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How to Simplify Your Life

Just figure out how much you can live without.

At your current job, squirrel away at least $30,000. Then move to a a small town where the closest hospital is 50 miles away and there is one doctor in town. The town's population should be 5,000 or less.

Rent is going to be cheaper than any city with 50,000+. $300 or less a month! A unit in a trailer park might go for $20,000 with an annual property tax of $100. With the $10,000 left over, you have 10 months to secure a job assuming $200/month for food & bare minimum necessities of life (wood for wood-burning stove).

The worst that could happen is dying from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Oh yes! Buy thermal underwear and bear-proof your garbge containers.

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