists have critqued religion often saying "Religion is the opium of the people".

If religion is the opium of the people, then recreational drugs are just another addiction.

For religion may be addictive to people who desire control over others to make up for their inability to control their own destiny.

Indeed, addiction is a symptom of that inability.

Yet the irony is that among the New Left recreational drugs is a part of their culture.

For me it is easy to see that the problem here is not drugs, but the ego delusion associated with addiction based on the inability to control one's destiny.

If you are a social activist, then you may be directing your destiny in encounters with the State (potential arrest for burning a police car and smashing windows of a bank).

This creates the inability to control your destiny due to the police state mentality that results from confronting authority (exceedingly long times for the right of free assembly).

I find the solution to be simple: develop a rehabilitative strategy rather than relying on your drug crutch. For drug addiction is not a symptom of your hate for the State. Rather, it's an excuse for merely getting high. Were you doing it for noble purposes, I could understand.

For addiction is a dysfunctional way of "handling stress" called self-medication. I assure you that the best medicine is found through meditation, not getting drunk as a skunk.


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