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Eight Adversities

It is difficult to meet Buddhas and Bodhisattvas or hear the Dharma under the following eight conditions:

  1. rebirth in the hells;
  2. rebirth as a hungry ghost;
  3. rebirth as an animal;
  4. rebirth in Uttarakuru (a world where life is so pleasant that people have no motivation to practice the Dharma);
  5. rebirth in any long-life heaven (where one is also not motivated to seek the Dharma);
  6. rebirth with impaired faculties;
  7. rebirth as an intelligent, educated person in the mundane sense (as such an individual often looks down on religion and on the Dharma); and
  8. rebirth in the intermediate period between a Buddha and his successor (e.g., our current period).

Thus, even rebirth under "favorable" circumstances (fourth and seventh conditions, for example) may constitute adversity with respect to the Buddha Dharma. — After G.C.C. Chang

References Buddhism of Wisdom and Faith, Thích Thiên Tâm -

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