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A Priscilla Ahn Medley (satire)

At the moment, I am listening to Priscilla Ahn's "A Dream". It's a clever song about the life of a woman.

However, it is "Lullaby" that I really love as it describes a small town. Priscilla's voice is remarkable whether she is singing lyrics or just the melody.

Finally, her song "Rain" was used in the drama Grey's Anatomy, which stitches together the intertwining love story between Alex, Cristina and Meredith.

It is a wonder Priscilla isn't famous. Perhaps it is because she's not as white bread as Jewel or Taylor Swift.

In any case, I feel that Priscilla Ahn deserves closer scrutiny.

Korea loves her, so why not America?


Priscilla Ahn:

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