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How to Cut Consumerism (satire)

People are so caught up in buying stuff they don't really need, that "spendaholic" is not a stupid joke but becoming more real.

A good example of this is the typical nerd who is a yuppie with a craving for technology, be it an $600 iPhone5S, an $1800 quadcore laptop with a 16" screen, or a phablet ranging from $300 to $500.

Imagine that that every device is crystal meth or ice or coke or pot.

Then that $600 iPhone5S is poke.

The quadcore laptop is $1800 of coke.

Even the phablet is a lot of crystal meth at $300 and enough coke to kill you at $500.

I am pretty sure $2800 of a mix of ice, coke and pot will keep you up for days into you enter your little psychotic episode brought to by amphetamine and its methylated child meth, cocaine and various THC derivatives.

In short, a technophile is addicted to technology. If he isn't making money using it, then it's just another addiction waiting for the next crisis to comfort him.

If you are a sex addict and can afford the shipping charges, then there's a sex doll for you for $3000 (vibrator optional)!

Fucking nerds, you're all addicts!

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