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I Condemn the CCC

it is sad how two people who have so much in common are only friends.

When both of them are dedicated to finding a silver lining in the misery their life brought to them as children, and rising above it all, they chose NOT to wallow in it, being caught in the attention-getting hell of hysterical suicide attempts just because one refuses to get over the childhood trauma.

Yet society is not friendly to truth tellers, and people who may mete revenge when the authorities refuse to do anything after being told of a death threat by a minor. You go to jail for using violence to exercise your right to protect yourself from harm, even if a minor.

This is a travesty of justice, and Canada is guilty of that whenever a child chooses to protect himself from an evil man with a gun and they side with evil.

This is why Canada is threatened by such men, and their ilk. For any man who abuses children and uses fear of death to control them is truly evil, and deserves anything a child who is courageous enough to do to protect his life.

Thus do I condemn the Canadian Criminal Code for excluding justice for children at risk.

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