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My Reply to Vancouver Observer (satire)

Throughout this article I emphasized that Ottawa considers any confrontation between radicals and politicians and their corporate sponsors to be terrorist acts.

However, I did not identify anyone to filter out of the anti-pipeline meetings for security purposes.

Instead I pointed them to Greg Renouf's genuinewitty website, which is slanted in favor of the right but I feel that Greg uses rightwing rhetoric to bait the New Left radicals.

Hopefully the lady who runs the Observer will reply.

Anyway here is the email I sent her:

From Me
To Vancouver Observer

Today at 1:06 PM

You realize that the pipeline will go through. The problem now is when it does, what will you do to prevent radicalism?

You could do the Harsha Walia move and condone it, but any radical action against the pipeline is a Terrorist Act in Ottawa's eyes.

We don't need any Squamish Five incidents.

Why? Because radicalism leads to violent acts against corporate monoliths like McDonald's, banks, etc.. It would be a waste of potential volunteers and not solve anything.

Radicalism wouldn't survive in the prison system since it would require everyone being middle class radicals from upper middle income families, the people who made it through financial crises by buying low and selling high.

Instead, you need to come up with contingency plans to deal with radicalism e.g. including a list of people who are barred from your meetings because they tend to show up at the rally to mete confrontational "justice" including "pie in the face" attacks, which are also a Terrorist Act in Ottawa's eyes.

I suggest you Google Greg Renouf and look at his genuinewitty website to see the faces of radicals who have crossed the line into criminal behavior.

Thank you very much for your time


When the oil pipeline goes to the US, will the anti-pipeline activists condone confrontational and potentially violent radicalism like Harsha Walia did two years ago?

IMO we won't know until the fermented fat of animals and plants sluices southward in the pipeline in a couple years' time.

However, nobody understands that Harper will get his way because he's afraid of a US invasion, should he really fuck things up by helping everyone to realize that the anti-cyber-bullying bill should be killed and separated into the wheat of a real cyber bullying bill (4 pages long) and a privacy compliant cyber security bill (650+ pages) that still has warrants to keep it morally correct.

Note: since I sit on the political fence a lot, my hope is no pipeline but feel that nobody is listening to the refinery in Texas the pipe is terminating at when they said: "We have no urgent need of frakked tar-sand because we can find other sources of oil."

Therefore, Ottawa is pushing the pipeline to skim a few thousand dollars of oil lobbyist money in taxes from it when Texas sends us the checks for delivery of high sulphur tar sand oil; which nobody really wants to buy because it destroys car engines, exhaust pipes, the ozone layer, and people who breathe the sulphur dioxide laden air and develop asthma.

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