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"Be All that You Can Be"

:Love is the only cure for depression, paranoia and the schizotypies of post-Modern life.

FWIW the average person at age 19 is essentially has developed the characteristics of a paranoid-schizoid personality with symptoms of depression arising and falling according to his moods. He is also likely to be male, interested in women but not ready for a relationship, and on the average, spends too much time on his own in the privacy of his bedroom.

Thus, there is a likelihood that if he gives up on life, then he will cause himself the Hells of a psychoneurotic existence, alone, living inside his head and developing phobias as part of the mental defense mechanisms in a bid to remain paranoid, schizoid, and depressed.

Thus, it is actually the obligation of the average young female adult to find this lonely guy, and change his life. For a young woman is actually less likely to develop the symptoms of the average male. That comes much later after she makes a series of bad choices in the name of love, never distinguishing between idealistic love and the rampant lust that too many people mistake for true love.

Sadly though, most men and women are not like this at all. They may even have a boyfriend or girlfriend. They too are obligated to document their relationship history so that single men and women who are lonely do not give up on love.

Anyone who thinks they do not owe the lonely even a moment of their time because they think they are in love, but aren't willing to share their experience, will soon realize the errors of their way.

Note: I do not believe that medication is the "cure" for paranoid-schizoid personality disorders or for depression. Only love can truly relieve the anxieties of such an existence.


Schizotypy: the typical path of a person based on his or her idiosyncrasies which may or may not develop into a personality disorder, specifically of a schizophrenia, due to his or her inability to cope and adapt to stress.

The cheapest way to uncover a schizotypy is to do the two-week basic training, and if you pass that test, then try out the pre-deployment advanced training. Finally, your experience in the combat zone of a nation at war will help you discover what it means "to be all that you can be."

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