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If the Price was Right, then I Would Volunter to be a Guinea Pig (satire)

If they offered me $2000, then I would volunteer to be implanted with the gene to make me more attractive to women.

I'm pretty sure it involves toxiplasma gondii infections. You know, "cat scratch" fever? All I know is, women who own cats are unscrupulous romantics who attract men who own cats but are possessive of their queens...


According to Stanley Research, "T. gondii caused impaired learning in mice and rats and impaired memory in mice." As well, "ccompared to uninfected controls, the infected mice had increased activity, especially in exploring novel environments."

Impair learning and memory looks like one of the causes of ADHD to me. However, the fact that mice increased their activity in exploring new environments means that T. Gondii infections in humans could lead to infected humans to explore new parts of the city they don't usually travel in. However, it could lead to mental retardation.

I have to wonder if women acting like sexbombs about to blast off when infected with T. Gondii is a sign of impending mental decline. It might explain why women with cats tend to act sexy to attract men who think with their little heads.

I don't think T. Gondii would do anything except dumb me down to a sexy cat lady's level.

In any case, once again: Meow!



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