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Mixing the Stream of Rebirth

It's been said that the mixing of Tibetan Buddhism with Pure Land Buddhism may lead to confusion. For when studying both the Vajrayana and the Mahayana, the disciple may lose all faith in the Dharma due to the chaos such mixing makes to understanding your purpose in the life into which you were born. That purpose is, once awakened spiritually to the Bodhi Mind, the disciple aspires to rescue all sentient beings with the determination to attain Buddhahood.

In the case of the dedicated Buddhist born into the faith who has heard of the Buddha from an early age, and who has regularly practiced Buddha Recitation, he learned how to use breath meditation to calm his mind, and achieves more gains than losses in his faith. Though his speech may become incoherent when fatigued, his mind still remains as sharp as ever, all thanks to Buddha Recitation and insightful meditation.

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Radha Santadharma said...

WHy mixing Tibetan Buddhism with Pure Land is just too confusing:

1) Pure Land is about the easy practice leading to the Pure Land of Bliiss to listen to the Buddha's training to better prepare for the afterlife. No one knows when they will be reborn, or even if they are.

2) Tibetan Buddhism may have elements of Hinayana & Mahayana mixed with its 7 of the9 Yanas.

However, it's interpreted within the culture of Tibetan. During Tara practice, you will hear about horses and cattle being two of many posessions that you will lose when death comes.

Both of these mammals are valuable to a Tibetan because they provide milk and meat (beef).

So, when's the last time a city slicker killed a cow or rode a horse??