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Nobody not Even Hollywood Could Afford to Build a Tardis (Doctor Who)

IMO they can't afford to support the R&D to make a Tardis.

Only Gallifreyans could afford it, because not only do they have two hearts, their Time Lord economics implies time manipulation to afford the technology, which has to be REALLY EXPENSIVE!!


If a Tardis is big on the inside, then you know Tardis spacetime physics requires more than tachyons, especially since a Tardis is big on the inside due to the tesseract effect.

Those kinds of violations of spacetime physics requires a lot of energy i.e. of a black hole. You can't make that kind of star with a Higgs cyclotron. You'd need more power than what's currently available on Earth! Indeed, the math for this has yet to be invented.

Since Hollywood employs people with basically a BA degree rather than a BSc, they don't think R&D to make a Tardis is worth it as it entails an economy bigger than the American one.

Plus, it also means no electricity for you and I. This explains why Rassilon and his crew wore robes. They lived on Gallifrey where control over spacetime also means a nice climate and other advanced technology.

Nobody wants that mainly because Time Agent technology in criminal hands could threaten fixed points in time like time cops' family histories.

Ergo, we'll never build a time machine because nobody's done the math, and the costs involved would bankrupt nations.

Plus, what's to stop the black hole from eating the Earth???

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