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Why Kimveeer Gill Shot up Dawson College

According to mass media, Kimveer Gill was the guy who shot a student dead at Dawson College several years ago, supposedly for being ostracized from his peer group for not being manly. This was the third shooting in Quebec going back to the soldier gone awol due to PTSD and the infamous Marc Lepine shooting 14 women dead at Ecole Polytech. All of these are displaced rage against parents incidents, and nothing any of these people said before shooting others is true. Lepine hated his mother, not feminists. The soldier probably hated his peer group, since military group dynamics is inherently patrarchal with several betas vying for the alpha position. As for Gill, regardless of his sexual orientation, he shot dead a female student, which may be viewed by feminists as following the trend of most murders of women. That aside, my speculation is that Gill shot up Dawson College because of the toxic environment there. Here is proof from the al-Khabaz incident last year: Speaking on the condition of anonymity, senior Halifax-based security researchers described the revelation that a confirmed ‘f** file’ from 2011 is still in place on a public facing College server more than a year after it was uploaded as shocking and alarming. “Nobody here can believe that, on the one hand, the CEGEP has the arrogance to expel this student … But, on the other, not even know about a publicly compromised webserver on its domain … In my opinion, the existence of an f-file that old and the events leading up to the expulsion of Mr Al-Khabaz represent a pattern of un-ethical and completely inadequate IT security practice at Dawson College.” “Shelling happens frequently on busy public servers – standard operating procedure in any professional organization is to assume the attack has successfully rooted the operating system and bleach the server outright, alerting anyone who has credentials on the box or website and begin again, usually on a new domain/IP and patched architecture.” “Doing otherwise indicates a complete disregard for the privacy of every user and every other admin on the domain as demanded by federal and provincial law.” Thus IT staff at Dawson are unethical and the administration are unprofessional.
Dawson student expelled:

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