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Dog Year

Last summer, during my Most Excellent Work Experience (July-August 2012), I received from one of my workmate a plastic toy dog.

Being of the Dog Year in Asian Astrology, which I do not believe in but treat like the pseudoscience it is: a metaphysical tool which is hardly useful outside of trying to fit myself to the stereotypical dogged attitude of perseverance, loyalty, and eagerness to please.

Apart from the stereotypes about dogs, I have discovered that people born in the same year sometimes appear similar in traits, but that could mainly be due to wishful thinking.

This toy dog represents and symbolizes my dogged attitude towards working in my chosen career as security guard. While the pay means part-time work, I have been loyal to the same company for the past 12 years for the same reason why I am a Buddhist, which is summed up in a clichéd phrase: "You can't teach a dog new tricks", to which I add with gusto, "But you can learn like a human how to adapt according to the environment.

On closer look at this toy dog, I'm convinced it's a Retriever.

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