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Diary Entry: 20130421: wrote funny reply in anime-related community which blew up in my face

Diary entry, April 21, 2013: wrote reply in Anime related community, self edited myself to prevent half of the children there to prefer manga to real life for life, the universe and everything you wanted to know about 6.

Almost feel for shaming and embarrassment from a mature female member, age unimportant.

Returned to planet Nembutsu.

Currently wondering what my favorite science-fantasy character Dr Who is doing with Clara Oswin Oswald in Shroud of Sorrow.

Got reference of the Tardis being like an automobile.

The Tardis makes Stephen King's Christine seem evil weird to its "fantastically weird and all that!"

Am waiting for a mangaka to make the Dr WHo staff go WOW!

Also am betting myself that won't happen until 12th Doctor as it takes a while for me to inspire a UK mangaka who is a Dr Who Otaku.

Meditating on how to "inhale" a banana on the street....

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