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Another Rant about Good and Evil (satire)

When I was a young pup, public school had some weird creepy video to scare kids into being paranoid about pedophile killers by showing forested areas that the Earth Day people later said was sacred.

At the time, out in suburbia in the South Fraser region, we'd read about the riot that the Beatles almost caused in Metro Vancouver. That ruined it for rock and roll for me, and I was too naive to fathom the music that the RIAA pimps to us.

Even so, the Beatles was a different matter. We borrowed an album from a neighbor in the late 60s. Today any Beatles song comes on, I can sing to it, albeit tone deaf and off key. :)

What does that have to do with the creepy propaganda to get kids to be aware of pedo bears?

Well, Canada was up in arms over rock music in the 60s. The fans were worse, and only calmed down after the shadowy Cannabis czar fled America for the safety of Vancouver BC. Rock music was rumored to corrupt people who listened to it. Even men who do evil used it to cozy up to their prey.

Today, nobody cares about rock and roll. The new threat is reality TV, with a crazy guy kicked off one show and a cat fight on another. Imagine if some poor lass decided Snooki is her role model in Lotusland! >:)

As for videos we were forced to watch for our own good, they only led to the politically correct climate that sniffs out the disturbed characters in our post modern world.

Music isn't the threat nor is TV. It is within each of us to choose between the greater good or the greater evil.

When we choose to create evil karma, society reacts, sometimes against the evil doers and sometimes neglecting to discover them.

When we choose to create good karma, society may praise us and nominate us as treasures. If that happens, then we shall work even harder for the greater good of us all.

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