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A Picture Taken with my Apple iPhone 4

This picture was taken with a iPhone 4 with 5MP camera and 8GB of RAM.

While examining this picture, I enjoy letting the mind take it in.

Two trees with leaves of a different color — green and red — the buildings on the left side of the picture, and in the bottom right corner...

I love how the mind finds patterns in nature, caused by sunlight — or lack of it — and the shadows made by buildings and trees.

Yet it's important to me to stop thinking and return to the breath. It's only in the comfort of my house that I think too much. So meditation helps a lot.

When I took the picture, I just turned the iPhone up, tried to time it so that it caught the sun in shade. Here I believe the iPhone fails, because sunlight or bright lights wash out the camera shot more so than my Samsung.

Almost every time I used my Samsung to take a picture of the sun, they have turned out well: a larger than normal oval, slightly washed out.

So the proper use for the iPhone is to avoid pointing at sun. Also use flash at night time.

Pictures taken with my iPhone:

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