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The Courtesan of Jahore Bahru

I remember in the 90s, a woman who I met on the Internet in a chat environment that preceded Yahoochat, MSN Messenger and similar chat apps.

After many hours chatting with her, I discovered that she lived in Jahor Bahru, a Malaysian province across from the city-state Singapore. Indeed, there is a bridge that connects Jahore with Singapore.

Anyway, I also found out that she works at a men's club where rich men come to spend quality time with women, but that not all women would have sex with such men.

She said that she was such a woman, and that men paid highly for her time because she would talk to them and make them feel better about themselves.

As well, she mentioned that the other girls felt jealous of her because she would command such a high price but not have sex with men like they have.

Yet, I often wondered, "Why would a rich man pay a lot of money to spent time with a woman when he could have a roll in the hay for cheaper?"

Then it dawned on me: because the man needs an escort, a pretty woman who is sociable and never gossips about it. The old-fashioned word for such a woman is courtesan.

Eventually, the closer we got to discussing our feelings, we resorted to code words for naughty bits with me calling her "my sashimi" and her calling me "her wasabi (the root, not the paste). >:)

Anyway I believe my computer crashed and I lost track of her. I hope she amassed enough money to pay off her family's debt on a house. She mentioned that her dad had won a Malaysian lottery, put a down payment on the house and died before the mortgage was paid off.

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