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I Support All the Celebrities In Their Meltdowns (humor)

Everyone in Hollywood should be allowed to channel Marilyn Monroe's visit to the nuthouse, provided that they admit to being brainwashed by their handlers.

Sadly though, they'd either stay in denial or worse, lie to cover up the fact they've been corrupted by their entourage.

Here are the guilty parties responsible:

Paparazzi : for stalking celebrities until the stress gets to them in interesting ways. E.g. the meltdowns of Britney, Lindsay, etc.

Family: when you look at the issues they have, it's usually poverty due to the fact that in some cases, their handlers are family who know a cash cow when they see it.

I'm not even going to mention the child stars ruined because their families were narcissistic in their attempt to live a life in the limelight of their kid(s).

Fans: any fan who overlooks the heavy drinking and the party drugs are only enabling the errant celebrity's crash and burn. Their support isn't out of love, but out of the same headspace shared with drug addicts and AA members.

The cure: Learn to sit on your ass until the desire to be in the limelight goes away. Please visit a Zen meditation centre and chill. It'll be cheaper than Betty Ford.

Apologies to anyone who thinks I am including them in the above rant. Nobody important was actually mentioned in this blog post. This is a personal opinion and should be considered the darkest form of satire possible.

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