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My Buddhism is Unconditional Love in Action

Jodo Shinshu (True Heart of the Pure Land Way) shows how the Other Power of Amida is unconditional love put into action.

It led a Tendai monk to surrender to destiny and abandon the monk's life, marry and develop the easy practice which leads to enlightenment despite karma.

This easy practice is known as Buddha Remembrance, a mantrayana practicing the Nembutsu while viewing it as the Name-that-calls, that with every utterance of it is Amida Buddha calling to the practitioner.

Indeed, with every call to Amida, the practitioner is that much closer to the Pure Land of Bliss. Once there, he is assured to become a Buddha.

On realizing this to be true, the practitioner is full of joy, because faith in Amida relieves him of the anxiety over the afterlife.

There is no rebirth in this human realm. Most assuredly, there is only rebirth in the Pure Land for practicing this Buddha Remembrance earnestly.

Perhaps this is the easiest way to become a buddha since you do not need to waste self-power sitting in zazen on your hemmorhoids! Besides, it fulfills the Primal Vow.

For Nembutsu recitation is truly the working of the Other Power of Amida Buddha.

The Primal Vow:

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