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Skytrain Mk.2 Arriving at Surrey Central Station

Today I had a chance to snap three pictures with my iPhone 4 while shopping for the last Epson NX-130 from Future Shop. More on this deal in a later post.

There is nothing like waiting for the Skytrain to arrive at Surrey Central Station. Since the rail guide curves to the left out of view, I could never time an arrival precisely.

Basically, I use my ears to guess where the next Skytrain is coming eastbound from Vancouver. First the sound of the wheels of the trains alert me to its approach.

Then it looms into view.

How I Took These Pictures

With the iPhone you just unlock the phone. Then point and click.

How the Pictures Were Edited

After uploading them to my Instant Upload by running the Google Plus app, I copied the pictures into their own album.From my PC, at my discretion, I deleted the originals to save space as I have used 3348 MB (65.4%) of my 5120 MB allotted on Picasaweb.

Then I edited both pictures with Creative Toolkit using the crop tool. After carefully cropping each picture to almost match, I saved each of them.

How the Blog Was Created

Once that was done, from my PC I logged into my blog and added both pictures to the top of this article. Next, the first draft was created. At this point in the process, I turned to the blogger app on my Android smartphone. Using the blogger app I finished the article up to the paragraph that you see here.

Then I returned to my PC to tidy up the article. For example, the blogger app shows HTML code in the text including the code to make bold text (<b> and </b>), and to make line breaks (<br />).

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