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Debunking Two Myths about Coconut Oil

In this article, two myths about coconut oil are addressed. Then referenced statements about coconut oil, unhealthy food consumption, the relationship between cheap food and obesity and malnutrition, and the high risk of cancer that fast food workers may be exposed to.

Most people who haven't heard about coconut oil are familiar with coconut. So they often ask, "Does it taste like coconut?" No, because all the taste is in coconut "meat".

Health authority tells us "saturated fats" are bad for us. So, a naîve consumer may ask, "Is the saturated oil in coconut oil unhealthy too?" No, because the saturated fatty acids in coconut are medium-chain fatty acids, compared to fatty acids in canola oil, which are mainly long-chain fatty acids.

In fact, few of the calories in coconut oil will turn into fat in the body when you reduce carbohydrate consumption.

It has always been carbohydrates and cheap vegetable oils that have contributed to the majority of unhealthy food consumption.

No doubt the food industry wouldn't be making a profit from cheap foodstuff that has been confirmed to cause obesity and malnutrition.

Fast-food joints cook in canola oil, which is known to cause breathing problems in food workers who are sensitive to the fumes.

Health authorities in the US recommended that the erucic acid content in canola oil be lowered to 2%, which led rapeseed being bred for low erucic acid content.

However, the 2% trace of euricic acid may still affective sensitive workers.

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